Wedding Day

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Photos by: Lemons & Tea

I have been so lucky, almost spoiled, with the examples of love I have had growing up. My parents have the most beautiful marriage I have ever seen. Both of my grandparents still gush about when they first met their spouse. And I remember my summers at my great grandparents’ farm in Nebraska sitting on my Grandma Nyman’s kitchen counter as she made dinner with so much love for my great grandpa.

Because of this I have been like every other little girl and grown up imagining what my future husband would be like. Would he be tall? Would he be charming or would he be quiet? Would he be a homebody or adventurous? What kind of career would excite him and would he love mine?

When I met Paul and his story continually unfolded with each date, my curiosity subsided. For the first time I wasn’t dying to know minute details about his life, I was simply in awe of his character.

I’d never met someone so patient, kind, loving and smart in my entire life. All the virtues that I’d learned in the bible growing up were there in a person, and he was a person I knew I wanted to be more like.

After a few years of dating and a million dates that I wish I could relive, I get to marry him today.

I get to marry the most Christ like person I’ve ever met and in turn, I know I will be a better, happier and more loving servant of Christ.

And what a tender way to become more like Jesus. Marrying your best friend, experiencing every adventure in life with them and all the while God is creating a more pure heart in you.


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  1. Molly wrote:

    Such a beautiful couple! Congratulations to you both! Wishing you a happily ever after 🙂

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  2. Meagan Panter wrote:

    Happy Wedding Day!!!!!!!! You’re going to be such a beautiful bride!!!!

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  3. Winter wrote:

    So happy for you, Katey! I hope it’s a beautiful day filled with love and Christ.

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  4. So many tears! I hope you have the most wonderful wedding day! Congratulations, Katey & Paul! I pray Jesus blesses your marriage beyond your wildest dreams.

    Amanda Sumner

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  5. Nicole wrote:

    Such beautiful words said about Paul. Your love for God and your love for life is so inspiring! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love! Congratulations!!

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  6. Katelyn wrote:

    Beautiful post, Katey!

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  7. Allie wrote:

    Katey, this was such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Wishing you and Paul a lifetime of love! May Jesus bless your marriage! Congratulations!!


    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  8. Kathleen wrote:

    Congratulations! I wish you two all the best!

    Published 26 Sep 15Reply
  9. Lindsay wrote:

    What a wonderful tribute! I am so happy for you both!!

    Published 27 Sep 15Reply
  10. Congrats on your special day! Can’t wait to see all of the photos! <3

    Published 28 Sep 15Reply
  11. Hannah Kate wrote:

    Katey I cried while reading this. This is so sweet and you give me hope for the future when I will hopefully meet my own Christlike man and spend the rest of my life with him:)

    Published 29 Sep 15Reply
  12. Tanja wrote:

    i love it . soo nice – i hope you had a great wedding – love your dress- xoxo tanja from salzburg austria .

    Published 16 Oct 15Reply