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I decided to end 2014 with my favorite types of posts: home decor. Bar cart today and full updated tour tomorrow!
I thought these posts were fitting as I have lived in Dallas for one full year. I have grown so attached to this little 500-something square foot box. I moved in this apartment all by myself [with the help of a few firemen] and it was an emotional process to say the least. I remember just sitting on my wood floors at noon and freaking out. Paul was at work, my parents were in Fort Worth and I had no idea if I had made the right decision. I missed my college roommates, thought my rent was absurd [still do] and felt ridiculous because I couldn’t get anywhere in Dallas without using my GPS. I did not feel at home, at all. 
A year later and I can’t imagine ever leaving. I actually was looking up apartments a few weeks ago [I’m kinda running out of room…go figure] and started crying. Embarrassing…
Your first little place postgrad is so special, so fill it with all the little tidbits you love!  Eventually our homes will be taken over with dogs and half-eaten Happy Meals, so throw roses and a facetious Prozac jar on your bar cart. Whatever makes you happy! 
I keep my bar cart right by my door so my friends always know they can grab whatever, or I can make them my secret margaritas. Don’t be fooled by the mix on the top, that is given to them when they try to watch me make them. 😉 
Thank you so much for reading! P.S. if you have e-mailed me the past week and I haven’t responded I promise I’m not being a rude little heathen. I’m in Colorado with family and best friends and have really tried to just take time away from social media/the internet. I will be home over the weekend and will be dragging Paul into a Starbucks on the drive home to respond! 
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  1. I adore your bar cart! I need one for my home asap.

    I’ve been searching but can’t find it…can you tell me what bible study journal you have & which bible study you do? Thanks!

    Published 30 Dec 14Reply
  2. I am in love with bar carts and yours is just so pretty!

    Enter to win $50 dollar of store credit to White Plum today on the blog!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    Published 30 Dec 14Reply
  3. Your bar cart is fabulous! I have been looking for one, but not much luck where I live. Hope you’re having a blast in Colorado!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    Published 30 Dec 14Reply
  4. I love when you do posts about your home decor! I adore your entire apartment!

    Published 30 Dec 14Reply
  5. Rachel wrote:

    Love this! Where did you get the water bottle rack? Thanks!

    Published 14 Jun 15Reply
  6. Krista wrote:

    Please share with us where you purchased the acrylic bottle rack from?? Thanks

    Published 29 Jun 15Reply
  7. Will you please share where you purchased your bottle rack at the bottom of the bar cart!? I’ve been looking forever and cannot find a small one that isn’t for two liters. Thank you!

    Published 05 Jul 15Reply