Summer Makeup Routine



Clarisonic: Nordstrom [on sale!] Foundation: L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow [c/o] [shade 204] | Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin [shade fair neutral] | Blush/Bronzer: Nars Palette [on sale!] | Eye Pencil: Anastasia [shade: blonde] | Eyeshadow: Vanilla, Snakebite [c/o] | Eyeliner: Nars [shade: Black Valley] | Highlighter: Laura Gellar [shade: Gilded Honey] | Mascara: Chantecaille, Bare Minerals [lash post here] | Lipstick: Bellissima | Gloss: Lovechild | Setting Spray: Urban Decay | Perfume: Indigo

I’m so sorry for the lack of beauty posts on the blog lately! Sometimes I think Snapchat takes over my beauty posts because I’m able to share my initial thoughts of products, product flops and what I’m wearing daily. But, I know that not everyone is on Snapchat so I can’t neglect COF! I thought I’d get back into the swing of things by sharing my summer makeup routine first.

If you’ve followed me for awhile you know I have pretty normal to sensitive skin [minus discoid lupus 😉 ] but lately that has changed! I honestly want to do a video post with my mom soon because she is so knowledgeable about this topic. She was a makeup artist when she was my age and is always sharing about how hormones affect your skin and cause changes to your skin and hair every few months/years and how to adapt. So once our schedules can align [she has been out of town almost every week this summer!] I’m sitting her down in front of the camera to explain.

I’m not sure if it is the extreme humidity or just the heat but my skin has been a bit more oily and I’ve battled a few more blemishes the past few weeks. Nothing major but just enough for me to think, “Hmmm. I need to change things up!”

I’ve been using this routine for the past few weeks on Snapchat so here is the roundup!

1. Skincare

I wash my face in the morning with my TULA cleanser. I don’t use my Clarisonic [on sale!] in the morning, but I do at night before bedtime! Then I use the illuminating serum and day/night cream! If you want a primer I love this YSL one. I don’t really use it in the summer just because I don’t want as many layers on, but as soon as temperatures dip to 80 degrees I’m running to Sephora to get it!

2. Foundation & Concealer

I need to do a review of all my foundations because I have about 5 that I dearly love. However, I use them for all different occasions. For summer, I’m currently using L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow. I saw Jaclyn Hill talk about this on Snapchat and I will be 100% honest and say her products don’t typically work for me because we have different skin. But something about 24 hours and a glow finish stuck in my mind. Plus, I’ve wanted to find a drugstore foundation I could like for ages. I got shade 204 and it’s so so good! Normally foundations that are “dewy” don’t last. You yawn, take a sip of Diet Coke or even shut your eyes for a 5 minute rest and you can forget about it. Foundation. Ruined.

This lasts all day and I apply it with a damp beauty blender. Then for concealer I apply under my eyes and on blemishes. I use my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in shade Fair. #yawn [sorry, I know I’ve used it for a year, but it’s so good!]

3. Blush & Bronzer

I just shot a contour how-to post yesterday and it will be on the blog next week! But until then, if you want to keep it simple I recommend this Nars palette! There’s a ton of different bronzers and blushes I love, but Nars is known for being the most universally flattering brand. Their brushes and bronzers look amazing on most all skin tones, which is very rare! This palette is currently on sale and would last you all year long!

4. Brows & Eyes

I’m still using my Anastasia Brow Wiz in blonde and then for eyeshadow I’m putting Urban Decay Vanilla all over the lid and then Snakebite in the crease. Snakebite was actually my first Amazon beauty purchase YEARS ago. Don’t worry this is a new pan! haha. I didn’t even know you could buy beauty products on Amazon [be careful, though!] back then and my life was changed. haha. For my eyeliner I always use Nars Gel Liner in Black Valley. Then for lashes I layer these mascaras which you can see in this post here.

5. Highlight

This stuff is like honey for your face, and I mean that in the best possible way! Laura Gellar Highlight in Gilded Honey is a new highlighter added to my GLAMbox and it’s perfect for summer. First off, if you have a darker skin tone this is going to be so beautiful on you! But if you’re fair like me it’s perfect as well and gives you this sun kissed, honey glow! For the first time I feel like I have a lot more natural olive in my skin and I love it!

6. Lips

For lips I mix Stila Bellissima and Naked Gloss in Lovechild!

7. Finishing Touches

Finish with Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and then Nest Perfume in Indigo. I purchased this perfume while in New York and I was less than enthused about the bottle. I should be ashamed that I look at perfume bottles to decide if I want to test, but I’m into aesthetics, is that a good excuse?! Anyways, the girl was stocking the shelves and she kept mentioning that they couldn’t keep this in stock so I thought, “Oh fine! I’ll smell it!” And it smells so good! The perfect amount of fresh and sweet for summer!

Do you have any new beauty favorites added to your makeup bag for summer?!


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  1. Kristin wrote:

    How do you think gilded honey would look on more of a tan/olive skin tone?

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kristin!

      I honestly think it would be even better for a more tan complexion!



      Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  2. You write the most informative posts and I truly appreciate it! I can’t wait to get my hands on that palette and that highlighter. Also, how did you get your blog layout to look so lovely? I have been trying for months but I’m just not happy with mine. Any tips would be appreciated!


    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  3. Jordan wrote:

    I started using Tula a few weeks ago and OMG my skin is forever changed! Even my fiancé mentioned how good my skin has been looking! Thank you for the recommendation!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  4. That setting spray has been a lifesaver for me this summer!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  5. Kaitlyn wrote:

    I just purchased the Laura Geller Gilded Honey shade for myself! It is a tad more sparkly than I am used to, but a little glitter never hurt. I am excited to see how it looks on my fair skin. XOXO!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  6. I just got that new L’Oreal foundation and I am in love!!! I am debating on that NARS palette, is it really worth it? Also reading your posts make me want to try TULA more and more. haha
    Love this post!!

    Brooke | InaWorldofBees,There’sMe

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  7. Robyn wrote:

    Love this post! I’m trying to find a new blush but it’s so overwhelming because there’s So many to choose from! I can’t wait for your post on them next week!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  8. Love all these products, especially that highlight!!

    XO Brittany

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  9. I love hearing other ladies makeup routines! I am so far from being a makeup lover but its so interesting to hear about new products! Thanks for sharing pretty girl 🙂

    ps. I also loved your words of wisdom on starting your own business and not letting others get you down- you have such a kind heart.

    xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  10. Hannah wrote:

    I am so excited you decided to post things one first! I voted on Snapchat. I saw you talking about the L’Oreal Foundation and it definitely intrigued me. I typically don’t like drugstore foundations because I am terrified they will break me out! But I think I might have to give this one a try!


    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  11. I LOOOOOVE the Urban Decay setting spray! It’s humid in Chicago right now… #lifesaver

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  12. Amy wrote:

    Love all of these picks! Your face always looks SO FLAWLESS! I’m so nervous about trying a drugstore foundation because I’m afraid of breakouts! I love, love, love Nars ‘Orgasm’ for blush. It has such a pretty color and shimmer to it!


    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  13. Taylor K. wrote:

    I bought the pro glow foundation after seeing it on your snapchat – it’s so great! Can’t wait for the video with you and your Mom!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  14. Jazzmine wrote:

    Great post! I will be looking out for the video with your mom as well. I am on a totally new skincare regimen since my skin completely rebelled against me a couple of months ago–serious acne and a complete change in texture almost overnight! I suspected hormones and a sweet lady at my church who is a retired esthetician gave me suggestions based on what she saw and her wealth of knowledge about how hormones affect skin.

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  15. Valorie wrote:

    I can’t wait to see the video with your mom! Luckily, I’m on some medication for acne that has also made my skin and hair a lot less oily, but I do notice that since I’ve entered my 30s (omg!!) my skin and hair are different. I love Jaclyn Hill, but we have completely different skin types since I’m a lot more oily. Do you feel like the pro glo foundation would work for an oily skin type? I love the idea of dewy but I’m nervous that I would look like a grease ball! Your makeup always looks beautiful but something has been ESPECIALLY gorgeous lately… not sure what it is, but just thought you should know! ????

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  16. Brittney wrote:

    I love reading your posts!! I read that you post on snapchat as well! What is your username ????

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  17. Caitlin wrote:

    Thanks so much for sharing your makeup routine Katey! My skin has been more oily lately as well due to the summer heat. I look forward to trying out the products you suggested!

    And love those lipstick/gloss shades! Such a darling pink!


    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  18. Amanda O. wrote:

    I noticed that the Tula eye cream wasn’t listed in your beauty routine. I currently use the same three skin products you have listed. But, I’m trying to decide if I want to purchase the eye cream. Any information you have on that would be so helpful!!

    Published 20 Jul 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      HI Amanda!

      I use the eye cream, but at night! Typically eye cream during the day will cause your undereye concealer to not set properly! 🙂 I hope that helps you!



      Published 20 Jul 16Reply
  19. Kathryn wrote:

    Oh yes! A post about foundations you love! So far everything that you’ve recommended has worked for me, so I would LOVE to see that! ♥

    Published 22 Jul 16Reply
  20. Britt B wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    I wanted to share that Sephora has in their travel section the Nest perfume for girls looking to try that scent. It comes in a 3 pack with Citrine, Dahlia and Vine AND Indigo for $15!!!! The bottles are pretty descent sized (a little bigger than the size of a regular sized nail polish bottle) and they make the perfect gift if you’re needing to add a little something with that gift card that won’t break the bank! I was obsessed with the Dahlia and Vine for daytime, Citrine for vacation and Indigo for nighttime.

    Published 31 Jul 16Reply