Everyday Eyeshadow Routine

I didn’t wear eyeshadow for years! Maybe I scarred myself from high school?! WHY do we think glittery eyeshadow works in high school? WHY?! But from college to post grad I never touched a shadow. Then when I graduated college my parents took my friend and I on a girls’ trip to NYC. We raided Sephora for all the new eyeshadow palettes and my eyeshadow ban was gone.

I pretty much stick to three separate eyeshadow looks and don’t deter too much. Two require no explanation because it’s simply one color swiped on quickly, but I wanted to share my in-depth routine for when I have more time to do my makeup. Let’s get to chatting!

{from left to right}

  1. These are the three different eyeshadow routines I use: a By Terry Eyeshadow Stick, the Laura Gellar Delectables Palette & the MAC In The Flesh Palette.
  2. For night I use the By Terry Stick! I use it in the color Misty Rock and it’s so creamy. This is really similar to the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks which I love. You just swipe on over your lid and blend with a MAC 217 Brush. It’s so so easy! When I do this I generally don’t use eyeliner because it is a darker shade.
  3. For day I use the Laura Gellar Delectables Palette and blend in the colors Sunrise & Vintage with a MAC 217 Brush. This is the prettiest warm look and always makes me feel like I have a tan. MAC Mythology is extremely similar to this look if you don’t want the palette, but MAC Mythology does have glitter.
  4. For days that I have time, here is my routine with the MAC palette! Start with a big fluffy brush [I use Bobbi Brown Eye Sweep Brush] and blend in the color right smack dab in the middle. It’s got a peachy-pink undertone so it warms up your face.
  5. Continue to blend. I don’t suggest photographing your eyeshadow routine, because as pictured you get some interesting faces. 😉
  6. Dip your MAC 286 Brush into the fourth color on the second row.
  7. I blend this color in all along my crease.
  8. Take a fluffy blending brush [I love the Bobbi Brown Blender Brush].
  9. Blend all over.

  1. Grab a flat brush, I use the Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush!
  2. I dip the brush into the first color on the second row.
  3. I pat this color into the corner of my eye as this will brighten up your entire look and make you look wide awake.
  4. I take my MAC 286 Brush and place it in the fourth color on the bottom row.
  5. I blend this color along my lash line and right in the crease.
  6. For eyeliner I recommend Urban Decay in Smoke and Lancome Liner in white. I love the Smoke liner because it’s a dark grey so it really isn’t harsh on your face. Sometimes being blonde, jet-black liner can be a little bit much.
  7. I only apply liner to my top lid. I always get e-mails about my bottom liner, but that’s 100% mascara! Don’t neglect your bottom lashes and it will give you the effect of liner without all the pigment. I apply the white liner on my waterline.
  8. For mascara I usually layer two. I love the Stila Huge Lash and right now I’m trying the YSL The Shock. This mascara is great but you do need to wipe off excess on the brush as it gets a bit too much product on it. There are mixed reviews of it, but I think it’s because people don’t wipe off the excess which is a makeup artist trick. Keep a bamboo washcloth in your makeup bag to always wipe off excess from a brush. However, once you do that you are seriously left with lashes that look like falsies.
  9. You’re finished!

Check here to see my brow routine!

If you are ever intimidated by a larger palette like this, I’ve got a little trick! These palettes are aligned in “quads” so you can easily have an all-over color, two crease colors, and a blending color. Basically, if you’re nervous about what colors to pair together you can play it safe by using the three other colors around the shadow [the one to the right, the one beneath and the one diagonal]. This helps me to know I can always get my money’s worth in palettes because the looks can be so versatile. Now, I’d love to know your secrets! What are your favorite eyeshadows?!

Photography by: Angie Garcia

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  1. Thank you for the last tip you mentioned! I’ve always been intimidated by large palettes (both their usage and prices, haha), so this is great to know!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 08 Jun 17Reply
  2. Your makeup is always perfection!!


    Published 08 Jun 17Reply
  3. Allie wrote:

    Yayyyy I’ve been waiting for this post!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xo, Allie

    Published 08 Jun 17Reply
  4. Such a pretty palette! <3


    Published 09 Jun 17Reply