How To Keep Linens White

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Shams: Crane & Canopy [c/o] | Duvet: Pottery Barn | Pillows: Little Design Co [c/o] | Headboard: One Kings Lane | Sunburst Mirror: Similar | Sheets: Pottery Barn | Jeans: AG | Top: Urban Outfitters [similar] | Choker: Baublebar [c/o] | Lipstick: Invite Intrigue

Photography by: Angie Garcia

One of my favorite things about traveling is climbing into a big, puffy, white bed. Something about the stuffed duvets and crisp, white sheets helps me forget all the germs lurking about the room! 😉 If you’re seeking an upgrade to your sleep experience, it might be time to switch to luxury linen bedding from Bedtonic, providing a touch of sophistication and ultimate comfort to your nightly routine.

So if hotels use white bedding to make you feel more at home, why don’t more of us? I think a big reason people steer clear of white are the stains. First, whites can yellow. Then there’s the occasional evening you forget to take off your mascara. Or what about spilling a little ice cream on your duvet? And don’t even get me started on dog stains from their little paws!

But over the years, I’ve learned many tricks to keeping my white sheets bright and crisp! Our home can be a wreck and if my bed is made with fresh sheets, I feel all is well. I thought it would be fun to share a few tricks and what I do to keep our sheets clean and white!

1.Treat Stains Immediately

I love white bedding because it’s just a further push to wash my makeup off and not eat in bed! I used to have colorful bedding from Anthropologie in college and I think I might have skipped a few nights of washing my face and eating pretzels in bed because of it! However, I have many nights I get exhausted and just want to crawl in bed! When that happens I treat stains immediately. You may want to wait to wash your pillowcase until laundry day, but stains remove best while still wet or freshly made. Also, be sure to not dry your sheets or duvet until you can make sure that the stain is out! Dryers set in stains! I go by the old faithful of Oxiclean to get stains out!

2. Lemon Juice > Bleach

I love to clean and I love cleaning supplies. When I had babysitters over as a child I used to ask to play Cinderella and clean base boards. I mean, I was not a normal child…. #embarassedmonkeyemoji

However, as much as bleach can be a lifesaver, it can be a yellower. Using bleach over and over can lead to yellowing of your sheets. Try 1/4 cup of lemon juice mixed in with your regular detergent! I use a clear detergent without dyes or scents, so this makes it smell incredibly fresh! If your linens are already incredibly yellow and you aren’t ready to buy new just yet, fill your tub with boiled lemon water. Let sit for a few hours then wash with detergent as usual! You can also do this with vinegar.

3. If Sheets Aren’t Fresh

We have two pairs of sheets that I swap out. This way I’m able to immediately make our bed while I’m washing the other set. My favorite sheets are from Pottery Barn. If your sheets [or bath towels] aren’t as fresh as you would like run a few pinches of baking soda in with your detergent, and halfway through the cycle add in a cup of vinegar. Vinegar also gets rid of the mildew towel smell we all abhor!

4. Baby Detergent

A few months ago I started to realize I was allergic to most detergents. I would get little itchy bumps where my clothing was and I FREAKED out. Having Discoid Lupus I’m very aware of what is normal on my skin vs. what isn’t and this worried me. I went to my dermatologist and she told me it was just a simple reaction from detergent. I hadn’t changed anything so she suggested I try baby detergent because it’s so natural and simple. This cleans our sheets so incredibly well, without destroying the fibers of the bedding! If it’s good enough for a baby, it has to be good enough for your bedding! You won’t have a strong scent, but using lemon juice or nice dryer sheets makes them smell wonderful! This is the detergent I use on everything!

5. Steam Duvet

People always ask me how my duvet looks so neat and my trick is a steamer! I steam my duvet once I wash it! This also kills any germs that are there if your dog likes to get on your bed a lot! This portable steamer works great! I know this trick probably seems like, “Okay, Katey! Do you have a lot of time on your hands or what?!” But it honestly takes 5 minutes and makes a world of difference!

In terms of my washing schedule, I wash sheets once a week on Tuesday! I do my self tanner on Monday night so I make sure to schedule around that! Because we all know the first night we self tan leaves less than pretty marks on your sheets! I wash our duvet once a month or more often if we have any spills or stains! We are red wine drinkers at Hotel Hellman so sometimes it happens! haha!

Below I will share my favorite bedding and headboards! I hope you found this post helpful and I’d love to know any linen tips that you have!


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  1. Amanda wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your tips! I’m in the process of registering and I love a good white bed but was a little nervous about it (especially because I regularly self tan).

    XO Strawberry Chic

    Published 24 Jun 16Reply
  2. I really needed this! I have never been a fan of bleach so the lemon juice trick will be my new go to! ????????????


    Published 24 Jun 16Reply
  3. Hannah wrote:

    I have thought about getting white bedding but was a little nervous. These are great tips! You might have changed my mind!

    Published 24 Jun 16Reply
  4. Camille wrote:

    Great tips, especially about the lemon juice. I would never have thought to use it on linens although I know it is a natural lightener. Thanks!

    Published 24 Jun 16Reply
  5. Kristen wrote:

    What type of dryer sheets do you use? I am allergic to most detergents so I use ones that are gentle.

    Published 24 Jun 16Reply
    • Kerri H. wrote:

      I am allergic to dryer sheets. I use wool dryer balls and sometimes put a few drops of Lemon or Lavender Essential Oil on them!

      Published 25 Jun 16Reply
  6. I definitely need to try the lemon juice with bleach! I always find myself changing my comforter cover out and it’s getting old now haha

    Published 24 Jun 16Reply
    • Vanessa wrote:

      No, don’t mix lemon juice with bleach! It will create poisonous gas!

      The author suggested using lemon juice or vinegar INSTEAD of bleach. Stay safe ladies!

      Published 19 Sep 18Reply
  7. Lauren wrote:

    I’ve been waiting for this post for a while, and I’m so happy! I would have never thought to use lemon when washing sheets. Also, do you steam your duvet with the comforter inside while it’s on your bed?

    Published 25 Jun 16Reply
  8. Kathryn wrote:

    Great tips about white bedding, Katey! I love it…especially the big monogram and pops of leopard. I saw on Instagram you were asking for questions on blog tips. I would love to know how you do the slideshow of products at the bottom of each post. Are you using WordPress JetPack? Thanks!

    Published 25 Jun 16Reply
  9. Maya wrote:

    um, YES!!! I did find this helpful!

    To be honest when I saw the title I assumed it’d be a sponsored post for some kind of detergent (not that there’s anything wrong with this! I know how many hours all you full time bloggers work and hope to grow my blog to the point of having sponsored posts too! 🙂 ) but seriously these tips are amazing. I’d never thought of any of them, and am especially shocked I didn’t know about the lemon juice one. My mom is a bit of a hippie so I feel like I know any life hacks involving fruit/veggies or natural products haha.

    Also, I’m definitely in the category of a) Obsessed with the white beds at hotels and on insta b) too afraid to try it myself and c) Clueless as to how one keeps a bed looking perfect like that sooo this post was seriously an amazing read. Not to mention the hubby and I are moving soon, so this is majorly inspiring me to give white a try in the new apartment. (Just pinned it!)

    Happy Sunday!

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

    Published 26 Jun 16Reply
  10. Ashley wrote:

    Love reading and following you! So sweet and such and amazing person! I was wondering how do you write and organize in your prayer journal? I have started one as well but need a little guidance!

    Thank you so much, hope you are having a blast at the beach with your family!
    XOXO, Ashley

    Published 26 Jun 16Reply
  11. Sharan wrote:

    Thank you for sharing! I’ll have to try that lemon juice trick for getting the yellowing out of whites!


    Published 27 Jun 16Reply
  12. Britt B wrote:

    Great tips Katey! I have all white bedding and LOVE it! We have two stinky Bulldogs that love to jump on the bed so I’ve become a pro at getting their little stains out:) I also recommend a Clorox bleach pen. Before I wash the bedding I will quickly spot treat any little spots I may have missed during the week, let it set for about 20 min. and then follow all the tips you shared! It works wonders!

    Published 27 Jun 16Reply