COF Home: Bachelorette Pad

Nightstands: OKL | Lamps: Lulu & Georgia, Similar | Flowers: OKL | Print: Minted | Rug: World Market | Stools: OKL [more affordable option] | Bedding: Pottery Barn | Pillows: OKL | Bolster Pillow: Little Design Co. | Headboard: OKL | Candle: Nordstrom

 Last week I shared that I love to design rooms in my spare time [which let’s be honest, is RARE with a little babe]. It got me thinking to my very first apartment after college and how much fun I had decorating it. I had NO clue what I was doing, didn’t plan out any of the rooms and it was quite colorful to say the least. I also had not yet discovered my love for a good purge. 😉 BUT I absolutely adored this apartment and miss it all the time. I’m just not so sure how we would squeeze baby toys and a dog in it? It was a great location and I would walk down each morning to Starbucks across the street and go to yoga on the way back. It was a really special time in my life. I started there in PR and ended my lease running COF full time. I think I loved that apartment so much because it represented hard work. I would come home from my PR job and I would work on the blog until 10 or so at night and then I would paint paintings until 1 or 2 to help get extra cash so I could invest in photography equipment. The photos in the beginning of this blog are quite comical- but a great memory all at the same time! I planned my wedding in that apartment, I had lots of girls’ nights in that apartment, I hosted a bible study with girls in Dallas who went on to become some of my very best friends. It was the start of my life in a way and I will always love it’s cluttered and overly-colorful look.

I thought I would share some of these photos from way back when and bless you if you ask for a source of an item because I legitimately don’t remember where any of this is from, except the Jonathan Adler pillow below. But I was [and still am] a girl on a budget so I’m going to go ahead and say 90% is from Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Etsy. I also remember my bedding was JC Penney!

But if I were to decorate it now, I’d of course do it a little differently- however, I’d still welcome the bright colors and animal prints. I wanted to share above how I’d style a bachelorette pad bedroom if you are in your own spot and looking for a refresh!

homegirl apartment home styledoughnutbachelorette padglamboxvoluspa candlebar cart homegoodspillowscoffee table bookskitchenhome stylecandlesdeskglambox

This seems like a lifetime ago even though it was only about 5 years ago! I hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.

Photography by: Carmen Evans

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  1. I’m always dreaming of my future apartment for when I can finally move out! Or y’know, when I have the money to move out, which may be never in Hong Kong with the home prices. But your photos have really inspired me. Cute, cute picks!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  2. Brooke Lessman wrote:

    I love that you did a post like this! It was perfect timing. I have been searching for pictures of your first apartment as I’ve started to decorate my own 🙂 Thanks for your inspiration

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  3. Kelcie wrote:

    I started following you when you lived at that apartment. Crazy how much has changed since I first found your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us, I have enjoyed it!!

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  4. Bianca wrote:

    Yes! I loved your apartment. I always said if I had an apartment or home pre-marriage it would look like this.

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  5. Jeffy wrote:

    OMG I remember when you first posted this! I was obsessed!!

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  6. Allie wrote:

    Oh my gosh, I love these pictures!! 2 and a half years ago I moved into my current and 1st apartment after college and I too was SOOOO excited about decorating! At the end of the year I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend and that will be fun to decorate as well but I have a feeling I won’t be able to have as many pink and girly items as I have right now! Love this lil trip down your memory lane 🙂


    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  7. Andrea wrote:

    I love this! I initially started following you back when you had this somewhat edgier style and I remember thinking it was so refreshing how confident you seemed and there seemed to be no “rules” with your style and home decor. I had even saved some of the apartment decor photos bc I was inspired by the freedom and the fun vibe. It’s been fun watching you evolve, as your readers have grown and evolved as well.

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you so so much!! That means more than you know!

      Published 29 Jun 17Reply
  8. Virginia wrote:

    I love this post Katy!! Makes me proud of my bachelorette pad. My place represents hard work too 🙂 I look to your decorating skills for inspiration and clearly you’ve had skills for a long time! Such a fun post!! xo

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  9. Rajal wrote:

    I just wanted to thank you for recommending RH WAREHOUSE in Grapevine , found the sofa we wanted !!!!! You are awesome !!!

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  10. Katie Riley wrote:


    Love reading your blog! Question: do you remember if the OKL pink storage bench held up very well? I’ve gotten some of their less expensive pieces before and I wasn’t very impressed.



    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Katie!

      I haven’t had the pink storage bench, that was just an option for readers! I have had 2 benches from OKL before and they were perfect! 🙂 One is still going strong in my mom’s house and my girlfriend has the other one. Never had an issue from their site before, I’m sorry you did!


      Published 29 Jun 17Reply
  11. I love seeing a part of your past! That apartment was so cute! Love the green ottoman!

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  12. Rachel wrote:

    I love this! I’m going into my senior year of collge and am so looking forward to apartment hunting and decorating! What do you use to design rooms?

    Published 28 Jun 17Reply
  13. Loved your old apartment! <3

    Published 29 Jun 17Reply
  14. Elyse Garza wrote:

    Hi Katey!
    So I’ll be going to A&M this fall and I was wondering if you had time since you love designing if you could design a dorm room rendering or something similar to this post for a dorm? Or if not, I know your sister is going to college and maybe you could share some tips that you’re sharing with her for designing! I just love your style and have searched and searched Pinterest but I want to see would you would do or did! Thank you!!!

    Published 29 Jun 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Elyse!

      Thanks so much for following! I wish I did freelance interior design, but at the moment I don’t have time. Hopefully in the future I do! But I’ll for sure be sharing how we decorate my sister’s dorm! 🙂



      Published 29 Jun 17Reply
  15. Maggie wrote:

    Hey Katey! What program do you use to create these digital room layouts? I’m trying to design my first apartment and would LOVE the help of it to put all of my bookmarks into one place where I can really visualize it! Thank so much!

    Published 05 Jul 17Reply