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I had a completely different blog post scheduled for today, then I got to test a product and scrapped the entire schedule. You know I’m an organization fiend and I adore any product that houses my items. From my GLAMbox in my bathroom, to my purse organizer I will try any and everything to keep things sorted.

One thing I really enjoy is makeup bags and travel items for your toiletries. First, they come out of necessity. If you’re a product hoarder like myself, you need an efficient method for bringing a massive bottle of hairspray with you. Secondly, there’s a certain little luxury about travel cases. For most, travel can be a luxury, and if you’re going to be in and out of a suitcase for a few days to a few weeks, why not make your organization an added treat?

One thing that always drove me nuts about makeup bags [and I had yet to find a solution to] was the fact that your products do get a bit dirtier while traveling. From makeup brushes dirtying up your palettes to glosses leaking from laying on their side, I’ve opened my makeup bag one too many times to say, “Uh oh!

When I saw this new travel case launched, I told my photographer we had to shoot it because I had to do a blog post on it. Remember the Dillard’s Dooney?! So many sales associates used to carry these clear bags and as a teenager I envied them. They looked so cute to me! Maybe a little reminiscent of the blow-up furniture phase I had as a tween?! This is the Dillard’s Dooney but for your makeup…but better. This clear travel case keeps everything vertical, but also in place. There are vertical dividers that keep your products snug and secure. There’s also a separate makeup bag that fits a ton that you place on top of your palettes. Your brushes won’t touch anything if you put them on the side of the left divider and that keeps your other products clean.

Another issue of mine is the fact that I can’t fit everything. I rarely buy travel-sized products because I don’t have to travel that often for work. I stuffed this full [more than the usual amount of makeup I’d bring] and I still had room to spare in the video below. My TULA Toner fits standing up and that’s the tallest beauty product I own. You can shop this at The Styled Collection here.

I had to include this in this weeks’ frivolity files because it’s the coolest little travel bag in my humble opinion. If you can’t tell, I’m all about it. I told the brand that I wanted to do a blog post on this and they were so generous to offer COF readers a 20% off discount good through January 31st. The code is: Katey20 at checkout!

Do you hoard travel cases like I do?! What’s your favorite?

Makeup Bag: The Styled Collection [c/o] | Photography by: Angie Garcia


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  1. Ah, your travel kit looks so good! Glam! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  2. Katrina Marie wrote:

    LOVE!!!!! Is there a minimum purchase required? The site says my cart does not meet the requirements for the KATEY20 discount code 🙁

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Katrina!

      Oh no! I wasn’t told there was one, let me e-mail them and ask! So sorry!

      Published 23 Jan 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Katrina!

      It should be fixed now! So sorry, it was showing a new customer discount thing and canceling the code out.



      Published 23 Jan 18Reply
      • Katrina Marie wrote:

        Thanks so much, Katey! 🙂

        Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  3. Ordered one with your code! Thanks so much, Katey! I’ve been looking for something just like this <3

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  4. Stacie wrote:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I just ordered it on sale + used your promo code. I can’t wait to travel with this 🙂

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  5. Alyssa wrote:

    Oh this is awesome! I feel like my products always break while I’m traveling and then it’s just extra laundry to do.

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  6. Holly wrote:

    Ordered this immediately! I’ve been looking for a new travel bag. Thank you!!

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  7. Ashley wrote:

    Let us know how it looks after a few trips! I had one like this and it was so gross and dirty from makeup residue that it definitely wasn’t practical. Curious to see how it does 🙂

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  8. Elizabeth wrote:

    Just ordered mine! I have been looking for a new travel makeup bag for MONTHS now! Thanks so much for showing this one and for the discount, I can’t wait to get mine in!



    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  9. Liza wrote:

    I couldn’t order this fast enough! Can’t wait to book a trip to use it!

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  10. Shelby Lynn wrote:

    Oh I love this!! Going to order right now!! ????????????

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  11. Lexi Burton wrote:

    Love this I have a small version that was gifted to me to go through tsa and I love it! So excited to get this one to organize my makeup❤️

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  12. Elizabeth wrote:

    This bag is exactly what I need!! I travel a lot and I hate how messy my makeup & brushes get. Definitely ordering this, thank you Katey!! ❤️

    Published 23 Jan 18Reply
  13. Jessica G wrote:

    I just got in the O venture key ring, hoping it makes running errands with a toddler easier! Now I think I’ll have to order this as well! I don’t buy travel size products either. Just curious what you use to store shampoo, conditioner, etc in when you travel. I can’t ever find the perfect thing, and I’m big on organization too.

    Published 24 Jan 18Reply
  14. Cheryn Young wrote:

    I LOVE this make-up bag!! I cannot imagine my life without it. Also, purchased some for gifts ?

    Published 13 Jul 18Reply