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Maxi is spending the afternoon swimming at my parents’ house. Harry is asleep on my chest. The house is quiet and calm. I’m exhausted and smell like spit up {Maxi never spit up so this is all new to me! ha!}, but boy do I love these newborn moments. I have held him for every nap and sat up in our chairs at night rocking him, reminding myself with each coo and yawn he will soon be a toddler running faster than I can keep up. Paul calls me a baby hog, but you really are reminded of how quickly it goes by the second time around, so I make no apologies.

I’m reminded of how quickly it goes by and also how different a mama feels postpartum as well. You really do forget so many things about pregnancy, labor, and the 4th trimester. The cluster feeds, the postpartum contractions, the healing. Mamas of 3 and 4, do you forget those times as well? This sounds frivolous {I guess I’m on the right blog, no?! ha} but one thing that always helps me postpartum is making it a priority to get dressed a few days a week. I don’t do it every single day. Yesterday my in-laws were over and I was in my workout clothes. Today I’m writing this post at 2 in the afternoon and still in pajamas. But I do shower and get dressed a few days a week and I feel like Superwoman those days. There’s something to be said about not smelling like spit up and feeling like yourself, the new woman you are growing into. But most importantly, it serves as this reminder that you will adapt to the new normal. For now, friends drop off casseroles on the porch and my mom has been a huge help with laundry, but in the back of my newborn-mama mind I know that will eventually end and I’ll have to balance our new little world. And I’m not exactly sure why something as simple as a shower and throwing on clothes helps me feel like I can tackle it in the future, but it does. It’s not the only thing, of course, but it is a big thing in my book.

I’ve talked a bit about the postpartum wardrobe and making a designated space in your closet for it. I put clothes on a clothing rack that I knew would work for nursing and for my body. And of course, after you give birth, you make adjustments. I ordered a pair of stretchy denim shorts from Walmart that fit perfectly {they sold out but are here} and some other pieces that make me feel a bit more like me. Today, I’m partnering with Walmart, to share 5 items that I have recently purchased that work in the postpartum closet. I know that won’t apply to the majority of my readers, but these aren’t maternity, so they work for all! They just especially work if you are running on 2 hours of sleep and can’t fuss with the closet game of, “Will this work postpartum?!” haha.

  1. Off-The-Shoulder Dress– This is the dress above and it sold out so fast! I didn’t even order this until we were home from the hospital {I wanted a dress to nurse in} and it is already gone. It’s a good one! Off-the-shoulder dresses are great for nursing, and this one is incredibly soft. If you love the print, they have a peasant blouse in the same print here. Or if you are eying a pink dress like what I’m wearing there is a similar look here.
  2. High Waist Jeans– When creating a postpartum section in my closet, I didn’t prep for shorts or jeans because I just wasn’t sure how I’d feel after baby. I shared above the shorts I ordered and these are the jeans I got. I sized up and they are so comfortable.
  3. White Peasant Blouse– This peasant blouse comes in 3 shades and I purchased it in white. You can tuck it in your cut-off shorts, front tuck in white jeans, or pair it with a skirt. It’s the perfect material for the summer heat. I can also say from personal experience, the white hides spit up quite well. ha.
  4. Boyfriend Tee– I’ve mentioned many times, Time and Tru is one of my favorite fashion brands for basics at Walmart. Their tees can’t be beat! This boyfriend tee comes in a ton of colors and I pair them with everything from pajama bottoms to leggings and joggers. The oversized fit is great for a new mom, but it also looks so cute tucked into your denim shorts with a belt.
  5. Off-The-Shoulder Top– Nothing feels more classic than a white off-the-shoulder top in the summer. Pair it with your white denim, gold hoop earrings, and wedges, and it’s an outfit you’ll wear this summer and years to come! If you want something with a lighter texture this option with lace detail works, as well. Personally, I love these options for nursing, especially if you need something dressier than a traditional tee.

So while I don’t live in summer dresses every single day, one here or there during the week serves as a nice little reminder I can still get ready in this 4th-trimester phase if I feel like it. Some days call for pajamas and stains and some call for a shower and fresh pair of shorts. But to all my new-mama readers {and ALL of you wonderful humans}, I want to remind you that every single day you are beautiful! Whatever way you nurture your body and self during your 4th trimester is the best way. If you live in your sweats for weeks, I applaud you. If you shower and get dressed daily to keep up with your 3 other kids, I applaud you too, my friend. I think the most important thing after a baby is being kind to yourself, no matter what that looks like for you. Soak up your baby snuggles and this incredibly strong body that grew another human. I’m always here to share a fun and frivolous find for whatever stage you of life you are honoring!



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  1. So cute! I love the pieces you picked out! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 30 Jun 20Reply
  2. Lynnlee wrote:

    Is it bad that I don’t have any kids and I still want all of these outfits? Love the pink dress!

    Published 30 Jun 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you girl!! You made this new mama’s day!

      Published 30 Jun 20Reply