The Valentino Shoe Review

If there is one consistent designer shoe in my closet it would be the Valentino Rockstud. Now I’ll be honest, I always have a running wishlist of handbags, beauty products, and dresses. Shoes? Eh, I like them but I can walk away from them and not think twice. I’m hard on my shoes and I also don’t get dressed up and go places daily, so I don’t live an ultra-glamorous life with my shoes.

However, I’m always reaching for my Valentino Rockstuds. In fact, I don’t even own a “normal” pair of black flats or black pumps, because I just wear these! I didn’t even own nude pumps until last year because I would wear my Rockstuds, instead. These shoes can be worn into the ground {no pun intended!} and I still get excited to reach for them season after season.

I’ve owned these shoes for about 3 years, so I thought it was quite a fair amount of time to do a review. Plus, Nordstrom has a fabulous stock of them so you can browse whichever pair fits your lifestyle best. You all know I get many of my designer items from Nordstrom because I always feel comfortable ordering online their with their customer service.

Shoe | Dress {wearing xs} | Similar Bag | Earrings

The Rockstud Pointy Toe Pump was actually my wedding shoe. Although a trendy choice, I’m so glad I went with these shoes. These are my most comfortable pair of “pumps” I own and my feet were never hurting. They are extremely versatile so I love that I wear my wedding shoes everywhere from work meetings to church. It’s such a sweet reminder to look down and think of our wedding day. I think if I had gone with something a bit more traditional, I wouldn’t have worn them again and I’d hate for my wedding shoes to just sit on a shelf!

| Details |

These have a kitten heel with a pointy, closed toe. The heel is 2 1/2″ with a 4″ ankle strap height. The ankle straps are adjustable and the shoe is lined with leather. Valentino shoes run small and they typically say to go up half a size, which I do in my other pairs. However, in this shoe, I took my normal size. My shoe is in the “Poudre” shade.

| Pros & Cons |


  • Extremely comfortable
  • The patent is very forgiving. I can’t complain about any scuffs or smudges on the toe.
  • The shade “Poudre” has a cool tone to it, which is nice because it can be worn each season.
  • I don’t typically reach for kitten heels, but the ankle strap elongates the shoe so I wear these shoes confidently with anything from a skirt to jeans.


  • Some people could get annoyed by the 3 buckles on each shoe. This is a shoe that takes a few extra seconds to put on.

| Overall Thoughts |

If you describe your style as feminine, I think these Rockstuds would fit your style best. They are definitely my most worn pair of Rockstuds. The style feels a little girlier thanks to the kitten heel and the hue, so it makes them very wearable in my book. I would love this pair in the “Ivory” shade as well because there are times I could match my handbags a bit easier if I had a cream pair. I never complain when I wear these shoes- no blisters, no aching feet, just trendy studs on the toes. 😉 Here’s a few images of them for our wedding.

{see our wedding here}

Shoe | Similar Shorts  | Top | Bag | Similar Earrings

The Rockstud Ballerina Flat is my second-most worn pair of Valentino Rockstuds. I would say I see these worn around Dallas the most by girls because you can pair these with a crisp, white blouse and denim daily. Like with the previous pair, I would also note that if I had these in the “Ivory” shade, they would probably be my most worn pair of Rockstuds. Because I live somewhere it’s warm most of the year, I tend to wear light-colored shoes as black shoes and handbags remind me of winter.

| Details |

Finished in a glossy patent, this is the Rockstud version of a pointed-toe flat. These run small as Valentino usually does, but I will say that every blogger I talk to says these flats are a bit tricky to size. I’ve actually owned two pairs {I had to sell my first pair} because I couldn’t figure out my correct sizing. I found going up half a size was best. Definitely, try these on in store next time you are at Nordstrom to see what would fit you best!

| Pros & Cons |


  • Valentino does glossy patent right. I will say, I’ve had some poor experiences with glossy patent with other designers, but this holds up so well. I’ve done a number to these shoes {I baby my handbags, not my shoes} and you can barely see any wear.
  • I like that the shape of these flats is dressier because you can get away wearing these for a fancier occasion with a dress if need be. When I was pregnant, I’d always wear these flats to church!


  • This Valentino shoe can be tricky to size. I’ve heard girls say they go up half a size, up a full size and then down a size. Just be mindful of that when trying on.
  • This shoe also requires you to break them in. Everyone I know has difficulty wearing this shoe the first few times and then it becomes worn as often as their house slippers. Do NOT give up the first few wears, I repeat, do NOT give up. Something about the leather lining morphs to your foot and then it becomes perfect. I assure you the end result is worth it, it becomes a custom shoe. My girlfriends and I tell everyone you just wear these to dinner or lunch once a week for a month and then you are golden. Don’t wear these for 12 hours the first day.

| Overall Thoughts |

If you’re a busy mama or prefer a more casual style, go for this pair of Rockstuds! Other than the fact I sometimes think I should have gone with a lighter shade, I never second guess this pair. I also really love these for travel days! I can be comfortable in a flat, but not feel sloppy.

Pump| Similar Denim | Similar Top | Similar Earrings | Sunglasses | Similar Bag

I had a gift card years ago and used it to purchases the Noir Rockstud T-Strap Pumps. I’m so glad I did because these are my date-night shoes! It doesn’t matter if I am wearing denim like in the photos or a little black dress, these are the shoes that come with me. These are Paul’s favorite shoes I own and the matte black makes them quite edgy!

| Details |

These are classified as a pointy-toed stiletto, but they are very comfortable to walk in. The heel is 4″ with an adjustable strap and buckle closure. This also includes leather lining on the inside. This is a soft, matte black leather. I went up half a size in this pair.

| Pros & Cons |


  • I feel so confident in these shoes and I can easily wear them! Most heels have me wanting to go home an hour after I leave the house, but these give me no discomfort.
  • These don’t have the 3 buckles the other pair of heels does, so they are extremely easy to put on.


  • I will say, this shoe has seen better days. I have had them repaired once and they could stand to be repaired again. However, I have to take into account when I wear these! I wear these shoes on date nights and we are walking around downtown and so I’m just a bit harder on them. I’ve worn these to bachelorette parties and let’s be honest, we just aren’t careful with our shoes when we are out with our girlfriends. I wear my Rockstud flats to lunch and so that’s just a different scenario to be compared to. You could get this style in the patent and it would hold up better. However, I love the matte leather and think it gives the shoe an extra “cool girl” vibe.

| Overall Thoughts |

If you are the girl that loves to go out to dinner and always has fun weekend plans, these would be your Rockstud of choice! They are definitely confidence in a shoe.

| Would I Purchase Again? |

I would absolutely purchase all three of these shoes again. Truthfully, I want the Rockstud Ankle Strap Pointy Toe Flat in beige. That would probably be my next designer purchase when I get another Nordstrom Note. If you want a more affordable Rockstud, grab the Rockstud Flip Flop! I had a pair but actually gave to my girlfriend Laura after my feet grew from pregnancy. You do need to go up a full size in these as they run small and I didn’t do that. These have been in and out of stock for over a year, so now is a great opportunity becuase Nordstrom has a really wonderful stock of them at the moment. They sell out so quickly once summer hits!

Do you like the Rockstud shoe?! Would you wear them?!

In partnership with Nordstrom. Purchases and opinions are my own. Photography by: Madison Katlin

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  1. The shoes look so good with all your outfits, Katey! Glamorous to the max! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 14 May 18Reply
  2. Winter wrote:

    As if I needed anymore convincing to by the kitten heel! I’ve been eyeing them for awhile, as I have a bad ankle from sports and can’t wear bigger heels, and needed to see this review. I’m thinking about splurging on them for my master’s degree graduation this December. Thanks for the honest and beneficial review, Katey!

    Published 14 May 18Reply
  3. Erica wrote:

    I love the look of these shoes but always wondered if they were wort the $$. Hey are out of my price range currently but I think you did an excellent review on them and as always you styled them perfectly!!

    Published 15 May 18Reply
  4. Jessica wrote:

    Katey, do you think these shoes will be okay to wear in a few years? I’ve been eyeing these for a while but the only thing that stops me is I question wether or not the studs are too trendy?

    Published 18 May 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Jessica! Great question! You know, I definitely think these are one of the more trendy pairs of heels I own. I don’t think I will reach for them weekly like I do now come 6 or 7 years, but I think I’ll use them frequently in the next 5 years! 🙂 However, I’m really hard on my shoes, so I don’t really know if I own any pair that I’ll still use in 7 years! If you are kinder to your shoes, I would consider that! xo, Katey

      Published 18 May 18Reply
  5. C.C. wrote:

    Appreciate the tip on the Rockstud flats. I will break them in the way you suggested. I wore them all day for two or three wearings and…. ouch!

    Published 18 May 18Reply
  6. NANCY wrote:

    The Rockstud flats beats them all…

    Published 25 May 18Reply
  7. Lauren wrote:

    Hi Kathy, great review! Do you put anything on the sole to protect it?


    Published 26 Jun 18Reply
    • Lauren wrote:

      Ahh, Katey!! Sorry, autocorrect strikes again.

      Published 26 Jun 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Lauren! Oh no worries at all! Autocorrect drives me nuts. haha. I haven’t put anything in the sole and have had no issues. But maybe I should?! ha! xo, Katey

      Published 27 Jun 18Reply
  8. Thank you so much for this review. Very helpful information!

    Published 07 Jan 19Reply
  9. Margo wrote:

    I would love to have them but VRS do not work for us gals that have bunions!!

    The ankle boots, 1/2 size larger are Devine!

    Published 23 Jan 19Reply
  10. Gabrielle wrote:

    This article is great! I was deciding if I should wear the rockstud’s for my wedding and you just sold me on it!

    Published 20 Mar 19Reply
  11. Sonya wrote:

    I have a very important question to ask! I am in the process of buying the T-Strap Pump (black ones) and the flats also (online). I know I am a 36 in the pumps (I’ve tried these on before) but I have no idea what size I should get in the flats. What size are you in the pumps versus the flats? I figured I should get 36 in both but someone told me that flats run different sized than the t-strap pumps. Thanks!!

    Published 17 Apr 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Sonya!

      I am a 37 in the pump and a 37.5 in the flat. I went up half a size. However, I think I wish I would have gone up a full size in the flat now that my feet have grown a smidge having a child. Xx, Katey

      Published 17 Apr 19Reply
  12. APH wrote:

    I agree on having to break the flats in. I have the caged ballet flat and wore them for the first time for a 12 hour work day. I wish i’d read your article first! Don’t worry… there’s no way I’m giving up on these beauties. I am thoroughly besotted.

    Published 20 Apr 19Reply
  13. Brenda B wrote:

    I love my Valentino’s too…so far I owned 3 pair…2 heels and a sandals.

    Published 02 Jun 19Reply
  14. Brenda B wrote:

    I’m not a blogger I just love fashion…I’m a hair stylist…

    Published 02 Jun 19Reply
  15. Laura Pot wrote:

    Yesterday I just bought my very first designer shoes. Valentino rockstud flats/slingback. They are so pretty and I am a little scared to wear them out. Should I protect the soles, it looks so delicate. I just forgot to ask the right questions at te store.
    Thanks in advance!

    Published 15 Jul 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Laura! Congratulations- yay!! I hope you love them! I have never protected my soles with them and have no issue. However, I think in a year or so I will take them to Dino’s in Dallas to protect! xx, Katey

      Published 29 Jul 19Reply
  16. Juanita Russell wrote:

    My husband bought me a pair of blue sandals and I have no problem with them I love them and love the color he choose for me ,because I asked him for the back pair but he chose the blue pair but thanks to him great choice.
    Love you husband very much

    Published 25 Jul 19Reply
  17. Tet Magnaye wrote:

    hi, ? My true size is 35. When it comes to Valentino, I am happy and comfy with 35.5 on a ballerina flats. It’s the perfect valentino size for me. But i ordered the poudre ballerina and no 35.5 available. Would it be okay if i went into 36? or should i get the 35? Pls help ? Thank u! ?

    Published 05 Jun 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I think the 36 would work great! 🙂

      Published 06 Jun 20Reply
  18. jen wrote:

    would you recommend sizing up in the 2.5 heel ? pump

    Published 12 Feb 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      I would get your normal size!

      Published 12 Feb 21Reply
  19. Anne wrote:

    The shoes look amazing! Thank you for your review, I will definitely consider buying them.

    Published 12 Mar 21Reply
  20. Carla wrote:

    Hi Katey, thanks for your review. It is very helpful!

    Published 12 Mar 21Reply
  21. Meg wrote:

    Hi Katey, looks like the shoes are still in style years later! Sounds like you might live in the Dallas area? did you end up getting the soles protected?

    Published 22 Sep 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Meg! Yes, I am! I didn’t get the soles protected but I know Dino’s does a great job of that! xx, Katey

      Published 27 Sep 22Reply
      • Kathryn wrote:

        Hi Katey,

        I love love Valentino. I’m usually a 37 and really want to get a pair of the classic VALENTINO GARAVANI
        Rockstud leather pumps. I can get them online for a great deal at 38 – is this too much give? From memory in store I was a 37.5 but still snug.


        Published 17 Oct 22Reply
        • Katey wrote:

          I think that would be totally fine! 🙂 xx, Katey

          Published 17 Oct 22Reply
  22. Fiona Beown wrote:

    Great review – I too am a mad Valentino rockstud fan with the suede nude kitten heel as well as patent black kitten heel. These are my second pair of each after wearing my others to death. I always get my heels re-tread and they last forever that way. I wore them to work and after retiring wear them to lunch or other dress up functions – I am always deluged with compliments from women and men …….the only shoes I have ever had a man compliment.

    Published 12 Apr 23Reply