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Top: Ulla Johnson [runs small, went up 1 size!], Similar, Similar | Shorts: J.Crew, Similar | Shoes: Shein [went up 1 size] | Bag: Cult Gaia | Bracelets: Julie Vos [c/o] | Earrings: Julie Vos [c/o] | Necklace: Julie Vos [c/o] | Self Tanner: St. Tropez Express | Sunglasses: Chloe [shade: Brown]

Photography by: Angie Garcia

Last week I shared a few things on Instagram that I have been very into lately! I thought I’d take it a step further with today’s post and go ahead and talk about my top 10 obsessions this past month!

1. Ulla Johnson and Veronica Beard

My two favorite designers from the past month are definitely Ulla Johnson and Veronica Beard. This is an Ulla Johnson blouse I’m wearing in today’s post! Veronica Beard pieces are also very nursing friendly if you are a nursing mama as most of her dresses button up. These are definitely splurge items, but I always love weaving a piece or two in my wardrobe knowing they will last a lifetime.

2. Low Buns

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been a hair up gal. I think girls either love ponytails or they abhor them on themselves. I fall into the latter camp. I’ve always thought they looked quite heinous on me. Every other girl looks like Blake Lively in a ponytail and I look like I rolled out of bed and got stuck in a storm while I was at it. I normally have to “style my hair” before it looks decent in a ponytail, so I figured that just defeated the purpose of saving time with an updo. However, a few weeks back I was rushed for time and I just did a low bun. No fuss, just up and done! I fell in love. Not only was I able to show off my earrings more, but I didn’t need an extra 20 minutes in the bathroom to curl these locks. Since then I’ve worn buns non-stop. These are the ponytail holders I use to avoid damaging my hair.

3. Lenny & Larry’s Snickerdoodle Cookies

Now these guys have a lawsuit against them over protein content. They can have no protein. They can have a ton of protein. All I care about when I eat a cookie is that it tastes good. 😉 I mean, my child is straight-up made out of Sandra’s Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies from McKinley’s Bakery in Fort Worth. These cookies taste divine! They are quite dense, so just cut them in half. Then, pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds and enjoy your half. I also dip mine in my coffee as an added treat. I’ve tried all the other flavors and I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan. However, something about the Snickerdoodle tastes so good! I also like how dense they are because I can have a quarter or a half and feel satisfied. With other cookies I have one and want another and another and another.

4. Easy Reads

It’s a rare moment as a mom that I think, “Wow! I have 30 free minutes. Let me read.” If I have 30 free minutes my mind normally thinks I should:

A. Be working

B. Clean


D. Acknowledge my 72 missed calls

E. Dabble around my 49 missed texts

F. Make baby food

You get the idea…

Honestly, the only time I have to read is a quick 15 or 20 minutes here or there while I wait in line somewhere, etc. In order to squeeze time in for reading I’ve surrendered to easy reads. The Light We Lost is my current read and I’m loving it so far! It’s about a woman in NYC and the two men she loved. It centers on the guy she dated in college and the guy she married. It’s such an interesting comparison and my heart breaks for her while I read it. Paul makes fun of me because I honestly apply my stress away essential oil while I read it each night. It’s that easy to consume your emotions!

4. Coral and French Blue

This color combo has been all over my Pinterest lately! I’m all about monograms in french blue and coral accent pieces in home decor.

5. Going to Bed Early

Says the girl writing this blog post at 11:34 at night. ^^

But I truly have been going to bed earlier and I’m loving it. Maxi goes down between 7:30 and 8, so I give myself a goal to be in bed by 8:30. I’ll take my makeup off and put my pajamas on before she eats dinner and that way I’m ready to go! I get in bed, read for a bit and then try to get to sleep.

6. Custom Furniture

Had you asked me a year ago if I would have considered custom furniture I would have laughed. I thought that was only for people that worked solely with an interior decorator. I was asking about some really specific pieces on Snapchat and some readers e-mailed me about Kissabeth Furniture in Fort Worth. I checked them out along with a few other recommendations and now this is on my mind 24/7. What I like about this process at different stores is that you can really go with your budget. We have had a few things custom made for our home so far and I’ve LOVED the process with each company. It was so nice to explain how I wanted our couch to look and yet how my ultimate goal was to make it kid friendly. You can’t really do that while shopping online. I’ll definitely share more of the process once we finally move, but I’ve been more pleased with the price doing it this way than I am ordering furniture online.

7. Organization Videos on Youtube

Living in a temporary space has definitely made me appreciate organization even more than I had prior. I’ve shared here before but Stephanie is one of my favorite Youtubers when it comes to organizational tips. I’ll watch a video or two while I get ready in the morning and although I’m not able to organize anything at the moment, it gets me exciting for our upcoming move!

8. Favorite Instagram Accounts




9. Neutral Mules

This week I ordered these mules under $90! They are the perfect transitional piece to wear now with shorts and later in the fall with boyfriend jeans!

10. This Tote

After we shot a few looks this week we headed to a bakery in Dallas to grab lunch. We were sitting there about to leave and a girl walked in with this tote. Naturally, I’m a very shy person if I don’t know you well. I’m talking when the Pastor says it’s time to greet each Sunday my stomach flips. I freak and just look to Paul so he can say hi to people and I can follow his lead. I never know what to do! All of that to say, I’m not the type of girl to go up to a stranger. But then I knew the girl saw me staring at her bag [oh for a good 30 seconds longer than what was considered borderline rude] and I figured I needed to go say something! I told her how much I loved it and asked if she minded sharing where she purchased it. She was so nice about it and it ended up being this tote. I’m not in the market for a bag, but this is definitely something I’d love for fall. Online it doesn’t look too special, but in person it was incredible. It hangs the most gorgeous way when filled and I hadn’t seen anything like it.

What are you obsessed with lately?! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and as always thank you so much for taking the time to read!

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  1. I’m obsessed with your outfit and your hair looks adorable in bun like that. I’m also one to always wear my hair down, but I’m in the process of growing it out. And I’m now at this really awkward stage so I need to try this. Also, LOVE that tote!!

    Amanda //

    Published 25 Aug 17Reply
  2. I like the idea of reading for 30 minutes when you’re free! I need to make time for reading more often!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 25 Aug 17Reply
  3. Teresa wrote:

    Great post! I may need to order those shorts 🙂 One of the things I’m obsessing over is your low bun! I would love to be able to wear a low bun but just can’t seem to get it right. Any suggestions or tips? Would love for you to do a post or video showing how to achieve that look.

    Published 25 Aug 17Reply
  4. Destiny wrote:

    Bun tutorial, please!!

    Published 25 Aug 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Once we move, I’m going to shoot a lot of tutorials in our bathroom! Can’t wait and hope to do a low bun one! xoxo

      Published 25 Aug 17Reply
      • Jane wrote:

        YAY!!!!! I’m All For That!!!

        Published 29 Aug 17Reply
  5. I am definitely one of those girls who feels that ponytails just don’t look good on myself but everyone else looks like a goddess in them! ughh! And that book you are reading sounds good-I have to add it to my list! Hope you stay safe during the hurricane! xoxo

    Published 25 Aug 17Reply
  6. Christine wrote:

    Would love to see a quick tutorial on how you do your low bun! Mine would look so much worse than yours!

    Published 25 Aug 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Will definitely do that! Waiting to shoot all tutorials in our new home but I have a list going and can’t wait! xo

      Published 25 Aug 17Reply
  7. brittany wrote:

    i seriously love your taste and style so much!! those ruffle shorts are amaaaaazing. and i’m with you! i cannottttt do a pony tail to save my life. it hurts my head! i can do a really really really obnoxiously high top bun but that’s because it sits on TOP of my head. i wish i could do a cute pony! but your hair always looks beautiful!!

    Published 26 Aug 17Reply
  8. Katherine wrote:

    These pictures.. the hair, makeup, top.. all of it, are just divine. I’m replicating the look with a skirt instead of shorts next week at work! (I’m a HS teacher). I love your blog in general, but these are some of my all-time favorite pictures of you! Continue the great work! 🙂

    Published 26 Aug 17Reply
  9. Rosi wrote:

    Love it all! Hope to see some affordable dupes of that tote you saw! ????

    Published 26 Aug 17Reply
  10. You are so so sweet, I’m so glad you enjoy my videos! I’m catching up on blog posts today, I can totally relate to being shy during the meet and greet at church haha, I follow Mike’s lead! And of course I love the outfit! That necklace tho ????

    Published 27 Aug 17Reply