Bumpdate: 39 Weeks

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Dress: Nordstrom [sized up for bump] | Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Similar, Similar | Scarf: LV, Similar, Similar | Bag: Chloe, Similar | Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Similar Size | Lipstick: Cherry Liner | Bracelets: The Styled Collection [c/o], The Styled Collection [c/o], The Styled Collection [c/o]

Photography by: Angie Garcia

How far along: 39 weeks this week! I can’t believe it is almost go-time! I’m writing out all my blog posts a few days in advance just in case I do go into labor and it’s so funny. I feel like I should be saying, “Well currently I’m not in labor. But I might be when you read this post? So if you’re confused because you know I already had my baby, just go with it!” haha.

What are we most excited about next: Meeting her! You become so attached to this little person over the course of 9 months and there is just so much anticipation about holding her for the first time.

What are we least excited about: The waiting game! I know in two weeks I’ll look back and laugh at how anxious I was, but I just wish I knew when she was coming. Patience is a virtue and it is one that I do not possess at this very moment. 😉

Movement: Last bumpdate I was sharing she just wiggled a lot! This time around I’m pretty sure her foot is going to come through my stomach. haha. She will kick my side and I’m like, “Woah! That is your heel! I see your heel!”

How I’m Feeling: I shared last bumpdate about my subluxating rib. The past few weeks that’s been pretty intense. She’s started to drop but we found out at last week’s appointment the rib affected my right lung so there really won’t be much change until I deliver. If you are reading this thinking, “Does this happen to all pregnant women?” The answer is not at all! So if you’re early on in your pregnancy definitely don’t worry. The rib issue typically just affects shorter pregnant women and then the lung issue is even more rare than that, so I definitely don’t want to worry people at all. But overall, that’s just the most obvious symptom for now. Morning sickness came back a few weeks ago, which oddly enough got me excited because I’d heard that’s normal as your body prepares to go into labor! I’ve had contractions since about 33 weeks and I get more now, but they are extremely irregular.

Cravings: I’ve loved breakfast food this pregnancy. I was so keen on cereal and fruit the entire time! But lately, I love biscuits?! So weird. I’ve never really eaten them before I was pregnant and now I’m always making them.

Weight gain: 25 pounds.

Things I’m Loving: I love how well she responds right now! If Paul talks to my bump or if I gently nudge her she moves and kicks back. I also love the connection you get with your friends that are pregnant or your friends that recently had a baby. We are always asking questions, asking how dilated the other person is, checking in on symptoms, etc. I feel like I have about 4 girls that I’m constantly calling/texting and checking in on and I know it will be fun to do the same when our babies make their arrival. You always feel a little less crazy texting a friend at 3 a.m. when you’re up with pregnancy insomnia and knowing they are too.

What I’ve Been Doing: Because of the rib issue, I had to slow down my workouts. At about 35/36 weeks I stopped working out as much throughout the week and would do longer workouts less days a week. At this point Paul and I have been going on really long walks to help kickstart this labor! Besides staying active, I’ve just been trying to get everything finished around the home. I feel as if I’ll always have a to-do list based on my personality. I decided last week to make a list of 10 things I wanted to accomplish and that was that! I wasn’t going to do more or less. Pinterest guilt is real. It tells you that you need 50 freezer meals made before baby comes home and every baseboard should be bleached and your thank you notes should be pre-written. It’s so unrealistic especially with trying to tie up loose work ends before you take time off. So I broke up with the Pinterest guilt, broke out my notepad and am sticking to my list of 10 things. We accomplished most of them this weekend so I feel really content with that!

What We’ve Purchased: I haven’t purchased too much these last few weeks but I will share a few of her favorite things I’ve stocked up on!

  • I’m in love with these sweet bows. Who knows if she will have hair or not, but she will have plenty of bows to choose from!
  • I shared these unicorn slippers on Instagram last week. They were one of the first things I purchased for her!
  • In my Snapchat Q&A last week I shared why we had to exchange our car seat. We got her this one and it is so light and easy to get in and out of the car.
  • I’ve been stocking up on these nursing camisoles for when we are around the house. With her being a winter baby and with flu season/RSV we will be home for quite a bit before she starts to make outings so I’m trying to indulge in all the comfy clothing.
  • We have so many burp rags and bibs, but I know I’ll still think we need more at the rate you go through them. I got a few of these because of how sweet they were.
  • Bamboo has a lot of antibacterial properties and they are great for a baby’s sensitive skin. I ordered these washcloths and they are SO soft. I almost want to get Paul and I all new bamboo towels because I’m jealous of her’s! haha.
  • Paul’s office threw him a shower which I thought was so kind of them! I couldn’t come because it was a day that was icing on the roads and he works about an hour away. One of the things they purchased for us was this humidifier and all of my friends love this brand!
  • My parents wanted a highchair for their house that didn’t take up a ton of room so they went with the Stokke ‘Tripp Trapp.
  • I snapped a picture two weeks ago of me working on learning how to use my baby wrap. Peaches was a very happy guinea pig. She loved the thing. I wrapped her up and carried her around the house for a bit. When I took her out she started crying for 5 minutes. This girl is about to have a rude awakening when baby comes home. She thinks all the gear is for her! I got a few questions on which wrap I was using and it is this one


I can’t believe that this is most likely my last bumpdate. Thank you so much for all your kind words, support and just encouragement about our pregnancy. I have no expectations with labor, I just am praying for a healthy baby so I truly hope all goes well. I’ve gotten a few questions on my pregnancy guide. I promise it will be up very soon! It will be up once she is a few weeks old simply because I want to make sure everything I recommend worked for me throughout.



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  1. You look gorgeous!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  2. Hannah wrote:

    I can’t believe it is almost time! You are going to be an amazing mother. Hang in there girl! You got this!

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  3. Julie Jensen wrote:

    Y’all are so very close!!! You will keep yourself busy and then one minute you are going to be like…Um Paul, I think it’s time. 😉 We had a December baby and due to flu/RSV season we didn’t go out much either, but I did put him in his car seat with the cover and go to Target late night, got myself a Starbucks and walked every.single.aisle. It helped me get fresh air and do something I enjoyed as well as get him out of the house and to sleep during his colicky days. Also, we would go eat lunch or (dinner) at 230ish because NO ONE would be at restaurants. 🙂 We always kept his car seat cover on too until Spring time. Y’all are going to be wonderful parents! Try to enjoy every last moment you have just being married and BFFs.

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  4. So sorry about your health! I’ll be praying labor and delivery goes smoothly! :/ Also, I’m in love with those unicorn slippers! That would be such a cute mommy and me matching set!


    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  5. Elizabeth wrote:

    Cutest pregnant girl ev.

    What color polish is this???

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  6. Caitlin Taylor wrote:

    You’re so close!! Praying for a safe + wonderful delivery!!

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  7. Jennifer wrote:

    I’m praying I can look as good as you at 39 weeks whenever I get pregnant !


    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  8. Hannah Devine wrote:

    SO SO SO excited for you!!!!

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  9. So excited for you! Can’t wait til she’s here! Sending love and prayers for an easy labor!!

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  10. Kristen wrote:

    GOOD LUCK!!! You will be amazing!! And as much as we’ll miss you, seriously DON’T stress about pleasing your readers! This whole experience is going to be the best, but fastest-moving time in your life. You and Paul should enjoy every second! All my love! xoxo

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  11. Lisa wrote:

    So excited for you Katey! Would you mind sharing some of your favorite places to find newborn clothes? We are expecting twin girls in a few weeks, and I am searching for outfits to bring them home from the hospital in.

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  12. Cynthia wrote:

    You are the cutest pregnant girl ever! and so fashionable! Can’t wait for the big debut!



    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  13. Torey Beerman wrote:

    You are seriously the cutest mama to be ever! I wish you the healthiest and smoothest labor 🙂 can’t wait for you to introduce your little princess!


    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
  14. Olivia wrote:

    You’re such a sweet little baby momma! Would you mind sharing any favorite pregnancy apps that you’ve used along the way? Thanks so much! Prayers for you and a safe delivery for Baby M!

    Published 30 Jan 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Livvy!

      Aw thank you so much! I loved the Ovia pregnancy app, it was my favorite and didn’t make things stressful like other apps! They also have great videos throughout the stages! I

      Oops! Sorry, it might be confusing! McFarlan is my maiden name. 🙂 Her last name is Hellman.



      Published 30 Jan 17Reply
      • Olivia wrote:

        Haha! Oops indeed! Prayers for baby H! Thank you so much!

        Published 31 Jan 17Reply
  15. fancyrock wrote:

    Love the updates!

    I have 6 kids (youngest is 2 years) and they each have their own Tripp Trapp. Great choice!

    PS for me, it was always ~relaxing~ that brought on labor. This was especially true with my most recent birth. But everyone is different, so definitely go with what works with you. :o)

    :o) Becky in OR

    Published 01 Feb 17Reply