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Sweater: Express, Similar | Jeans: Shopbop | Lipstick: Ruby Woo

Photography by: Angie Garcia

It’s survey time!!! This is honestly one of my favorite times of the year with COF because feedback from y’all allows me to plan my upcoming editorial calendar and events, so that they are what YOU want.

I like to do biannual research for COF included surveys and focus groups! This way I am not waking up each morning thinking, “I like this sweater, so I think I’ll blog it.” I want COF to feel like your best friend, through a blog. A best friend listens and benefits you in whatever way she can. I like to find out your wants and need through a survey!

As I end 2015 with all your support, I’d love it one more time by taking this survey! And because I know they can be a pain [I try to make it easy, 10 questions!] if you finish it, you are able to enter the giveaway below for a $200 Nordstrom gift card! I also threw some photos of Peaches in here because who doesn’t like a puppy and gift cards?! Seriously. Show me the person who doesn’t! Their heart might not be beating.

You can take the survey here And I’ll share the winner of the gift card tomorrow! That way you can shop this weekend!

Thank you so much for being the foundation of Chronicles of Frivolity and allowing me to know how you want this little blog to grow!

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At this time the survey is complete, as it received thousands of entries and can’t store anymore data. Thank you to all who participated!!


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  1. Clarissa wrote:

    Love that you ask for our input:). My favorite piece of COF is your style of writing- you always make me laugh! I come here for more than just beautiful looks. I come for your thoughtful words! Can’t wait to see all of the beautiful things life has in store for you in 2016.

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
    • Steph wrote:

      I literally just wrote the same thing while taking my survey (before I read the comments)!! 🙂

      Published 30 Dec 15Reply
      • Kendra wrote:

        I thought the exact same thing too! And I love that you post content consistently too, it’s always so sad to follow a blog and then have it go dark every few days or some even weeks and months!

        Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  2. Amanda wrote:

    Man I would take your survery without the $200 gift card because I love your blog so much, but that sure does sweeten the deal! Thanks girlfriend, you’re always so generous! P.S- I went dress shopping for the first time yesterday and we both may be HP girls. Her gowns just can’t be beat! Were you comfortable in your’s all day?

    xo Amanda
    XO Strawberry Chic

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oh my gosh yes!!!! That actually wasn’t my first dress! My first one broke during my bridals [terrible yet hilarious story I will share!]. And so I got that like 8 weeks before my wedding and it was WAY more comfortable than my first one! And they are so unique!!

      Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  3. I love that you appreciate what your readers have to say! Love following along COF with you!

    xx Kathryn

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  4. Sara wrote:

    I love COF. Katey you do an amazing job. You seem like such a beautiful person inside and out. Your blog and snap chat makes me feel like we are friends! Keep up the good work.

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  5. Kristen wrote:

    I fills out your survey hope that helps! I tried to enter for the giveaway but it looks like you have to have a Twitter account which I don’t. 🙁 bummer.

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
    • Jaclyn wrote:

      I know I couldn’t enter either. That’s disappointing

      Published 30 Dec 15Reply
      • Katey wrote:

        Hi Jaclyn,

        Your entry still counts. In order for me to have a rafflecopter giveaway something is “required” to be done so I can count an entry, and spam doesn’t enter. If you don’t have a twitter account, survey monkey still saved your responses and those are anonymously numbered. Those numbers are then exported into an excel spreadsheet along with the rafflecopter numbers to be drawn from.

        If I don’t do that the entries get spammed and no one wins, sorry!



        Published 31 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kristen,

      Your entry still counts. People spam these giveaways [they started to spam the survey which made it automatically shut down], so rafflectoper requires me to have a mandatory entry option to not have that happen. My two options are like a page on fb or follow on twitter. I’m more active on twitter, so I choose that!

      But I synch the anonymous entries on survey monkey [through a number survey monkey gives me] with the rafflecopter entries so everyone is included! 🙂 Yours is counted!



      Published 31 Dec 15Reply
  6. Madison wrote:

    Hi Katey! I read your blog every morning and I love all of the different content you post – from styling to decor to little bits of info about your life. You seem like such a sweet girl and I love how you include God and how important your faith is in your posts. Excited to keep reading in 2015!
    P.S. I ordered a Glambox and I love it!!!

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  7. Alyssa wrote:

    Just a note on the first question- why is there no “all of the above”?! Love your blog, Katey. Thanks for letting your readers give input! <3

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
    • Ellen wrote:

      My thoughts exactly!!

      Published 30 Dec 15Reply
      • Jessica wrote:

        I thought the same thing!!

        Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  8. Ann wrote:

    I finished the survey, but when I finished I didn’t see the option to enter any survey….what a bummer. Maybe this could suffice as my entry then, I guess? Very confusing.

    Love your blog though…and visit it every day.

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Ann!

      The rafflecopter below is how you enter to win the gift card after you finish the survey!



      Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  9. Alexa wrote:

    Agreed with some of the comments above! I wouldn’t want to see any less of beauty, style, or decor posts, I love it all! You need an all of the above option or none of the above or N/A for some, love it all and can’t see whats to come Katey!

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  10. Lauren wrote:

    I did the survey, but can’t enter for the gift card because I don’t have a twitter handle. Did I do something wrong?

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  11. Alexa wrote:

    Survey completed! hahaha such a smart thing to do!

    Also, peaches is the CUTEST little pup. A little tip for her eyes. Make sure your get doggie eye wipes to get rid of the red around her eyes because it will eventually stain her fur.


    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      HI Alexa!

      Oh yes!! We use the wipes and angel eyes. Thank you!!! Her vet says for some reason her skin is super susceptible to it and that won’t ever change! I just hope it doesn’t bother her! 🙁

      Published 30 Dec 15Reply
      • Alexa wrote:

        Awww! I am sure she will be just fine plus it will add some character 😉 Such a cute little fluff ball! Enjoy her!xo

        Published 04 Jan 16Reply
  12. Courtney wrote:

    Hey Katey! I just started following your blog this year and I love it! It stands out from all of the others I follow because your voice is very genuine. I love reading your posts as much as I love looking at your pictures. 🙂 Congrats on your fur-baby, I have a malti-poo too and they are the best! 🙂

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  13. Omg that leopard doggie bone is so cute!! I need to get one for my pup! <3

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  14. Anna wrote:

    What a neat idea! And your puppy is precious!!!

    xx – anna

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  15. Melissa Breden l wrote:

    I love your blog. I love how consistent you are with your post. I love how down to earth you are and how you love Jesus! You always have a great twist to your style and I am always inspired.

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  16. Mallory Brasher wrote:

    Can’t wait for the youtube videos! I love your home decor and that’s what I mostly come here for but honestly…i LOVE everything!

    Published 30 Dec 15Reply
  17. Sarah Mcclanahan wrote:

    First of all I obviously missed the survey ha! But I don’t read your blog everyday bc I honestly run out of time in the day. But when I do read it I read all the posts I haven’t read 🙂 I love all your beauty, fashion tips!! Whether the items you have are more pricy or not. I make a note of them & buy them when I can. I am not as intetested in the giveaways bc lets be honest there’s a slim chance of winning 🙂 but I love love all the makeup, accessories & clothes post 🙂

    Published 03 Feb 16Reply