Affordable Fall Sweaters

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Sweater: Nordstrom [under $70!] | Tank: BP | Jeans: Nordstrom | Flats: Similar, Similar in Suede | Bag: Nordstrom [old], Tan Color Same Bag, Similar | Lipliner: Soar | Lipstick: Brave | Sunglasses: Dupe | Watch: Michele

Photography by: Angie Garcia

 Do you ever envision pieces for your wardrobe that you’re sure aren’t exist but you’re 100% positive you need. This sweater is that! I’ve wanted a open-weave, tan sweater for as long as I can remember. I’ve always envisioned it to be the perfect top to wear over a bikini at the beach while reading a book and then in the fall for running errands paired with flats and skinny jeans. Every season no such sweater turned up.

I started to think I was crazy or that this sweater just existed in some Nicholas Sparks’ beach novel. Because doesn’t ever Nicholas Sparks love interest do casual chic things like read on the beach in an open-weave sweater?! Or am I the only person that just thinks so? Please don’t answer that…

But this season I found the pullover sweater from Nordstrom and it comes in tan or black under $65. Good things come to those who wait! Or one could say good things come to those that possessively stalk the Nordstrom website. Either or works.  I normally gravitate towards black sweaters being blonde, but I decided to get it in a lighter shade for this fall and winter because my favorite black jeans I have worn all pregnancy paired well with it! 😉 Pregnancy makes you think ahead of wardrobe choices. haha. I just paired it with some lace-up flats to run a few errands last week while getting Christmas items to shoot.

If your fall is still freezing in the morning and warm by mid afternoon this sweater is perfect for that. I also think layering it with this scarf and this skirt would make it perfect for a fall/winter date night!  I’ll share a few more affordable fall sweaters all under $100 that are on my wish list from Nordstrom below!

I hope you have a wonderful day!


In partnership with Nordstrom. All opinions are my own!

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  1. You can never have too many fall sweaters! I’m always cold, so I keep mine in my closet year-round. Love the open weave on this one, which truly makes it appropriate for all seasons. Relatedly, on ModMoney today, I’m sharing the tools I use to maximize savings and cash back on my online shopping. And I think I’ll be making an additional sweater purchase today!


    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  2. Hannah wrote:

    That is so crazy that you have been looking for something like that for so long without success! I am happy you found your perfect sweater!

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  3. Cynthia wrote:

    Love that sweater girl, and especially the color! You can never go wrong with Nordstroms I say!


    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  4. Irina wrote:

    I envision myself doing the same thing in the same exact sweater! Also sparked by NIcholas Sparks love stories haha.

    PS you are so tiny! I couldn’t even spot the bump until you turned sideways.

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:


      This pregnant girl is totally hugging you through the computer right now! You’re so sweet haha! Thank you!! Every day I’m like, “Babe!! Nothing fits!” bahaha! So worth it though, just funny getting dressed now! lol



      Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  5. So exciting to see your bump peek through more!! <3

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  6. Leeann wrote:

    Your bump is so cute! I can’t wait to see it grow <3

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  7. Camille wrote:

    I love the color combo of the sweater and your clutch. Cute look!


    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  8. Mariah wrote:

    So cute! I love that the shoes match the color of the sweater perfectly.

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  9. Amy wrote:

    This outfit looks so great on you! I love that sweater, and you look amazing!


    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  10. Elizabeth wrote:

    Hi Katey,
    Can you recommend how to store/fold/hang sweaters?

    Thanks! 🙂

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  11. Emily wrote:

    Love it! The color of that sweater is too pretty and I am still so obsessed with the lace-up shoe trend!!

    xx emily

    Published 01 Nov 16Reply
  12. Katie wrote:

    This sweater looks so cute on you and I love how you styled it, Katey!


    Published 06 Nov 16Reply
  13. Abby wrote:

    Now that temps in Texas are finally cooling down, I have been living in skinny black jeans & cozy sweaters and I am also pregnant (19 weeks). I found some super cute Jessica Simpson maternity jeans if/when you get uncomfortable in those. You look wonderful!!

    Published 06 Nov 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much, Abby!! I will for sure check those out! Congratulations on your little one!! xo

      Published 09 Nov 16Reply