February Review + Top Products

Another month has flown by and now it is time for a February review. February always feels like a whirlwind as it is a short month and Maxi and I have birthdays close together. I am excited to spend March and April nesting and preparing for baby boy! While my due date isn’t until early June, this pregnancy has been high-risk so they monitor me each week to see if we will need to schedule a c-section in May or if I can go into labor naturally in June. While I’m confident everything is going to be perfect {God makes birthdays, not due dates!} I do want to spend the next two months preparing our home and our hearts for his arrival. And by that, I mean sneaking in as many naps as I can before sleep is nonexistent for a season. 😉

Here I’ll recap your favorite buys, finds, and top questions of the month. I view this post as a little monthly newsletter so you can always see if you missed something or need a deeper review!

Top Products

Woodland Floral Long Sleeve Dress

This floral dress was your favorite item of February 2020. I have loved it for baby showers, church, and date night. I just pair a suede moto jacket over it now in cooler temperatures. This isn’t maternity, but size up if your chest has grown while pregnant. I tell everyone this is a dress that is tighter in the bust than the waist, so you can compare what size you need. I’m wearing a medium.

Mock Neck Sweater

This mock neck sweater is the SOFTEST item and can be worn with jeans or leggings. It comes in a ton of colors, and I am loving it now for just lounging at home. I sized up for this fit.

Target Ruffle Hem Dress

Personally, my favorite find of the month was this Target dress! I’m wearing a medium for a growing bump, and the back is lower than the front for all my tall girls.

Tiered Maxi Dress

This tiered maxi dress is another fabulous bump-friendly find. I’m wearing a small and it has plenty of room to grow.

Snake Bag

While this tote wasn’t a top seller, the crossbody version linked above was! You all loved the print and the convenient style.

Your Top Amazon Buys

Gel Polish Top/Base

This gel base and top coat was your top seller on Amazon from the month of February. You can see how I use it in my gel manicure DIY post here.

Pop Beads

Maxi loves any and all crafts right now and these Pop Beads are some of our favorites. She can “bead bracelets” but there aren’t too many tiny parts to worry about.

Headband Holder

If you are a fan of the headband trend, use an acrylic headband holder to store them. You can get more inspiration in my organization guide here.

Tales of Wonder

This is Maxi’s current favorite bedtime read.

Top Questions

Where is your cross necklace from that you have been wearing?

My cross necklace is from Tiffany’s! Paul got it for me our last anniversary.

Do you have any new additions to your gift closet?

For those new here, I always keep a section in a closet I call my “gift closet.” I will purchase items during sales that I know my girlfriends would love for birthday gifts or celebrations. You never know when you’ll be invited to a birthday dinner and you’ve gotten too busy to purchase a gift. Here are a few new additions.

Gifts for kids’ birthday parties?

I just made an Amazon shop section with go-to gifts for kids’ birthday parties. See it here.

Baby items for baby #2?

Here is my blog post on what I’ve bought for baby #2 and I’ll update it as time goes on.

Any recommendations for spring wedding dresses?

Time management tips?

Here is a big blog post I did on time management, I hope it helps you!

If you had to do your wedding all over again what would you change? What did you love?

OOh, this will be a long answer! I absolutely loved my wedding {you can see it here} and it truly was the best day of my life.

If I could change anything, I would have done a first look! I was very adamant Paul not see me until I walked down the aisle, but we had a really large wedding. We invited 600 people, so walking down the aisle- I couldn’t even see his face! I just was focused on walking down and not tripping. haha. After we exchanged vows, it was a whirlwind. We were together the entire reception, but I still felt like I didn’t have “time with him” because you’re talking to so many people. Of course, the photos would have been a plus, but just to see one another, hold hands, get nerves out, and have a minute to really talk to one another away from other people- that is what would have made it worth it to me!

Paul and I say all the time, we’ve been to over-the-top weddings and we have been to small and intimate weddings, but we NEVER leave a wedding talking about party favors or the food.

We do always talk about how HAPPY the bride and groom were. I always leave feeling such a deep impression by their smiles, their giddiness while dancing together, seeing them kiss one another as they greet their guests.

I say do what makes you happy because it is far more of a gift to guests to see you happy and filled with joy, than anything else could ever be. 

Now, this blog is called Chronicles of Frivolity, so if you are here for the nitty-gritty details, I personally prefer seating arrangements, plenty of food, and great music. BUT I never leave a wedding talking about those things. They are just my preference. And the next girl you ask is going to prefer heavy appetizers and open seating. So don’t take anyone’s preferences to heart, just do YOURS. But that is where we prioritized our time and budget: flowers, photography, food, music. And the most time I spent on details were in regard to seating arrangements.

Gifts for a newly engaged gal?

Go in with a few friends and get her a Mrs. Box to store her engagement ring. It’s a gorgeous way to store her new bling and she can also use it in her wedding photos like I did.

What are Maxi’s favorite toys right now?

Doctor Kit, Calico Critters, Barbies, Sensory Kits, Baby Dolls {especially this stroller my MIL got her!}, this shape counter, tea sets, Polly Pockets, magnetic paper dolls

What was your favorite post from February?! As always, thank you for following along as I share my life and frivolous finds.


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  1. Cute outfits as always! Thanks for sharing, Katey! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    LOVED reading your answers to these questions. Thanks for being so real about the wedding topic.

    xo Laura Leigh

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