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When a guy gets down on one knee I don’t think he knows quite how many celebrations will happen in the aftermath! From bridesmaids luncheons to bridal showers the bride and her besties are constantly buying gifts. Paul and I were actually looking at our budget the other week and we kept laughing at our “gift” budget. I mean you would think we have a birthday every day of the month, but it honestly all chalks up to weddings!

So whether you are the one being celebrated as the bride or you are a bridesmaid celebrating your friend, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite gifts for the occasion! Now, before I share this post I do want to say that this is not a post to say ignore the registry. Any gift is unbelievably thoughtful and generous and following their registry is just one more sign of respect along the way! So I always follow a rule-of-thumb for close friends: one registry gift and one personal gift. This post definitely falls under personal gifts! A glamorous vase for her new master bedroom, their first Christmas ornament with the new couples’ monogram, matches for her bar cart or a beautiful necklace with her wedding date engraved. These gifts are perfect to give at a lunch celebrating her new engagement or right before her wedding!

Now if you are a bride, you definitely don’t want to forget your bridesmaids! I wrote each a personal thank you note sharing how much their friendship meant to me and made a gift box for them. For this post I made sure to include a wide-range of price points because you may want to splurge more on your maid or matron of honor! Options 19 & 20 are perfect MOH gifts and are luxe enough to last a lifetime.

But even if you aren’t a bride or bridesmaid, I think any girl would love these girly little additions to their closet and home. Paul, if you are reading, I love everything. Absolutely everything [I really mean everything] I posted today… just FYI. 😉


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  1. I love all of these! I’m in 2 weddings this summer for two of my besties and will definitely be buying one of them that gold vase- how fun is that!?
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

    Published 05 Oct 16Reply
  2. Leeann wrote:

    I love all of these! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Published 05 Oct 16Reply
  3. Kelly K wrote:

    I LOVE these gift ideas! I’m in the process of buying bridesmaid gifts now!

    Published 05 Oct 16Reply
  4. Kimmie wrote:

    I love all of these ideas, Katey! I got my bridesmaids floral robes and jewelry to wear at the wedding!
    xo, Kimmie

    Published 05 Oct 16Reply
  5. Lauren wrote:

    As a bride, I absolutely love all of these picks!! They’re all so cute!



    Published 05 Oct 16Reply
  6. Amy wrote:

    Buying these gifts are always so much fun! Love this roundup!


    Published 05 Oct 16Reply
  7. I just got the #BusyBride book in!! I am in love with it! <3

    Published 06 Oct 16Reply
  8. Alex wrote:

    Thank you this is perfect!!
    Do you actually use a silk eye mask at night? I’ve been thinking of trying it!

    Published 06 Oct 16Reply
  9. I finally feel like I am on the downhill slide for weddings. I have a few more this year to attend, these are wonderful ideas. All of my friends are now having baby showers. I love looking at all of the little boy and girl items, everything is just so precious. It seriously makes my heart melt!


    Published 07 Oct 16Reply