Amazon Prime Day + My Amazon Favorites

Today and tomorrow make up Amazon Prime Day! They will have lightning deals all day today and tomorrow, so be sure to check often. I thought I’d cover my COF Amazon Favorites since some of these items will also be part of the sales. From fashion to organization, Amazon makes my life way easier than it should. ha! Also, if you ever forget an Amazon product I share, you can save my Amazon shop page! Everything is always linked for you here.

Work Blouse

This Lark & Ro blouse is one of my absolute favorite office-appropriate blouses I own. I tuck mine in cropped jeans with mules for meetings, but it works perfectly in pencil skirts or pants. I’m wearing the size 2 in the leopard print, but you can get it in an array of colors. One of my favorite things about this blouse is that the cuffs are meant to be folded up, so they stay that way! It drives me nuts when I’m constantly rolling my cuffs and they still come undone.

Shop this blouse here

Car Tote

Mamas, if you buy one thing this Prime Day, let this be it! This collapsible bag can be used to carry groceries and house all your little one’s toys in the car. I keep this behind the driver seat in our car at all times. I have extra diapers and wipes if I were to run out and plenty of books and toys to keep Maxi occupied on the road. If we stop at a restaurant or meet someone for coffee, I can just grab a few books or coloring books to take inside and never worry about not having toys for her. If I didn’t have this, toys would be all over the backseat.

Shop this tote here

Water Bottles

I know this sounds cliché, but cups play a major factor in how much water I drink. I like my certain cups and if I leave them on my kitchen counter all day I will drink plenty. If I don’t bother setting my favorite cups out, I’m living off Diet Coke and coffee and completely dehydrated. When I’m trying to up my water intake, I love this portable gallon bottle with a straw! I’ve had one without a straw before and I didn’t use it nearly as much since I was not tempted to lift it each time I wanted to take a sip. My favorite cup to keep in my car on the go is this glass tumbler. It’s got a silicone sleeve so it doesn’t slip out of your hand and I like that’s it is glass since you aren’t supposed to leave plastic water bottles in your car.

Shop the gallon bottle here. Shop the glass bottle here

GG Crackers

If you follow any “fitness” or “food” accounts on IG, you’ve probably seen GG crackers. If you love “dips” like I do, you probably find that most crackers don’t fill you up since they are just empty calories. These GG Crackers are FILLED with fiber, so if I’m hungry and eat one or two I’m full for hours. I use them with “avocado toast” or make pizzas with them! I’ll put marinara sauce and cheese on top, then broil them in the oven. Top with cottage cheese and Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and oh my gosh- SO good! I also like to eat them with whipped cream cheese, raspberries, and dark chocolate chips when a sweet tooth hits! Plain, these don’t taste the best. I mean, I don’t mind them, but they can be dry. So top them with a dip you love and think of them as a vehicle in that sense.

Shop GG crackers here

Amazon Maxi Dress

This maxi dress from Amazon has a cult following. I blogged it last year here and still love it! I knot mine in the middle and took an xs in it! Throw a jean jacket over it with a hat for fall or a headband like above for summer. And yes, you better believe I’m eating a tomato sandwich while shooting this! ha.

Shop the maxi dress here


Three years ago, a wise mother of twin boys told me about Folex. I have thanked her mentally EVERY DAY since. If you aren’t on the Folex train, hop on, girl! I have yet to meet a stain this doesn’t get out. I use it on all of our furniture and it gets out everything from wine to chocolate. So many of you all DM me before and after photos because you love it so much!

Shop Folex here

Coffee Mug Warmer

Paul actually told me about this coffee mug warmer and I got it for him for Father’s Day. Since then, we ordered one for me so he wouldn’t have to reheat my coffee 18 times in the morning. 😉 It turns on when your mug is placed on the warmer and I could honestly use another in the house it’s so amazing. I keep this on my nightstand since I’ll work in my bed many mornings before Maxi wakes up. I keep my mug on this warmer so it never gets cold. I also want one in my bathroom while I get ready. ha! If pink isn’t your thing, it comes in white here. Paul’s warmer is in black here.

Shop my coffee mug warmer.

Castille Soap

I recently bought Castille Soap and I’m not sure how I’ve been living under a rock prior to purchase. This is a natural soap that can be used for so much since it is so potent. I used it to clean makeup brushes and y’all, it took me 3 minutes! I hardly had to scrub. I put two squirts in a dish and added water to mix in. Then I dipped my brushes in, rubbed them on the back of my hand and rinsed. I also have been combining this soap with a bit of baking soda and water to clean all of our showers and baths.

Shop Castille Soap here

No Bend Hair Clips

If you do your hair before your makeup, you’ll want no bend hair clips. These don’t crease your hair while keeping your hair out of your face so you can easily blend and apply foundation.

Shop No Bend Hair Clips here

Portable Steamer

What started as a purchase for travel ended as my go-to daily steamer. I ordered this for a trip and then my regular steamer died after many years of use. I actually love this steamer for everyday use and love that it doesn’t take up too much space in my laundry room or closet. It heats up so quickly, too.

Shop my steamer here

Makeup Mirror

After watching dozens of friends do makeup videos with this mirror, I splurged on it as well. We don’t have windows in our bathroom, so the high-quality LED lighting is really helpful with doing my makeup. It’s easy to do your makeup in a darker room and then get outside and see lines or shadow not blended so well. I never feel that way when I use this. This mirror can also hold your phone so you can actually watch Youtube tutorials WHILE you do your makeup. Is that not amazing?! The only time I watch Youtube is while I get ready, so I find that to be so helpful.

Shop my makeup mirror here.

Jewelry Tray

I have used these dozens of times while moving, sorting jewelry to shoot, and styling pieces. Whether you organize your jewelry in a drawer or need something for your vanity, these velvet jewelry trays come in handy!

Shop my jewelry tray here

Diaper Bag Necessities

This drawing tablet is always in our diaper bag! We used it on our car trip to Seaside and Maxi has been obsessed ever since. It’s nice because there is no mess and you aren’t running out of pages in a coloring book!

Diaper Pouch

This diaper pouch is actually a wet bag I got off Amazon, but it fits diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes easily- so it will be perfect for potty training days. This wipes clean and can fit in a tote or purse if you need to switch out bags.

Shop my diaper pouch here

Photo Box Case

These photo box cases are amazing for organizing arts and crafts. I keep them in my diaper bag to hold stickers, crayons, and anything to keep her entertained at a restaurant. I use them in our TV console to organize art supplies, as well.

Shop photo box cases here

Stasher Bags

Stasher bags aren’t anything new on COF, but I couldn’t mention Amazon favorites without them. They are reusable bags that can be stored in the freezer, fridge, microwave, etc. I always keep them in our diaper bag to house snacks for days on the go.

Shop Stasher bags here

Maxi’s Luggage

Maxi’s luggage is an Amazon find and it comes in white or blue if that’s your color preference. I’ve found her luggage surprisingly fits quite a bit and held up nicely during our trip and long drive with her!

Shop Maxi’s luggage here


I got these $29 sheets on Amazon. They are absolutely incredible! I want them for all of our beds. I wash them at least once, more often, twice a week and they feel brand new and hold up beautifully. They are super soft, but not slick.

Shop our sheets here.  

Coffee Maker

Our coffee maker is currently on sale so I wanted to include it! I got this during Black Friday sales last year and love it. It looks sleek on our counter and I’m partial to Nespresso coffee as I think it’s far more strong and tastes so much better!

Shop our coffee maker here

THE Amazon coat is 40% off when added to cart.

Maxi’s Swimsuit | My Ruffle Bikini {fits TTS, wearing small} | My Pink Bikini {fits TTS, wearing small}

Swim Coverup | Plaid Dress

Pink Boots | Pink Coat

What Am I Buying from Prime Day?

  • This J.Crew Coat in Fresh Rose! These always sell out by the time it is cold, so it’s a great time to buy it now.
  • These seamless undergarments! They are 50% off!
  • An Amazon Echo Dot for my office. We love our Amazon Alexa in our kitchen and play music off of it all day. I use one in Maxi’s room for her lullabies, and so now I want one in my office to play music while I work. They are $22 today.
  • This maxi dress for the weekend!
  • This blouse in blue! How cute would it be with white shorts or jeans?
  • My FAVORITE liquid lipstick is on sale! Going to buy it in Patina and Baci.
  • I want to try these hats for summer.
  • I’m ordering this hot pink watch band for my apple watch.
  • I’ve heard this Keto Coco is delicious to put in your coffee- so I want to try!
  • I’ve gotten hooked on Smart Sweets! Less sugar and more fiber.

I’d love to know, what are your favorite Amazon buys?!

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  1. Amazon is my stop for basically everything I need! Happy that they’re having major discounts! ?✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 15 Jul 19Reply
  2. Katey-

    Great picks. I buy all my OLLY vitamins, RX bars and pet supplies on Amazon. Also, all my office supplies!

    Great to see you last week!
    xoxo- Tanya

    Published 15 Jul 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      You are making me want to try Olly so bad!! xx, Katey

      Published 15 Jul 19Reply
  3. Christy wrote:

    Katie: What top/dress are you wearing when you are showing the velvet trays? I love it and the colors? Please do tell…..Christy

    Published 15 Jul 19Reply
  4. Kerri Ann wrote:

    Love this post! I was able to snag the jcrew pink coat for $64!!! Unreal! I didn’t even know that Amazon carried jcrew products! Thank you for posting!! <3

    Published 15 Jul 19Reply
  5. LESLIE in DFW wrote:

    Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I really enjoyed this Amazon Prime Day posts. I have been pleased with your recommendations on this post and on others as well. Keep up the good work!

    Published 22 Jul 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      You are so kind, Leslie! Thank you!! xx, Katey

      Published 24 Jul 19Reply