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Makeup Bag | Moisturizer | Brows | Eyeshadow Primer {Painterly} | Caviar Stick {Amethsyst} | Eyeshadow Palette | White Liner | Liquid Liner Pen | Foundation {2N1} | Undereye Concealer {Chantilly} | Regular Concealer | Powder | Bronzer {Contour} | Blush | Highlight | Neulash | Mascara | Setting Spray | Lip Liner {05} | Liquid Lipstick | Gloss | Photography & Video: Madison Katlin | In partnership with Nordstrom. All purchases and opinions are my own. 


Well, y’all have finally convinced me. Or maybe it was the fact I was at a birthday party the other week for my friend’s son and one of my girlfriends said, “You need video tutorials! I can’t follow the pictures!

So I did a thing and recorded a makeup tutorial. It’s a little corny. My self-deprecating jokes are hopefully funny. I’m real nervous. But all in all, I hope you sip your coffee and it feels like we are just getting ready for dinner together. This is what I enjoyed doing in college with my roommates and I still miss it to this day! I secretly love when my sister comes over to get ready because we get to do this.

A Few Things Before You Watch:

  1. I’m a bad influence. I can argue your budget and justify to you convince you that you need my eyeliner pen. So I pre-apologize! But truly, I love these products because they last so long. I’ve had some drugstore options that are great, but the fallout is much more intense so a month in, I hit pan. I’ve had some of these items for an entire year, and I have yet to hit pan! So when you think about a $70 bronzer lasting 2 years, that’s basically $3 a month. I told you I’m a bad influence. Don’t listen to me! ha.
  2. I’m probably pronouncing everything wrong. I mean seriously. Not sure what is wrong with me! But each time I pronounce a lipstick name, people are saints and let me know the correct pronunciation. Then I’m over here wondering how I missed Makeup Name 101 class in school.
  3. There’s an awkward shadow. I guess if you wear a more orange sweater and sit in front of a window, half your cheek will look orange. Just go with it. Can we make it a trend?
  4. I break rules. I know, I know. Two years ago I did a blog post saying we could never use our fingers to apply makeup. And I still stand by that. Kind of?! But y’all know I was WAY TOO a little uptight before Maxi. Thankfully she has calmed me and helped me to stop stressing over things {Amen! We all know I needed that!}. So now I can be your regular friend that uses her fingers to apply eyeshadow.
  5. I like applying my makeup. I make a comment about how many swipes of mascara we should do and it reminded me, that if you like to do something a certain way…JUST DO IT! Makeup application and beauty products are for you to enjoy. If you like to do tinted moisturizer and one swipe of mascara, that’s what you should do! If you like to do false lashes each day, go on with your bad self. 😉 Makeup is another fun, frivolous aspect of life and I think it is important that we as women realize it is just that. It’s not going to make you more beautiful {you’re already gorgeous, girlfriend!} and the amount you apply doesn’t matter. It’s just a form of art, that we all apply correctly…because we all apply it how we like it best.


Makeup Bag: This is a cute makeup bag I got to keep products I’m testing on hand. They also have this for skin & this for jewelry.

Moisturizer: I use this moisturizer in the morning pre-foundation application. It was made to work as a primer and moisturizer in one and I absolutely love how it makes my foundation apply even more smoothly. The serum I’m using isn’t online, but it was sold in store during beauty trend event.

Brows: I love Anastasia and Benefit products for brows. I do typically use pens, but I’m out and don’t want to repurchase when I have this powder in the shade “Blonde”. It does the job just the same! I use this brush.

Eyeshadow Primer: I’ve been bringing back the paint pots lately and it reminds me of years back, which I love. I can’t believe I ever stopped using them, they are the best combination of an eyeshadow primer and color base in one.

Caviar Stick: If I were just doing my makeup for a more casual day, I’d use this caviar stick in “Amethyst” and be finished. However, I do show how to take this eye look into the evening in the video, too!

Eyeshadow Palette: Urban Decay makes some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes and I like that you don’t have to put *too* much thought into the palettes. With colors that are all made to blend with one another, I can’t mess it up! I’ve been using Naked 3 the past few months.

White Liner: Using this pencil on my bottom waterline makes me look more awake- which I always need.

Liquid Liner Pen: Okay, let’s state the obvious. Tom Ford makeup is a splurge. However, it lasts longer than anything I have ever tried. So if you want to justify the price, come to me. I’ll help make your argument for you. 😉 Or maybe don’t come to me because I’ll be a bad influence. This pen makes doing your eyeliner a breeze.

Foundation: For daily foundation, I’ve been loving Luminous Silk! However, if I need to have my makeup last all day for shoots or I’m going to a special event, I’m all about Double Wear.  In DW I’m shade 2N1 and in Luminous Silk and I’m shade 3.5. I apply this with a damp beautyblender. You want to make sure your beautyblender is really damp so it gets larger. This will allow your makeup to apply evenly and you won’t waste product {it won’t absorb in the sponge because the sponge is already full.}. If you dont get it wet enough you aren’t getting your money’s worth!

Undereye Concealer: For undereye concealer, I have been using NARS concealer in “Chantilly.”

Regular Concealer: I think I talked about this concealer in my second or third blog post, ever. There is seriously nothing like it!

Powder: My powder products tend to catch on my skin with foundation if I don’t put a powder over. However, some powders can be way too heavy, so I love that this Laura Mercier one is very light and just allows my contour and blush to blend.

Bronzer {Contour}: This luxe bronzer is my go-to for bronzing or contour! I get the shade “Gold Dust” this brush to apply with.

Blush: One of my absolute favorite blushes is MAC in “Warm Soul.” It’s truly the perfect touch of color for all seasons. If you are one that doesn’t want to seasonally change up your makeup, I always recommend this.

Highlight: MAC highlighters always feel special to me because I wore one on my wedding day. For colder seasons, I like to use the shade “Warm Rose” as it works for me being more fair. It has a pink undertone and is a little lighter than other highlights I have used.

Mascara Primer: I also love this lash primer and it is a better price! One of the keys to my lashes is using Neulash.

Mascara: Stila Huge Lash is a great volumizing mascara that can also be built. Whether you want to do one swipe or two {I chat about this in the video! What do you do?!}, you’ll get an even effect. I bought this from Nordstrom back when I was pregnant with Maxi and I have repurchased about 5 tubes since! Y’all are the best and always let me know when it is on sale.

Setting Spray: MAC Fix + is one of the most versatile setting sprays because you can apply it as a finishing spray, but you can also spray it on your skin before you apply makeup as a primer. It’s also a nice mid-day refresher if you want to touch up your makeup but not necessarily apply more layers. I’ll spray this on my face, then blend my beautyblender on my cheeks.

Lip Liner: Maybe it is just me, but I’m convinced I can’t wear as many shades of lipstick as other girls. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I think shades look great on other girls and but when I go to apply, I get really self-conscious. Because I’m so fair, a lot of nude lipsticks can look more warm-toned on my skin. Then you are dealing with the yellowing effect on my teeth, and it just goes downhill from there. For a more neutral lip, Chanel liner in 05 is my pick! It can be a great neutral base for something like MAC Velvet Teddy but is more cool toned.

Liquid Lipstick: Y’all know Stila lipstick in Perla has been my favorite for years and years. You can turn this into a more pink shade depending on gloss or a nude. Now, if I want a true pink, I’ll use MAC Soar Liner and Stila Caro lipstick. But for a more neutral lip, I stick with Perla. You can also blend Stila and Caro together for the prettiest work-appropriate lip.

Gloss: Many glosses tend to really lessen the pigmentation of my lipstick, but I love gloss to soften a liquid lip. These lip balm crayons by Julep give you the best of a gloss and the best of a balm! Your lips aren’t dry, but you still keep all your color without an oily gloss breaking down your lipstick. I use the “Apricot Nude Creme” for nude shades.

I don’t have comments on Youtube videos, so you can feel free to leave product questions below on the blog! This way, if girls have the same question I can help answer that. I feel like this is easier so y’all don’t have to look in multiple places for answers! 🙂

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you pick up any of these products at Nordstrom in store or online!

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  1. I love that you break rules, Katey! Rules are made to be broken after all! Can’t wait to watch the video and see your makeup hacks! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
  2. Julie wrote:

    Love this! So helpful ! Thanks Girl- also 🙁 your poor sinuses! Hope they are feeling better!


    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
  3. Sarah wrote:

    Love this tutorial! Your makeup is always so pretty and I have enjoyed your guides and other step by steps through the years. Thanks for sharing.

    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
  4. Michelle wrote:

    I love so much about COF, but I think my favorite has to be your personality. You have such a sweet smile and a warm personality it makes me feel like we are BFFs.

    Getting ready to buy half the products you used.. My hubby thanks you in advance for justifying why I need these lol. ?

    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      This is the sweetest comment ever!! Thank you so much for your kind words! And girl I’m always here for that! I’m great at justifying! 😉 Thank you so so much for reading! xo, Katey

      Published 01 Nov 18Reply
  5. Kaylee wrote:

    You’re a doll! The vid was perfect and super helpful! Don’t think twice about your pink lip either- it’s fab. Thank you !! Xo


    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you Kaylee! You’re so sweet!! xo, Katey

      Published 18 Oct 18Reply
  6. Lauren wrote:

    Love this!!

    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
  7. Lindsey wrote:

    Loved the video! I know in the past you have shyed away from videos, but I think it adds another dimension on the blog. It truly feels like you’re getting ready with your girlfriend. Loved this post! Xo

    Published 18 Oct 18Reply
  8. Lindsay D. wrote:

    I thought you did a great job on the tutorial!

    Published 19 Oct 18Reply
  9. Leslie Lambrinides wrote:

    “That’s like a staph infection waiting to happen.” hahaha I’m dying. Thanks for keeping it real! 😉

    Published 19 Oct 18Reply
  10. Kim Winkelman wrote:

    Yay thank you for doing this!! Now we just need a hair tutorial video on youtube!! 😉 (actually not kidding at all please please!)

    Published 19 Oct 18Reply
  11. Camille wrote:

    Your commentary honestly makes the video THAT much better. So funny and honest, which is what makes your blog one of my favorites to follow. Thanks for sharing! I’ve always been super envious of your eye make-up. And personally, I think pink lips are the best go-to.

    Published 22 Oct 18Reply
  12. Kelly wrote:

    Hi Katey, would you mind linking some of the makeup brushes that you used for your video?

    Published 23 Oct 18Reply
  13. Caitlin wrote:

    I don’t know if you’ll see this since it’s been a few days since you published this post. But, thanks for sharing your makeup routine!

    I started using Stila liquid lipsticks because I saw them on COF. I use Baci and Sheer Ballerina and am obsessed.
    Don’t retire your pink lip! I don’t like nude lip colors on myself so I still need some good pink recommendations. 🙂

    Published 26 Oct 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Girl, this made my day!! Love converting my friends to Stila liquid lipstick! It is truly the best! I will have to try Sheer Ballerina! Not that I need another excuse to buy makeup- but I’ll take one. 😉 Thank you so so much! xo, Katey

      Published 01 Nov 18Reply
  14. Annie Barnett wrote:

    Hi Katey! I love this tutorial! Do you wear any bottom eyeliner other than the white on your water line? I know you didn’t put any on in the tutorial but it looks like you have maybe a little dark liner under your bottom lashes. Thank you!

    Published 07 Feb 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Annie! I don’t ever put any liner other than white on my bottom lash line, I just always have mascara and that’s why it looks that way! I hope that helps. 🙂 xx, Katey

      Published 08 Feb 19Reply