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One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen

Sorry for all the gift guides this week- today I’m shooting all outfit posts so you’ll have more outfit posts very soon! But after digging through my direct messages last week, I was seeing so many gift-related questions I thought it was just best to get most of them finished for you for the holidays! I mean…y’all are my kind of girls. No last-minute Lucys over here! 😉 Ha!

One common theme was what I was asking for, for Christmas! Honestly, my biggest wish was to get my photos compiled and after I did that with Artifact Uprising this year, I felt like I didn’t want anything. But I did tell my mom I would take a weighted blanket. That seems like a magical thing, no?! I thought it would be fun to create sort of a luxury wish list- to spark some ideas for you! Maybe you can find a look for less {If so, share with the class! We want to see!} or come up with an idea for your mom. No matter how you get inspiration, this fake {I’m not getting these things! ha!} luxury wish list was quite fun to put together. It’s like online window shopping- curbs a shopping tooth if you know what I mean. Let’s get to it!

One | The Chanel Deauville Tote is SO dreamy and as I’m sure you can guess, I’m obsessed with it in pink. Now, it is way out of my price range for what I would pay for in a tote, but I keep thinking I may find it reasonable at Keeks or somewhere else resale. I also keep wondering if I can find something similar. Have you? The size of bag is perfect with a toddler- but you better believe I couldn’t bring myself to Play-DohDoh or crayons in this if I had it. This is why I need something similar. ha!

Two | My favorite brand of sunglasses is definitely Gucci. I feel like with my facial features, I need a strong frame of sunglasses and these always fit the bill. Pink. Glitter. What more could a girl want?!

Three | These are on sale, so they are actually QUITE tempting. I have seen these on Pinterest styled with boyfriend jeans and a tucked-in white tee! They would be so fun for brunch with your girlfriends.

Four | I’ve been on the hunt for a different tray for our coffee table. The one we currently have is a print and I want something that is solid-color with a different texture. I keep going back to this one.

Five | You know we are talking about a luxury wish list when…ha! I always pass by these oversized Diptyque candles in store and my mind goes crazy. Oh, the decorating possibilities! It would last for ages, and then you take the wax out and use it for a fabulous faux orchid arrangement.

Six | Every since I saw Brooklyn Blonde in the SAM. bomber jacket on Insta Stories, I can’t stop thinking about it. This star version is so cute for running around in workout clothes or all black. I cannot justify another coat in any sense of the word, but a girl can dream.

Seven | I keep seeing the power of celery juice all over Instagram. From The Skinny Confidential to Little Blonde Book, everyone is raving about it. I’ve been blown away seeing people talk about it for their autoimmune disorders, so I’m actually really tempted to buy this to make my mom celery juice for her RA. Has anyone tried it?

Eight | Lele Sadoughi headbangs are as chic as they come, and this leopard one is calling my name. This would be a fabulous gift for the girl who has everything!

Nine | I have worn my Gorjana hoop earrings for 3 years and they still look new! I know these would last just as long! They are an edgy take on a diamond huggie earring.

Ten | This fragrance is unreal! While I was shopping for my holiday blogger brunch a few weeks back {I got to buy lots of girls gifts which was so fun!} I had to include this fragrance. At first glance, I thought this would smell overly sweet. A bit syrupy, I suppose. It doesn’t smell like that at all! It is sweet, but also has almond and woodsy-notes to balance it out. I don’t even like cherry-scented things, so just try it on your wrist next time you are out shopping.

Eleven | This purse organizer is something that truly is on my list as I need one for my LV GM Neverfull and my Goyard tote! You know I can’t turn down a handbag organizer. And after finding 87972598 crushed Goldfish at the bottom of my Neverfull, I may just have to buy this for myself for Christmas. 😉

Twelve | I tend to shy away from palettes that have any glitter, but I follow some Vogue Beauty Editors on Instagram and they always apply the glitter delicately with their ring finger in the middle of their lid. It gives the prettiest effect and I think this palette would work well for that!

Thirteen | The French Bee features my favorite silk flower arrangements! I have a spot on my buffet table that this faux orchid would look beautiful on! This is also a lovely gift for your mother-in-law!

Fourteen | I’m due for a new pair of athletic shoes, and my sister raves about this brand. Does anyone have them? Do they run TTS? I love this soft pink shade!

Fifteen | I had to finish this guide with the real item on my list, a weighted blanket! These help provide a calming effect, which I know most of us can appreciate. It’s so hard to turn off that running to-do list in my mind late at night, so I really think this would help me settle down and get ready for sleep. Do you have one?

Do you have anything on your wishlist for Christmas?!

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  1. Diptyque candles are a classic! They always make nice presents this time of the year… I still have yet to find someone who doesn’t like them! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 04 Dec 18Reply
  2. Morgan wrote:

    This is a great alternative to the Chanel .. and what southern girl doesn’t love a monogram?! …

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 04 Dec 18Reply
  3. this wish list speaks my language!

    Published 04 Dec 18Reply
  4. I can vouch for your sister, the APLs are fab! I found them to fit TTS and I love them for weight training and classes (I’ve heard they aren’t great for running but you couldn’t pay me to run!) At first I thought I might return them because they felt very stiff, almost a little bit “hard” in the sole, and I was afraid they may be a smidge too small. However, everyone told me to keep them and they were right. After a few wears, they started to form to my foot and now they are perfect. I love them because my foot feels very secure, so while not as comfortable as my Nikes, I don’t worry about rolling an ankle or my foot slipping around in my shoe in step class. Hope that helps!

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 05 Dec 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      You sold me on “forms to your foot!” Now I need to e-mail Paul this list. Thank you so much, girl! xo, Katey

      Published 05 Dec 18Reply
  5. Hannah Devine wrote:

    I know you have a post about sizing for the purse organizer!

    Can you link it or tell me where to find it?!

    Published 28 Jan 19Reply