Gift Guide: Glam Gifts

You know your friend that has 12 lipsticks in her purse and a few more at home? Or your friend that you are convinced never misses a gel manicure? She’s the glam girl and while she might seem intimidating to shop for- the secret is she is so fun to shop for because there are a ton of great beauty gifts out around the holidays. Glam girls love anything frivolous and fancy for their vanity, so don’t stress. From luxurious hand creams to fancy lip kits, I’ve pulled all my favorites for the glam girl. There’s an array of budgets so be sure to scroll through all the options, too! There are some sale codes you don’t want to miss. 😉

1. Colleen Rothschild Hand Cream

If we are going to spend time on a skincare routine, we can’t neglect our hands! They get so much unintended sun and can be one of the first areas to show age spots. This is my favorite hand cream of all hand creams and I always have two on backup. Gift this to your high maintenance friend {which I can say since I am usually that in the group 😉 } and she will love you dearly for it!

Right now you can get 30% off EVERYTHING at Colleen Rothschild with code BF2018 here!

2. TULA Kit

I might be biased, but I think my healthy fall favorites kit is quite the gift for the holidays! With a perfectly pink makeup bag, probiotics, facial cleanser, illuminating serum and ph resurfacing gel you are gifting an entire skincare routine and more! Read my reviews on the kit here and here.

Get it on sale for 20% off with code KATEY at checkout!

3. Vanity Must-Haves

An organized vanity is a gift any glam girl loves. I use acrylic makeup organizers by GLAMboxes, a chic mirror, and lipstick sorter to keep things in the right place. Gift one of these pieces to your sister or a bride to be- her husband will appreciate the organization. 😉

Right now COF readers can get 20% off their GLAMboxes order with code KateyBF18 at checkout. This code is live until Sunday! Here is my review on the GLAMboard and here is how I store my makeup in the GLAMpetite. I have the full lid.

4. Glopro

I’m convinced I can convert any gal into a Glopro believer. I purchased mine two NSales ago and my mom got hooked when I bought her one last Christmas. The reason this is so great is that you do NOT have to be a product junkie to reap the benefits. Of course, products help and I encourage you to use your retinol after- but you don’t have to. If you are pregnant or nursing and can’t use active ingredients like that, the Glopro is still going to have your collagen producing in overtime and your cellular turnover will be in full force. I have a full review on how to use it here. The nice part about the Glopro for the holidays is they come out with a ton of different gift sets based on your budget or recipient.

5. SK-II

One of my favorite additions to my beauty routine this year has to be SK-II! I started to use facial treatment essence after my toner and it is like a booster for all your products. It helps the appearance of pore size and then aides your serums and masks. I did a really long blog post on the product here, and many of you also recommended their sheet masks and other products as well. The holidays are a great time to treat yourself to this! 😉

6. Lip Kits

Got a girly girl on your list? Gift her a lip kit! I love how many lip kits are out around Christmas because you can get so many different products for around the price of one designer lipstick. What better gift for a friend than a new lipstick for her to try?!

7. Dyson Dryer

I used to roll my eyes at the price of the Dyson Dryer until my mom gifted it to me for Christmas! I reviewed the dryer here and nine months later, I’m still in love! It gets my hair dried so quickly and smoothly. When I try other dryers I’m always in shock at how long it takes. I think this is a great gift for your daughter or mother.

8. Makeup Bags

This makeup bag by Stoney Clover is so cute and I like how you can keep things labeled in your suitcase. However, if you’re looking for something that will hold all your makeup and toiletries while you travel, this bag is my pick! You can read the post on it here.



My girlfriends do a really fun Christmas dinner every year and we each bring one gift between $25 and $50 {it ranges each year depending on how nice of a restaurant we eat at!} and at dinner, we will pass our gifts to the person to the left or right. Since we don’t really know who we end up gifting, I love to go with a glam gift since my girlfriends know me as the “glam” friend and love to raid my beauty stash. It is a fun way for me to gift them new beauty products to discover. If you do something similar or need a budget-friendly glam gift, here are my favorite selections under $30.

Do you like to gift or get glam gifts?!

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  1. Oh gosh, how I wish someone would gift me these products! They’re so beautiful. Glam for sure! Thanks for the guide, Katey 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    I would gladly take any and all of these!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply
  3. Stephanie wrote:

    Always look forward to your gift guides! They’re so helpful and unique.

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply
  4. Clara Kilman wrote:

    Think I might have to get that GlamBox!! Also, I don’t see it listed on your guide but I bought the Pat McGrath Mini Lipstick set from Sephora for myself the other day and it is sooo luxe! The product and the packaging. Perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

    Published 20 Nov 18Reply