MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale

The MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale is live today! If you aren’t familiar, they used to do this big yearly in-person sale called The Barn Sale. People would travel from all over to come to Aurora, New York with their friends to shop. They moved the sale online during 2020 and the rest is history! Now you can shop your favorite patterns up to 60% off or grab classics like the tea kettle for UNDER $100! For my sale coverage today, I wanted to focus on multi-purpose products. One of the many things I love about the brand is their commitment to functionality, even in all the whimsical touches. It’s encouraged to use your tea kettle for tea AND centerpieces. Your canister can not only store sugar, but coffee pods, bath bombs, and more. As you shop the sale, I’m here as your friend to give you a few extra ideas and uses, so that you can use what you love even more! Also, be sure to check back on my Instagram this weekend as they add more products each day- you can check out their FAQ page here.

Multi-Purpose Products

  1. Courtly Check Enamel Wine Cooler– In following the motto “it’s better to give than to receive” let’s chat a gifting item first. The wine cooler is a go-to gift of mine that I grab during this sale. It’s under $100 making it a great option for a best friend’s Christmas gift. With the multi-purpose mindset, consider the wine cooler a vehicle for the sentimental gift as well. I like to fill it up with filler and add a few ornaments that describe their year. Let’s say a friend had a new baby, add a few “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments on top, wrap in cellophane, and tie it with a bow. In the card, tell them to enjoy their favorite glass of wine while they decorate the tree.
  2. Courtly Check Pig Paper Towel Holder– How fun is this pig paper towel holder?! If you have a friend hat went to Arkansas, it’s a precious gift. And while it’s a fun touch for your paper towels and counter space, I also love it as a ribbon holder. My sister and I use them to store our gift ribbons in our office spaces, and you’ve got organization that isn’t an eye-sore!
  3. Courtly Check Storage Canister– I don’t like to play favorites, but I can confess the canisters are my FAVORITE thing to buy during the barn sale! What do I not use these for? You see them in my pantry, I also use them under my sink to store dishwasher pods, baking soda, and more. And per Rebecca’s suggestion, I use them to store my OxiClean. Ha! They come in all different sizes, I’ll link below. Basically, if you need something stored, I can find you a canister that can store it. 😉 If you have to store things in your home for functionality, why not make it frivolous BUT get it on sale?!
  4. Courtly Check Ribbon– Let’s say your gift closet is set, as are your organizational needs. What about ribbon? I use the Courtly Check Ribbon on my Christmas Tree, to wrap gifts, and to do a few DIY things. This week I made a Barbie bow holder for Maxi and her friends using their ribbons. It’s such fabulous quality you can stick bows on and off for years to come. You can see all the different widths and colors here.
  5. Courtly Check Enamel Vase– If you read my post on top hosting pieces, you are no stranger to the enamel vase. I use it each time I host to serve plastic cutlery, but I also use one in my coffee bar to hold coffee spoons, as well as my kids’ bathrooms to hold their toothbrushes.
  6. Courtly Check Heart Plate– I keep a heart bowl on my coffee table to hold colorful dominos. My kids are always grabbing a few to build a tower or two. Their fluted heart plate {very similar!} is on sale, so you could recreate that to hold remotes, matches, or little candies on your coffee table. It would also be cute to use this clover plate, too!
  7. Courtly Check Enamel Canisters– If you don’t have a trio of canisters, now is the time to get them. You can go the Courtly Check route, Sterling, Parchment, or Royal Check. I use them in my coffee bar to store coffee pods and in my pantry to store baking supplies like chocolate chips, jello mixes, and more.
  8. Courtly Check Enamel Everything Bowl– Every gal could use 3 Everything Bowls. It’s my favorite way to wash fruit, bring summer side dishes to parties, and hand-wash clothing. I leave an Everything Bowl in my laundry room since we don’t have a sink, and allow pieces to soak on repeat. I’m actually buying an everything bowl for a friend this sale because I was telling her about my OxiClean set up and she loved it!
  9. Everyday Bowls– Now the Everything Bowl is different from the Everyday Bowls. I use my Everyday Bowls as mixing bowls. I also use the medium one as a “free-for-all” snack bowl in the fridge. I’ll fill it with apples, smoothie pouches, and perfect bars and the kids know they can always reach in the fridge and grab a snack there as opposed to loading up on Goldfish before dinner.

Want to see what is in my cart?! What are you grabbing from the sale?

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  1. D wrote:

    What size canister would you suggest for coffee? Not pods.

    Published 20 Jul 23Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      large would still be perfect!! xx, Katey

      Published 20 Jul 23Reply