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When readers ask if I prefer one brand over the other, it feels just about impossible! You might as well ask a mother if they have a favorite child, because the answer is, “No way!” But what I CAN do is spill my secrets from each line that are my must haves, can’t live withouts, reorder on a regular basis products. First brand up? TULA! Below are the 5 products that are my favorites from their line. And as always, you can use code KATEY for 15% off your order! 

TULA Purifying Cleanser-

If I could only use one TULA product ever again, I’d be bitter, but I’d choose the TULA Purifying Cleanser. I can have normal to dry skin, but I get hormonal breakouts and they are never fun. I keep thinking, “I birthed 2 babies! Can’t I be done with these breakouts?! Haven’t I paid my hormonal dues?!” haha. This cleanser removes makeup, dirt, oil, and dries blemishes right up! It will dry out blemishes, so if you have more sensitive skin, I also always have their sensitive cleanser on hand. It is so nourishing and my favorite AM cleanser. Paul also uses the TULA Purifying Cleanser and sometimes I’ll give him press sample cleansers that didn’t work for me. I don’t want them to be wasted if they don’t work for me, so I put him at his sink. My husband complains about nothing {I could paint the house pink and tell him we need to eat chicken nuggets for dinner for a year straight and he’d say, “Great!”} but the man will bring up anytime I put a cleanser other than this one at his sink. He’s obsessed with it.

Why I love it: 

It’s a probiotic-infused gel cleanser that removes DEEP impurities from the skin. It has lactic acid to exfoliate, chicory root and turmeric to reduce inflammation {helps with redness from blemishes}, blueberries to protect the face from free radicals, and probiotics to lock in moisture and not overly dry out the skin. The bottle also lasts me quite a long time! Paul and I share and we only have to purchase 3x a year. Bottom line: This acts as a purifying cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin. Compared to other cleansers that remove impurities, it is not as drying. 

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Rose Glow Eye Balm-

If I were to buy a TULA product for any person without knowing their skin type, THIS would be it. Eye products are tricky to formulate. First off, dark circles are genetic and due to circulation. Many eye products make promises to cure them and they simply can’t do that. A $70 jar can’t change fight genetics that well. Sure, ingredients like caffeine can stimulate blood flow to make the dark circles appear less intense- but because they are fighting genetics and blood flow, it’s easy for eye products to not give great results. It’s also a delicate area, so texture and finish can not play nicely with makeup. Have you ever tried an eye product that pilled once you put on your concealer? *Raises Hand* But TULA has NAILED eye products. Their eye balms are top sellers month after month, for this exact reason. First off, they are made with the right ingredients. They cool for puffiness, caffeinate for dark circles, and brighten to conceal and give a glow. And the Rose Glow eye balm has rosehip oil and rosewater. Why am I so obsessed with rosehip oil? If I were in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, this would be my Windex. Rosehip oil is antibacterial, but it also helps with fine lines! Since the eye area is so delicate, it shows aging. You’ve got this one stick that acts as a highlight but it does so much more- it depuffs, brightens, helps with dark circles, AND fine lines. It’s not an eye cream {still use that!} but it’s a miracle worker in a makeup bag.

Why I love it: 

You can see my swatches of their eye balms on this IG Highlight here, but the pearlescent pink finish and rosehip oil makes this a winner in my book. If you’d like to read a blog post on the original eye balm that started this trend there is one here and here is a post on how I hide dark circles. Bottom line: Instead of piling on more concealer, this product allows me to look less tired, while giving my eye area extra TLC in terms of skincare. 

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If I were to tell you one habit to start for overall skin health, it would be sunscreen. Whenever I meet older women with incredible skin I ask them their secrets. They NEVER say a specific brand of retinol or a mask routine. They say, “Sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and stop stressing.” I’ve probably asked dozen of women this and that is the answer EACH and every time. So refill that water bottle and slap on sunscreen no matter what. I think the reason facial sunscreen doesn’t get talked about as much as serums is because people fear it will clog their pores, they associate it with a whitecast, or they think it is a one and done product where it won’t provide a lot of long-term benefits. TULA took all those concerns and made a sunscreen to cater to them! You can read the nitty-gritty ingredient details here. It has UVA+UVB+blue light+pollution protection, non-comedogenic, won’t leave a white cast, has long-term skin benefits to SMOOTH skin tone, and has no synthetic fragrance.

Why I love it:

The texture of this sunscreen feels like another serum and NOT a thick, goopy sunscreen. It gives a gorgeous glow which I shared in the blog post linked. Even if this didn’t have sun protection, I’d want to to use this in my routine for the glow. So combine that WITH sun protection and it is one of my favorite skincare products in my cabinet. I keep three on me at all times: one in my bathroom, one in my purse, one in my kids’ bags in case we go to the park and I need to add extra for myself. Bottom line: This is a product that will make you want to keep reapplying sunscreen, something I think we all forget to do on a regular basis if we aren’t at the beach. 

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Face Filter Primer

If you get more excited over a makeup addition than another skin serum, you’ll want to try their Face Filter Primer. TULA has two primers for makeup {read my post on them here} and both are skincare-forward. In their Face Filter primer, the probiotics, turmeric, chia seeds, and licorice smooth and balance your skin so that over time, you can use less foundation. But for an immediate effect these three ingredients when combined, give your skin this instant glow. The primer also has encapsulated skin-blurring properties which specifically fight redness so you get this filter-like effect. It has a warmth and glow to it, so many girls wear this alone instead of foundation. See my review of it here so you can see the warm-toned pigments that create a radiant base for your makeup application.

Why I love it:

You can use this primer to give your makeup a radiant base, or you can wear it alone with your eye balm and sunscreen for a “no makeup” look! It’s the perfect product for preschool pick up/drop off when I don’t want to wear makeup, but would love a bit of a glow. It smooths skin and adds warmth almost like a self tanner, but without the scent and with skincare. Bottom line: This is a product that helps heal your skin while you wear makeup. But for a no makeup look, I like to wear this alone much more than a tinted moisturizer or BB cream! 

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TULA Super Soothe Moisturizer

If you wanted to incorporate a product that I use year-round, no matter WHAT my skin is going through, you’ll want to try TULA’s Super Soothe Moisturizer for sensitive skin. This is my morning moisturizer and I love it because it doesn’t break me out, dries beautifully for makeup application, and you can mix tan serums in it without changing the texture. If you are wanting something for firming or wrinkles, you’ll want to check out their award-winning 24/7 day and night cream. But their Super Soothe Moisturizer has colloidal oatmeal to soothe, vitamin c to brighten, and ginger to improve elasticity- something we all want in our skincare!

Why I love it:

I love to mix my tanning drops {shade: medium} in my morning moisturizer and this is light enough to do that. I also layer skincare in the morning {vitamin c serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, eye balm} and this doesn’t pill up with all the products. I can also be prone to eczema on my eyelids and this soothes that! Bottom line: This is a moisturizer that soothes, dries nicely, and plays well with other products. It creates a great canvas for foundation. 

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While the brand has many products I geek out over and I traditionally recommend their discovery kit if you are dipping your toe in this brand, I hope this post helps you find your next product. Which brand would you like me to break down next?

These are my top 5 can’t live without TULA products and as always you can use code KATEY for 15% off your purchase!

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