Stocking Stuffers

Eye Masks | Bible Pens | This Lipstick | Hair Clip | Go Hydrate | Beanie | Garnish Cocktail Picks | Screen Wipes | Bracelet | Setting Spray | Pilates Socks | Conversation Cards | USB Wall Charger| Saje Rollers | Worthy Co. Candles | Beam {huge sale right now!} | Airpod Cleaners

Today is all about stocking stuffers. Whether you need ideas for a favorite things party or grabbing little treasures for your kids, each item is sure to leave excitement. From my migraine must haves {Saje peppermint roller!} to candles that employ survivors of trafficking, each item has been thoughtfully curated with your shopping in mind. And if you can’t get enough stocking stuffers, here are a few posts from the past few years: here, here, and here.

Disney Princess Necklace | Train Whistle | Hapi Water | Ear Muffs | Heart Bracelet {KATEY20 code} | Chapstick Necklace | Thank You Notes | Fidget Pipes | Dino Comb | Santa Puppet | Race Car Tape | Belle Toothbrush | Hello Kitty Popper | AG Mysery Pack | Barbie Uno | Dino Sponge | Socks | Pencil Case | Tape Book

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