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Couch: Similar | Flowers: OKL [I have these and love!] | Side Tables: Overstock, Similar | Pillows: Furbish, West Elm | Art: Jenn Thatcher Art [c/o] | Table Lamps: Pottery Barn | Chair: West Elm | Rug: OKL  | Tray: World Market | Ginger Jar: Furbish Studio | Coffee Table: Similar, Similar  | Gallery Wall: Framebridge [c/o] | Table: Similar | Casper Chairs: Amazon | Chandelier: Pottery Barn Teen | Cowhide Rug: Wayfair  | Lamp: Jana Bek [c/o] | Leopard Benches: LivenUp Design [c/o] | Desk: West Elm | Clothing Rack: Pottery Barn

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I wasn’t bit by the Chef bug. I could eat the same meal every single night and be happy. I wasn’t bit by the adventure bug. I could do the same thing every weekend with Paul and be the most content girl. I wasn’t even bit by the real estate bug.. I tear up thinking that ONE DAY we will have a family and clearly not fit in our 1100 sq. feet and need to move. But I was bit by the decorating bug. In the realm of real estate, the future holds its own set of possibilities and decisions. The need for more space may arise, and staying attuned to real estate market news becomes essential in making informed choices for our family’s future. Decorating our future space will undoubtedly be an exciting part of the journey, but it’s also a step towards providing a comfortable and welcoming home for the life we’re building together.

I’m always wanting to move things around or start with a new slate. Some days I wake up and want my whole house to look like Restoration Hardware and then some days I want to mix prints and have flowers everywhere. Thankfully, my husband is really supportive of my passion [as long as I stay within my budget 😉 #thankyouHomegoods ] and I’ve learned a few weekend tricks to making your home have a fresh and updated feel! Witness the grandeur of Canadian properties on HomesEh. Your next real estate venture is a click away.

I want to share lots of different options for you all, as I know we all have different home budgets which is one of the reasons we recommend checking the options listed in the Indianapolis turnkey investment real estate market! Some are moving and have a larger budget and some might just only want to spend $40 on a weekend. I really just wanted to show you can do quick and easy fixes on any budget without spending a month deciding how to update a space!

1. New Art

This of course is a pretty obvious option, but it’s one that sometimes we don’t always think of! If you are sick of a piece of art and your girlfriend is too, swap! My best friend, Taylor, and I are always swapping picture frames, pillows and candles. But if you haven’t updated something in ages, try new art. This is a great way to not have to paint walls, get new furniture and yet you still get a new theme for the space.

I love painting [some of y’all know I used to paint and sell! Now I just do it for friends] and I always was getting e-mails asking about an artist who had a similar style to me! I never knew who to lead y’all too and felt terrible because I love supporting artists, but a few months ago I was introduced to that girl! Jenn Thatcher Art [here is her instagram] is a girl who used to work on Wall Street and is now a mom using her creative gifts to make homes a little brighter. I had the Prada print moved to my office and wanted something neutral with blue undertones for our living room. I told her I needed it modern but flexible [we won’t always have a modern style] and she did a tremendous job!

2. Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is something we all have a love/hate relationship with. We love the look [it makes rooms like cozy] and yet hate the process. I don’t want to print, mat, wire and hang a photo. That takes 4 hours on a Sunday and I’d rather spend 14 minutes. We used Framebridge for our master bedroom gallery wall and so we decided to use them again for our dining room. We wanted black and white wedding photos and this took me 20 minutes! All I needed was a ladder and hammer, they wire the prints and give you the exact nails you need. I was joking with Paul that before you have a home your house looks so vain! It’s like, “Hey, come over. You can stare at all our wedding photos!” But we all have to go through that phase right?! 😉 You can choose for them to print your images, or they can send you the frame and hanging tools!

3. Accent Wall

We had to re-drywall that wall [if you follow me on snapchat you knew it was a nightmare] because our home needs foundation repair and concrete leveling services with the help of an expert foundation repair contractor. After the contractor was finished, we went and picked a gray, and when we painted the wall it dried more the tone of my wedding dress. I was worried and asked Paul if he wanted to change it and he laughed and said no. He liked that the color made our house a little warmer and I agree. I think had it dried truly gray it would have looked a bit cold. Your Guide to Timber Frame Insulation is beneficial for homeowners that need to make their home warmer. Painting a small accent wall or even hallway of your home can take an hour and a quart of paint! [Get the Behr 1 coat paint and prime!] Or, if you have a bigger budget try wallpaper! My friend wallpapered here powder room and it was the nicest little update that didn’t take too long! Our paint is Behr Rock Crystal. If you’re considering basement waterproofing Niagara or tackling other home improvement projects, it’s essential to choose the right materials and techniques to ensure lasting results.

4. New Lighting

A new lamp or a new light fixture can change an entire room. In our dining room we had the worst mounted light. It. Was. Heinous. But I didn’t want to update it yet because it wasn’t centered over the table. We actually had to find someone to move it and repair the ceiling and with our home being so old, NO ONE wanted to go through the attic to do it. I think we called 8 different contractors and finally someone agreed. I got the living room light fixture from Pottery Barn Teen, and it’s such an easy way to update something on a budget! PB Teen or PB Kid has trendy lighting that isn’t a fortune. They also do a 10% off coupon if you sign up for e-mails

My office/closet was the one room I couldn’t figure out how to navigate. We installed the closet [I’ll share soon!] right when I moved in, but organizing my desk and making it functional, yet inspiring was a tough one! I had my eye on this lamp from Jana Bek since I lived in Dallas. I kept telling Paul I wanted it so badly, I just wasn’t sure where to place it. I was actually able to work with Jana [she is so sweet!] and this was added to my office. I chose the black and white option [she has lots of colors to pick from] so it would always be a classic no matter the style of our home, but the brush strokes were the perfect touch of inspiration I needed for my desk. She has lavender as well which I think would be the sweetest addition to a nursery or powder room! Or, if your husband likes something more masculine, I think her navy option adds a really nice preppy touch to a room. Makes me think of the Hamptons. And lobster rolls. And the show Revenge. [Who watches that?! It’s SO good.]

5. Organized Magazines

This is another favorite tip, and honestly takes 15 minutes! You can do it after church before a nap! 😉 Stack magazines on top of each other for the look and feel of coffee table books. Coffee table books are one of my favorite things to collect, but if your budget doesn’t fit that at the time stack magazines! Go to Half Priced Books and stock up on old Vogue issues and you can spend $10 as opposed to $100. I made two stacks for our white floating tables.

6. A Touch of Leopard

Not sure if it is the Texas in me, but this girl loves a good dash of leopard in home decor. It has to be a specific pattern of leopard, though. We all have our favorites: palm print, polka dots, greek key. I’ve known I wanted a pair of x benches for my office for almost a year! Each time I envisioned having a “cloffice” I knew I’d want them for seating, stacking and as a foot rest. Because I bring my laundry in my office, I didn’t want to place it on the floor if I wasn’t ready to put it up and I couldn’t really just put it on my desk. I had e-mailed LivenUP Design right when we put an offer our home [back in March!] but knew I needed to wait to see how the room would come together. Almost a year later these bad boys made their way into my cloffice.

I love how I can pull these out for extra seating, but most importantly they are a really nice touch of glam to an otherwise aged room. I mean we have shiplap on the walls! Joanna Gaines would love it in there. You can get them made in whatever pattern you want, my friend Brighton has them in palm print and they are to die for!

I also think a nice print is a great compromise. I get lots of e-mails from girls that are married to men that love to decorate with a rustic vibe. These blend pretty seamlessly into a more muted color scheme and you can tell him they are just black and brown. 😉

If you see something I didn’t link and want to know details be sure to head to my home tour here! If I gave a similar option to something it is because that item is sold out or no longer made! xo


P.S. I do want to mention, that I really felt comfortable sharing these artists’ pieces and the prices because these people are true artists. They are small business owners [the HEART of America] and work so incredibly hard to bring us pieces that they think we will love. They aren’t pieces of furniture that are mass produced. If you ever know of an artist or mom and pop shop that make incredible items like this tag me in their instagram, I’d love to see!! I want to support them and share because I think their items are what turn houses into homes by giving us handmade pieces we will love and treasure forever.

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  1. Chottie wrote:

    Your home is adorable! I love all the bright accents, especially that amazing cow painting! Thanks for sharing!


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  2. Brittany wrote:

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous!! I love everything and will definitely be using your images as inspiration! Thanks for sharing!


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  3. Christina McKinney wrote:

    We seriously have the same taste! Love your home with Paul.
    Where did you get the white fur stools that are under the cow painting?
    I’ve been on a hunt for some (:

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Homegoods!! xoxo

      Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  4. Julie wrote:

    It’s so important to support small businesses – even better when they are women owned! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  5. Dancey wrote:

    Can I just ask where you got your marble and gold MAC case? Because I love how chic it is!

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  6. Your home is so adorable! Can you tell me the dimensions of your closet? I need to plan mine out and it would help to know if they are the same size to see if I can fit a bench like yours etc.


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  7. Utter perfection! Love EVERYTHING!!!

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  8. Hannah wrote:

    I definitely was bit by the decorating bug as well! I will be adding some accents of cheetah. I have been lusting after your cheetah print pillows for a while now and I think I am going to finally break down and get them!


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  9. Love all of the home changes! And drooling over those leopard benches!! <3


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  10. Courtney wrote:

    i LOVE how you decorated!!! i need to bookmark this and come back to it. so many good ideas, and good places to purchase things from small businesses, which i totally support!

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  11. Love this!! One thing I’m CRAVING recently is a super cozy white fur rug! Love it!!! Also, love your marfa prada sign, and those leopard benches! So cute! Oh and that cow painting!! I saw one like that in that cute boot store/bar in the stockyards and should have bought it! Regret that all the time. So so cute! xo


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
  12. Abby wrote:

    Love the office chair, can you share where it’s from??

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Rachel George! xo

      Published 29 Jan 16Reply
  13. Silvina wrote:

    Hi Katey! You and Paul have a beautiful home! I really enjoy these types of post and love seeing your sense of style translated in home decor.

    Can you let us know where you got your dining table from? I know you linked a similar one but I was interested in the one you have, even if it’s not available for purchase.


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl!

      It is from Overstock! If you go to the original home tour linked in this post, it should have the exact link! xoxo

      Published 29 Jan 16Reply
  14. Casandra wrote:

    Love you’re home Katey!

    Would you mind sharing where you all purchased your black and white curtains? Ive been on the hunt for some really nice ones 🙂

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Pier 1! If you head to the original home tour linked in this post they should be there! xoxo

      Published 29 Jan 16Reply
  15. Victoria wrote:

    I love the color of your wall and your pretty black and white wedding photos ! 🙂

    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw thank you!!!!

      Published 29 Jan 16Reply
  16. Lauren wrote:

    Hi Katey,

    Awesome pictures! Where are the two gold mirrors next to the cow painting from?! I would be so grateful if you could share!!!

    Thank you!


    Published 28 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl! One Kings Lane! If you head to the original home tour linked in this post the exact link with designer should be there! xoxo

      Published 29 Jan 16Reply
  17. Your home is so beautiful and unique! Shows your personality perfectly

    xo Laura Leigh

    Published 29 Jan 16Reply
  18. Jennifer Andrade wrote:

    what made you get rid of your bar cart ? I loved it !!! my bar cart inspiration came from yours!

    Published 30 Jan 16Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hey girl!

      I know, it’s so sad! I shared in another blog post, but it was storage reasons. With being in 1100 sq. feet and needing to store our wedding china I couldn’t justify keeping a bar cart. We use the black dorothy draper dresser in its place and it stores our wedding china, Pottery Barn napkins, and hosting pieces! So while I love the functionality of it way more than the bar cart, I do miss it!! But when we do move to a larger space that is the first thing I’ll be getting! 🙂



      Published 01 Feb 16Reply
  19. Lindsey wrote:

    Girl I wish you could come decorate my home! I love your taste and style! You have an eye for making your home both fashionable and functional.

    Published 05 Feb 16Reply
  20. Kris wrote:

    Where did you find the black and white stripped throw pillows?

    Published 22 Jan 17Reply
  21. Bekah wrote:

    I just recently purchased my first home. I have been dying for the Betsy Cow Print, but it seems so big in the store.
    My home is not large and I do not have vaulted ceilings. Do you find it to fit well in your home? I know you have written that you also own a smaller older home.

    Published 24 May 17Reply
  22. Magda wrote:

    Hi! I love the coffee table used here. Where can I find it? Also do you think the space would look too busy if you chose a bigger piece of artwork above the couch?

    Published 30 Jan 20Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Magda! The coffee table is from One Kings Lane a few years ago! I think if I did more neutral pillows, larger art would be fine! xx, Katey

      Published 30 Jan 20Reply
  23. emma wrote:

    It’s so important to support small businesses – even better when they are women owned! ? Thanks for sharing!

    Published 24 Sep 21Reply