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Home sweet home! I’m thrilled to share another “mid” update with you all on our decorating process. But I guess we could really count this is more of a room reveal, no?! The only thing left on our living room to-do list is to find a mirror for above the mantle- but hey, peonies in a ginger jar work just fine! Little Design Co. launched their spring line, Paul picked out a coffee table, we found a rug to fit the space, and everything seems to have fallen together in a perfectly cozy fashion.

The last time we chatted, we had our living room furniture, but the rest of the space was blank! Paul really wanted a rug with grey tones and a distressed coffee table. He says it is so Maxi can’t mess it up, but I’m thinking it’s more so he doesn’t have to use a coaster 24/7. 😉 He went and picked these out with me at Simple Things. I love that the rug is darker, ahem, kid-friendly. The distressed coffee table is also nice because during the day, Maxi will dump all her barbies and little cars on the table and it’s impossible to nick or mess it up. To blend the rug with the oatmeal-toned sofas, I looked to my go-to on pillows: Little Design Co. She just launched her spring collection, so I sent her pictures of our space and we brainstormed on how to incorporate all the tones. A few things she just launched to give you an idea of how I selected pieces:

Shop LDC Spring Collection Here

  • Little Bolsters: You all know how I have decorated with her bolster pillows on my beds. See this post. LDC just launched little bolsters for your chairs! Yes, you heard right. Take one perfect thing, make it mini, and how could you not be obsessed?! You can add these to chairs as I did with my white Chippendale Chairs-thank you, Ashley! {She gave me her’s since she isn’t using them in her new house.} If you don’t want a large back pillow, these give some color and shape to space. I also added them in antelope to the side of our sofa which ties into the ottomans.
  • Ottomans: LDC also launched skirted ottomans! I wanted extra seating in our living room since we always have family or friends over to watch games. Because this living space is smaller than our last one, the ottomans not only provide a pop of print, but seating for hosting, as well. These have a very custom look, but for a great price. I’ve seen ottomans like this on other online retailers for MUCH higher of a price tag, so this is a great way to add a designer look to a room without spending what one may normally spend for custom furniture. You could also put these at the end of your bed to tie in with a matching bolster if you want to make a print in your master look pulled together. These are Maxi’s favorite things in the living room. She has her own “chair” but I think because the ottomans are smaller than a regular seat, she thinks they are her stools. She hops up on them to watch Moana and it’s the cutest thing, ever. And yes, the fabric holds up extremely well to toddlers. We have already had catastrophes averted! ha.
  • Little Lumbars: Speaking of small spaces, our swivel chairs are more narrow. They are incredibly comfortable and everyone comments on them, but I think a full-sized pillow may be a bit more overpowering. This is why we moved our Kisabeth chairs to the master, to fit the space! LDC also launched little lumbars, which serves the purpose of adding color, without making a chair or settee feel overpowered. So if you need to tie in a third or fourth color to a room, you can do it with the little lumbars. I tied in the lavender which pulls the gray tones from the rug. And you all know I have a huge love for lavender due in part to my wedding dress. I think when shopping for color in your home, it’s nice to go the sentimental route so you don’t get tired of bold pops. If your grandmother always wore blue, think to that. If your mom says she loves you in yellow, try a citrus hue. I have always had a soft spot for chartreuse tones {hence my Kisabeth chairs} and lavender, which is why LDC incorporated those in this combination. You can always e-mail their team for styling with your order.
  • Shipping: They now have $19 flat-rate shipping for your entire order {amazing for the ottomans}, or if you’re just buying covers, they ship free!

Here is everything I have linked:

Shop Pillows:

Shop Other Pillows I Love:

In terms of lighting, we just added this flush mount! It’s missing a bead, but let’s talk about the deal I got it for! I’ve always adored it, but been uneasy about the price. I ordered this on Black Friday for 40% off with a gift card and then got an additional $20 off. I think I paid $133 all in all. I didn’t even know where we would put it since we hadn’t found or listed our home at that point. I thought I may put it in a powder bath in the last home, but am so happy it works in our living room here. However, I found some really similar options at a MUCH better price.

We love this space and I love how inviting everything feels. On Monday, we had my sister and two of her girlfriends over to watch The Bachelor and they all enjoyed relaxing in the space and eating around the coffee table. They stayed for an hour or so after the show ended and I always think that’s a sweet reminder that people feel comfortable in your home and it feels welcoming. I wanted our living room to feel styled, but not too fussy, so people wouldn’t feel like they could relax here. It feels like we have accomplished that with soft slipcovers, a beautiful assortment of pillows, and kid-friendly furniture. Thank you so much for reading!

COF tip: Use these for hosting!


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  1. Brittney wrote:

    Your new home is coming along so well! While you’re on your mirror hunt, where is your favorite place(s) to source mirrors from? I have been trying to find a mirror to go above our dining room buffet for a year now lol. We live in a cape cod style house so the ceilings are very short. I feel like I want a mirror that is taller so it will draw the eye up, however then I’ll have to have something taller on either side to fill out the space and that creates more stress for me. So now I’m thinking a large rectangular mirror that is a little less than the length of the buffet because then we can use the current decor pieces we have to complete the design. Our dining table and buffet are very masculine (Pottery Barn) so I’m thinking a brushed gold, antiqued mirror.

    Published 05 Jun 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Brittney! Girl, I totally get it! Short ceilings and finding mirrors can be tricky! So I always like to check Ballard Designs. I also think that Overstock has a great selection. Anthropologie does and try them when they have their 25% off home sales which is pretty frequently. Then I’ve also had great luck with mirrors at antique shops! xx, Katey

      Published 10 Jun 19Reply
  2. Gorgeous! With every update your home seems to get more and more beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 05 Jun 19Reply
  3. Holly Patterson wrote:

    I have to ask… Is the buffet, between the Chippendale chairs, from your childhood? It looks familiar.
    Your amazing style comes naturally!

    Published 05 Jun 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you so much! Yes, it is my parents’ from my childhood. 🙂

      Published 05 Jun 19Reply
  4. That pink-themed living room is so attractive & gorgeous. I liked the choice of pillows the most. Keep sharing kinds of stuff!

    Published 08 Sep 22Reply