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While I may win the award in our household for most packages coming to the door and most accessories left out, my husband wins the award for most difficult to purchase for. He’s pretty practical. Not easily surprised. Would rather enjoy a trip than more “stuff” and prefers his gifts to take up the least amount of space. While I geek out over a magazine, a candle that has similar notes to the 14 other ones in my home, and a mauve lipstick that matches all my other mauve lipsticks. If you’re in the same boat, I wanted to do a pretty no-frills gift guide for your guy. Here are practical things he will use and love! I partnered with Kiehls, as that is what Paul uses for his body products in the shower. In fact, he just used up all his face scrub {I know because I selfishly tried to use it ha} so this comes right no time for me, as well! They have a ton of Nordstrom holiday gift sets at different price points so you can browse by that as well.

  • Wallet: I purchased this brand of wallet for Paul on our honeymoon and the thing is like a mythical creature that doesn’t age. It’s like Benjamin Button for wallets. It lasts so well and shows ZERO signs of wear even though he carries it every single day.
  • Coffee Mugs: Considering I’m the one purchasing our mugs, most of the mugs my dear husband sips out of are a bit on the feminine side. Or if he’s really lucky and dishes are dirty, he’s sipping out of Maxi’s Hello Kitty hot chocolate mugs. These mugs are masculine in hue but have a classic design that will work with whatever your dish patterns may be.
  • Pan: I preach about this pan. Non-toxic. Non-stick. It’s brilliant. I heard a friend say she hardly puts it away in a cabinet, as they use it for breakfast, wash it, and put it back out for lunch. That is us with our Always Pan! It’s always in use. If he’s a dad on breakfast duty or dish duty, he will love this because it’s so simple to clean.
  • Bourbon Candy: You want to know my top seller for holiday last year? THIS CANDY BRAND. Seriously, it’s that good. And for someone that doesn’t like excess, this is perfect for their stocking because they’ll devour it by noon on Christmas day. 😉
  • Ultimate Man Soap Trio: For a great gift under $50, this bar soap has pumice and oat bran that works for body cleanse and exfoliate! It has a natural exfoliant from oat kernel meal. Bonus points, they’ll stop using your body wash. ha.
  • Vest: From October to March, Paul wears a vest similar to this over every work outfit he has. Upgrade his classic style with this.
  • Weekender Bag: If your guy really loves weekend trips, book a sitter, plan on, but gift him this bag to tell him!
  • Binoculars: If he’s the adventure dad that takes the kids to fun spots on the weekend, grab him these.
  • Facial Fuel Starter Set: If your guy is anything like mine, he’d never take the time to buy this for himself, but he will always ask me if I have lotion or face wash. Then when I buy him this set he’s quite thankful. ha!
  • Boots: If he usually just has loafers or sneakers, add these for his fall wardrobe. They are classic enough, with a bit of modern style.

You can shop the rest of Kiehl’s products at Nordstrom here. If you grab something for him, it’s only fair to get yourself something, too. It’s considerate. 😉

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  1. Poonam wrote:

    “While I geek out over a magazine, a candle that has similar notes to the 14 other ones in my home, and a mauve lipstick that matches all my other mauve lipsticks.” — 100% can relate to the candle and mauve lipsticks 😛 love this!

    Published 24 Oct 21Reply