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Welcome to your gift guide page! I wanted everything to be live for you in one spot so that you can come back and browse whenever you are searching for a gift or two on your holiday list this year. Here you’ll find my favorites to gift {and receive} for each category. From gifts by price to gifts for teachers, it is all here! The only gift guide missing is our gift guide for men and that is launching end of this week with some great gift tags for your guy- those just don’t go live until later in the week, so stay tuned. 😉

I wanted to start with my go-to gifts by price because sometimes it is easier to know what you plan on spending when crossing someone off your list. These are the tried and true products you hear me preach about.

Under $20

  • Bourbon & Bergamot Candle: Candles can be tricky to gift with people’s affinity towards different notes. But if there is one I’m always confident in, it is this one! I joke that Bourbon and Bergamot smells like a handsome man in a beautiful home because it reminds me of a candle burning in a luxury boutique. It has equal parts masculine and feminine notes, and so everyone can find something they love about it. This is what we burn in our bedroom.
  • Olive Oil: This is the olive oil I keep on our marble tray in our kitchen. It’s a gorgeous little gift that is as practical as it is beautiful.

Under $50

  • Hand Towels: You’ve seen these towels before in Maxi’s bathroom– they are my Leontine Linens dupe and everyone asks about them!
  • Lululemon Bag: If you buy yourself anything from these guides, let it be this. I use it just about every single day. I throw it on for our walks or park trips or anytime I’m in workout clothes with my kids. I purchased it because so many times I took them to the park and thought, “I need somewhere to put my phone and keys and cash- and I don’t want to leave it in the stroller and walk away from it!” This solves that problem. You throw it on over your chest like this.
  • Notepad: My mom always gifts me these notepads from Honeybear Pages because they are my favorite. You put their kids’ names up top and select a little drawing that looks like them- this hits all the gift notes you’re looking for: unique, thoughtful, practical.
  • Key Ring: I put these Oventure key rings in my nurse gift baskets when I had Harry. You slide in on your wrist like a bracelet when you need to be hands-free.

Under $100

  • Neutral Bracelets: You can never go wrong with an Allie + Bess stack. She can wear alone or mix in with her sentimental pieces. My code for Allie + Bess is KATEY20 for 20% off full-priced items.
  • Bauble Stocking: These are shown above in photos, and are one of my favorite traditions with my kids. You place the Bauble Stocking on your tree and it holds the last gift of Christmas. Maybe a charm for charm bracelets each year, a sentimental letter, tickets, or any small “treasure” as Maxi would say. But the best part is that these are hand-stitched in Haiti for fair trade. Bauble Stocking employs single mothers so they can earn the equivalent of a nurse or teacher while working from home making these beautiful heirloom pieces.

Under $200

  • Boll & Branch Waffle Blanket: I use this blanket on our bed tucked in over the fitted sheet, and then tuck the top sheet over it. So this is what we sleep on! It keeps you cool, is so soft, and just the ultimate added layer of cozy texture to your bed. I’m typing this right now sitting on it in bed. ha! My Boll & Branch code is KATEY20.
  • Hoops: These are the daily hoops that I wear every single day! They have some added dimension with the little circles, so they are different than just simple hoop earrings.

Send these ideas to your husband to stuff your stocking OR if you need a little sussie for a friend, browse below!

For Her:

  • Powder Sponges: These are what I use to set my undereye powder, the angled point gets right under the eye. They are perfect!
  • Pens: My favorite pens! But if you are looking for pens for her to journal in her bible with, grab her these.
  • Leopard Notepads
  • Necklace Clasp: If she loves to wear multiple necklaces at a time, as I do, this keeps the necklaces from getting tangled. A game-changer for the girl that thinks “more is more” in terms of accessories.
  • Nail Concealer: This is one of the most perfect nail products to date. It’s called a nail concealer, but essentially it’s a creamy light polish {think a light OPI Funny Bunny but not streaky} with a hint of sparkle that makes your nails look perfect {hence the name concealer} even if they are damaged from dip or gel. If you have a friend that always talks about breaking up with the nail salon, this will help her.
  • Verb Energy Bars: This is my snack every day at 2 pm! I can’t have a second cup of coffee or I get nauseous/jittery, but these have energy and keep me going without that. The salted peanut butter is my favorite flavor.
  • Tarte Whitening Pen
  • Hair Clips: I use these clips to keep my hair out of my face while I do my makeup.
  • Ornaments
  • Playing Cards

For Him:

Stockings are my favorite parts of gifting with my kids. I stick a few practical items like snacks, toothbrushes, and shampoo for them, and then mix in small finds that spark joy! Shop my finds below.

Stocking Stuffers I Bought for M:

Stocking Stuffers I Bought for H:

If you need age-specific gifts, here are gifts I recommend for babies at one. Here is what Maxi was into at 2! The gifts below are a mix of what we are getting our little ones for Christmas and what they are into now.

VIP Pets

Go-To Gift: Dollhouse Edition

Here is a post on Maxi’s dollhouse which is such a perfect gift for a little girl. And honestly, I think I have just as much fun playing with it with her. 😉 I’ll link options below!

Go-To Gift: Strollers

Go-To Gift: Harry’s Age {16 months}

Go-To Gift: Tween



  • Card Holder: For teachers, I think it is always best to do gift cards to express gratitude, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a cute vehicle to gift them. 😉 This card holder can be personalized and house a few cards to their favorite spots.
  • Calendar
  • Clipboard



Friend that has Everything:


  • Socks
  • Wine: This is my sugar-free wine that gives no headache! It’s the only wine we drink now and get the monthly subscription. This is what I’d recommend as a softball gift to anyone you’re stumped on, even my mom who can’t drink any wine without a headache loves this and now gets the monthly box.
  • Tea

I hope that you find such joy in gift-giving this season and that this post plays a small part in helping that!


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