Kimono Love

Kimono: Nordstrom [go down a size!] | Tank: BP | Shorts: Old, Similar, Similar | Sunglasses: Chloe [shade: brown] | Lipstick: Vegas Volt | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell | Earrings: Here | Bangles: Old, Similar | Bag: YSL, Similar

Photography by: Angie Garcia

 A few weeks ago I had a meeting with some other bloggers for a brand project. One of the girls was pregnant and wearing the cutest kimono! I missed having a fuller bump in summer since I had a fall/winter pregnancy. I loved how she was styling a kimono with a fitted dress and it got me thinking of kimonos! I immediately went home and ordered this one [only $49!] and thought, “Okay, Katey! This is it! You’ve found THE piece that will change your life.” Not sure why I think that with every single purchase I make, but it is what it is! I also think that with lipstick purchases-anyone else?! As if I need ANOTHER lipstick because the other 78 have changed my life so much. *Insert eye roll emoji* This kimono does run a little larger, so I would suggest sizing down!

This is also a great transitional piece as it’s more of a fall hue and can be paired with a dress like this and booties when temperatures drop!

Now for a house update! Things have been delayed a bit with our home [in terms of inspections], so I think we move end of October now. Fingers crossed! I’ll have a furniture update next month, but I did decide to relax a little bit with furniture shopping. There was a point we thought we would be in sooner so you know me [Type A Allison over here] thinking we needed to look at items every weekend until then. But our storage unit ran out of room and we officially can’t ship anything there anymore. It feels nice to take a bit of a breather as our fall schedule will amp up with weddings and showers. AKA my husband is glad I won’t be online furniture browsing at 3 a.m. However, here is where I need to talk to y’all! I’ve decided to raise the white flag when it comes to rugs and window treatments. I need a magic fairy godmother interior decorator for those roles. Can you even do that?! “Hi, I have everything else designed but can you pick the rugs and drapes because I don’t like picking that out?!” I’m sure I could, no?! Has anyone experienced doing that? Pros? Cons? Spill the beans, sister! Tell me all! The reason I decided to go that route [or I’m 99% convinced I should!] is because my goal is to have the house semi-ready for her 1st birthday party. That was always my goal with our new home and while bedrooms don’t need to be decorated [our bed will be on the floor for months, I’m sure!] I do want the living areas ready for her party. Did a fairy godmother decorator change your life?! Did you about cry for days from the cost? I need to know all! 😉

Have a great rest of your week!

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  1. I love the way you matched the colours! I want a kimono of my own now, in that mustard yellow shade too!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  2. Madison Bigott wrote:

    SwatchPop does exactly what you are talking about. You send them pictures of your house or your idea boards and you select from their website the things you need help with. Then they assign a designer to your project and y’all chat like besties and she sends you like 3 different options to choose from WITH all the links of where to buy! I loved my dining room project they did. I had a table that I loved and couldn’t part with but it didn’t come with chairs and I had no idea where to look! I had a rug and window treatment already and wanted wall decor and a chandelier. I bought everything from one of the options she sent!! Hope this helps. It’s

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  3. Mackenzie wrote:

    I do marketing for a local interior designer and she has tons of clients who come in only needing partial services, like rugs and drapes in your case. With Pinterest and blogs and everyone being very DIY/capable of picking out and somewhat designing their own space, your needs are quite common actually! Pricing can vary but most designers work with you to accommodate for your budget.

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much!! That sounds perfect!

      Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  4. Hannah wrote:

    I have never worn an extremely long kimono like this. But I love it on you! That kind stinks you can’t move until October. I would be dying! But soon enough you will have your new home.


    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  5. Rugs are seriously the hardest to pick! I never know what direction to go in.

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  6. Lesley wrote:

    I hired Custom Drapery Designs out of Richardson to help me with all my drapes, blinds and shades at my new house when we were building. Stephanie is amazing with taking your thoughts and ideas and bringing them to life.

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  7. mimi heard wrote:

    follow manhattanorientalrugs on Ebay – they have beautiful rugs at wonderful prices with AWESOME reviews

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  8. Kierston King wrote:

    Lambert home and garden .. they are your go to girls for all your interior needs! They are the sweetest girls I grew up with them and the great Christian girls. Their store is slave free so all products bought are made slave free, I think the coolest! Their shop is in Southlake, I know you have mentioned Maven on Camp Bowie it’s like that but bigger and more goodies!! Hope this helps 🙂

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  9. I think you are going to love working with a designer, you will feel so much lighter! Love the outfit!

    Published 14 Aug 17Reply
  10. This kimono has the perfect flow! <3

    Published 15 Aug 17Reply
  11. Lindsay wrote:

    The trick is finding an interior decorator who will work piecemeal instead of charging for a full room design. There are so many great e-designers who do great work! My friend Helen is AMAZING at e-design and doing only what you need!

    Published 15 Aug 17Reply