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As I type this blog post, my Nespresso is buzzing- the signal to the start of my day. In the next thirty minutes, I’ll grab some waffles I premade out of the freezer, pack lunches, iron uniforms, throw on workout clothes, and get us in the car for school. And somewhere in the mix, I’ll bathe my skin in INNBEAUTY’s Face Glaze to look alive, and their Bright & Tight Eye Cream to look awake. With a hat on to hide the bedhead, of course.

Over Christmas Break, I shared a look at their new eye cream, Bright & Tight. But for a product that already ranks high on my list {beating all other morning eye creams}, I knew we needed to bring back a 2013-style blog post. You know, with swatches. The whole thing.

When you think of morning eye creams, you probably think of three categories: brightening, tightening, and hydrating. Maybe you’ve got dark circles, puffy bags, or fine lines. But like a Genie telling you that you only get three wishes, most morning eye creams tell you that you can’t have brightening and hydrating simultaneously. You have to pick one. Brightening eye creams aren’t new, but they usually are very thin, dry down quickly, and leave a golden cast on the skin. So your under-eye area is definitely brighter-ish, but does it look better? Or does it look like you slept in your highlighter?

The exciting thing about Bright & Tight is that it combines all three categories into one rich product. And in true INNBEAUTY fashion, it’s only $34. Most competitors at Sephora are around the $42 or $45 mark for the same .5 ounces. This product makes concealer optional if you’re going for the effortless look or if you are applying your regular face of makeup, it has a creamy consistency, so your concealer won’t be splotchy afterward. I’ll insert an example below so you can see. The golden yellow cast of the competitor is glaring in direct sun.

Why do I think this is worth adding to cart? Because for $34 it’s hard to get the same payout in product elsewhere! With a mix of brighteners and firmers, you don’t have to layer similar eye products for the desired effect.

Bright & Tight has:

  • 3 types of Vitamin C {tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, ascorbyl glucoside, & 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid} to visibly brighten
  • 3% Tranexamic Acid to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Optical Brighteners to immediately illuminate the under-eye area.
  • Bakuchiol + Peptides + NovoRetin to visibly reduce wrinkles in 30 MINUTES while smoothing and preventing thinning of the under-eye area.
  • Cedar Bark + Caffeine {clinically proven} to improve microcirculation, reducing pooling and oxidation of old blood under the eyes.

Sparknotes version? With clinically proven ingredients, your under-eye area is left incredibly hydrated, brighter, and smoother. You get the no-makeup look while still concealing dark circles.

I can’t make your coffee stronger or your kids’ beds magically made, but this little genie in a bottle eye cream {that is the cost of our Chick-Fil-A dinner!} sure does make the mornings better. Shop it online at Sephora here. Check for it in store soon!

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