Prom Brunch

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JFK Print: | Clothing Rack: PB Teen | Leopard Boxes: Rachel George [c/o] | Flamingo Lights: World Market | Flamingo Straws: World Market | Flamingo Ice Cubs: World Market | Champagne Bucket: Similar | Disco Cups: Packed Party [c/o] | Mexico Cookbook: Nordstrom | Furry Stools: Homegoods | Gift Bags: World Market | Makeup in Gift Bags: YSL Gloss, YSL Liner,  | Nesting Tables: One Kings Lane | Tulip Table: Overstock | Acrylic Chairs: Amazon | Cowhide Rug: Wayfair | Sparkling Lemonade: World Market | My Dress: Shopbop

Photography by: Madison Katlin

Makeup by: Madison Bradley & McKenna Powell-Rogers

Booking Them:

 A few weeks ago my sister and her friends went to their school’s prom and I wanted to have them over for the day to get ready! I remember when I was in high school I got my makeup done separately and then my hair and my friends and I were all texting each other asking what the other person looked like! I thought, “Why not have them just get ready together?!”

I also love to host! Since becoming a home owner, that has honestly become one of my favorite aspects! I get all into the little details and themes and thought this would be a fun way I could love on my sister and her friends!

My husband is such a good sport and let me take over the house with pink flamingos and makeup artists while he headed out with friends to go golf! The morning started at about 10:30 and I had breakfast for them! We did quiche, fresh fruit and of course doughnuts! 😉

We had water and sparkling pink lemonade in champagne flutes with little flamingo ice cubes.

One of my girlfriends, Madison, [she did my wedding makeup and you can see her tutorial here!] and her friend McKenna did the girls hair and makeup. They are SO talented and have such diversity in their work! I think some makeup artists either do really heavy looks or really light looks [um hello did I just pay you $40 to only use one coat of mascara?! #Idontthinkso] but these two girls can do anything. I knew they’d be perfect for a light prom look that still had them glowing and looking perfect dancing until midnight.

If you love to host, I can’t say enough about our Crosley record player! You can connect your iPhone so I was able to play Justin Timberlake for them all morning while they got ready in monogrammed robes.

My friend Danica, at Neiman Marcus Fort Worth also helped me put together little makeup gift bags for the girls! We threw in mini foundations, YSL glosses, eyeliner, mascara and mini perfumes so they could touch up or have fun playing with it the next day.

After brunch and makeup we took them to my sister and I’s hair salon where they all got styled and back home to change in their dresses.

Peaches LOVED having all the girls in the house. She is seriously such a loving dog and just always wants to be around people which makes me so thankful! I know some little dogs are pretty particular, but Peaches will seriously just want to go love on you whether you like dogs or not! haha.

I had to share the photos with you all because this was just the most perfect afternoon. I can’t wait to do it again next year for her senior prom, I’ll be an absolute mess! My sister and I are 7 years apart and people always ask, “Are you close?”

Are we close?! Try we are too close! haha. Anytime she stays the night at our house Paul is like, “Okay well I’m going to go sleep in the guest bedroom because I know y’all are going to watch Gossip Girl until 3 am and talk about boys at her school.” haha! We are best friends and honestly, we never fight. We don’t compete because we are so far apart and I’ve had the best of both worlds with her. She has always been like my little doll that I’ve taken care of and wanted to spoil, but she is also my biggest fan, cheerleader and confidant! We are incredibly different but the respect and admiration we have for one another is such a blessing. She never wears makeup, doesn’t like to shop and can run 19 miles without even thinking of stopping. [I get to 2.9 and I’m like, “Ehhhh better head back. Don’t want to risk a heart attack!”]. But she supports me, encourages me and brags about my blog more than anyone I know. And I’m the same way with her! I think she can do no wrong and think she is going to be the greatest wife, mom and teacher one day!

Did you do anything fun for prom back in the day?!


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  1. Alec wrote:

    This is random but could you please do a post on engagement photo tips?? 🙂


    Published 27 May 16Reply
  2. maya wrote:

    Oh my goodness this is the sweetest post ever!! I actually teared up towards the end because I feel the exact same about my much-younger sister. We are 5 1/2 years apart and so different but SO close!! And we also love Gossip Girl marathons and boy talk haha. She is finishing up her Soph year of college and I can’t believe how grown she is!

    Your makeup artist friends did a seriously incredible job (lol at the not paying $40 for one swipe of mascara comment! Agreed!!) and the flamingo decor is too cute. I hope the girls had a blast!!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

    Published 27 May 16Reply
  3. Morgan wrote:

    I think this is the sweetest thing and am sure it was a fun day for all involved! I am the oldest of 5 and there is a BIG age gap in me and my 2 youngest sisters. One of them, Evin, is 16 and 11 years younger than me. I showed her this post and asked if she would like for me to do this for her next year and she was like YES!! Such a cute idea bc like you said getting ready WITH friends was so much more fun! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 27 May 16Reply
  4. Melissa Sivley wrote:

    What hair salon do you go to?? I’m looking for a good place in Fort Worth!

    Published 27 May 16Reply
  5. Jennifer wrote:

    Simply beautiful, in every way.

    Published 27 May 16Reply
  6. Hannah wrote:

    I cannot get over the cuteness in this post! You did such a wonderful hosting job! How generous of you to dot this for your sister and her friends. Love!


    Published 27 May 16Reply
  7. How fun!!! It looks like y’all had an amazing time! I would have LOVED to have done this for my prom!! You are the best big sister Katey!

    I just love all the the decor! It’s SO fun and feminine, and all of the girls look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this fun brunch with us!


    Published 27 May 16Reply
  8. Macky wrote:

    How old are You and your sister?

    Published 27 May 16Reply
  9. This is the cutest thing ever!! I’m sure your sister and her friends loved this! <3

    Published 27 May 16Reply
  10. Abby wrote:

    So cute!!!

    I also had a flamingo theme

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    Published 28 May 16Reply
  11. Karli wrote:

    This is adorable!! Love the bond you and your sister share. Please keep doing more lifestyle posts like this because I love to see how you decorate/theme things out!

    xoxo, Karli

    Published 28 May 16Reply
  12. Sarah wrote:

    This is probably so silly what I’m going to say but the part about you & your sister being BFF made me cry. I have a sister & have always wanted to be so close to her& we aren’t at all. I pray God can heal her so that we can have a real relationship. But what an awesome sister you are!!

    Published 29 May 16Reply
  13. This was so sweet of you! To host your sister and her friends, is totally something I would do, if I had a younger sister. I love all of the little details and the gift bags that you put together. She is so blessed to have you as a sister and one of the reasons I follow you is because of how sweet you are.

    Published 31 May 16Reply
  14. Alyssa wrote:

    Only $40 for a makeup artist?! Geez, I need to move – it’s more like $90+ up here in Boston! (But I love getting my makeup done!)

    Alyssa @ Feathers and Stripes

    Published 31 May 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Haha oh no! It’s about $100 here, I was just being silly! I wish it was $40! ????

      Published 31 May 16Reply
  15. Lindsey wrote:

    Oh goodness, what a beautiful group of gal pals! Your sister looked like a more beautiful version of Elsa from Frozen. Her hair was everything! I also like seeing the Packed Party Disco Drinks, they are so fun and just add a splash of glitz!

    Published 02 Jun 16Reply