Adelyn Rae | Sandals: Joie, Similar, Similar | Sunglasses: Chloe [shade: Brown] | Lipstick: Vegas Volt | Bag: YSL | Earrings: Nordstrom

Photography by: Angie Garcia

I won’t make any claims that my phone is extremely organized. I currently have 27 e-mail notifications, 47 Snapchat notifications, 4 texts and 1 voicemail. But, I do like to keep my images organized. I make different albums on my camera roll and here are a few for example!

To Read

I always screenshot books people snap on Snapchat and then I’ll look up reviews to see if I should order them on Amazon.

To Buy

I keep an album of products that I snap from social media that I want to purchase later on. My girlfriend, Ashley, always wants me to add her to this album but I have yet to cave and make it a shared one. If she adds products then it’s a slippery slope of wish listed items! haha!

Home Inspiration

I like to save furniture I see on Pinterest to help me get an idea while shopping for our home! I’ll pull out this album and compare and contrast how it looks next to something that caught my eye online.


A casual shrine of my daughter.


This one may sound a bit weird! If you color and use heat on your hair 24/7 I think it’s important to always assess the integrity of your hair. Once a month I take photos of my hair straight/wet/curled and make sure to get up-close photos of the ends of my hair. Typing this I realize how absurd I sound. However, this always lets me know when I should cut my hair, when I should lay off the highlights or when I should do a few extra hair masks. Being able to compare and contrast the damage or strength your hair has month over month really shows you if what you’re doing is working. If I’m testing skincare I also take photos of my skin, so that I can see if products really do change pore size/texture/pigmentation.


I am always screenshotting recipes I see on Facebook and saving them for when I meal plan!

Today, I’m sharing what is currently in my “to buy” album. This is more so a wish list as I definitely don’t get all of these, but it’s a reminder of what I want to allocate my budget for. I’m warning you, it’s QUITE random. Just get ready to think, “How did you want to buy a drugstore lipgloss and bone broth all in the same day?!”

What’s In My “To Buy” Album

  1. Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads: Has anyone used these?! My mom has a box and I probably just need to sneak one of her’s to test! I see these on Snapchat all the time and am so intrigued. They are a self tanner that exfoliates your skin and people rave about them.
  2. Bubblegum Pink: I’ve seen this sweater a bit and it’s under $45! While writing this post they only have an XS and S left, so I’m going to order one today! I got this skirt and I kind of want to pair them for a monochromatic look.
  3. Monogram Lunchbox: I feel a bit silly wanting a lunchbox when I work from home. However, since having Maxi I have been so bad about remembering to bring enough food if I’m going to run lots of errands in the day. I love Puregrowth bars and snacks for my purse, but sometimes we are gone so long that I need an actual meal on the go. Before baby, I’d just swing by Starbucks for a pick-me-up coffee and protein bar! Now with Maxi I’ll run errands and then realize I haven’t eaten and she’s passed out in the back of the car. I don’t want to wake her up simply because I’m hungry. To avoid a drive through where I’m eating junk, I keep telling Paul I want a lunchbox to bring in my car for busy days.
  4. Pink Sneaks: How fun are these?! I saw these on Instagram paired with boyfriend jeans and a white tee and it looked perfect. I really misjudged how long we would be with my parents. I knew it would be until October-ish and I put so much more that I need in storage. I have one pair of sneakers but they are my ones for running so these would be perfect to run errands in.
  5. Magnet Oxford Medium Metro Tote: Each and every time I’m in NYC I see girl after girl rocking this tote. I’ve loved it for ages but I can’t decide between medium and large. Do any of you all have this tote?!
  6. Loreal Colour Riche Gloss: I can’t find this at ANY drugstore! So I’m about to just buy it online after I’ve seen numerous bloggers say it’s the best gloss.
  7. Thai Curry Bone Broth: I really enjoy having bone broth here or there when I’m in the mood for a snack. Bone broth has so many health benefits from boosting your immune system to giving you shiny hair. A few friends have recommended this as they come in K-Cups or sticks! I have yet to order because I’m still unsure on the taste of the “thai curry” but my friends say this is just a regular bone broth but with more depth. They love it!
  8. Port and Polish Pill Holder: A pink pillbox holder?! Who knew you could take your vitamins in such a chic manner?
  9. Capra Pixel Eyewear: I stare at a computer screen far too long during the day and I’ve been reading about computer lenses and how they protect your eyes from the strain!
  10. Linen Jewelry Cases: How precious are these as Christmas gifts?! I want to get these for my sister, mom and girlfriends for the holidays! P.S. I may get myself one too!

Do you have a list of products “to buy” on your phone?! Or am I the only ridiculous one?!

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. You’re not the only one! I have LOTS of screenshots of random things, like you. I also have a list of products I want to get too, haha!!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  2. Stacey wrote:

    Right there with you sister. I screenshot everything! Definitely get the Alpha Beta Glow Pads, I’m obsessed with them!

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  3. Lisa wrote:

    I think the quilted metro tote is ok but I personally prefer a bag with structure! I use the crosby traveler for my gym bag – pockets are life!

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  4. Alyssa wrote:

    I actually have a list of “Christmas gifts” – things that I think will be perfect for someone specific but I’m not ready to start stocking up just yet!

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  5. Kate wrote:

    I have that MZ Wallace tote in medium in black and I LOVE! It’s my go-to when I travel or when it’s suppose to rain. It’s amazing how much stuff you can throw in it! Highly highly reccomend!

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Kate!

      Ah! So glad you said medium!! I was torn on size! xo

      Published 05 Sep 17Reply
    • A wrote:

      How do you feel about wearing it on your shoulder? Dose it slip a lot? I love the lookThanks!

      Published 06 Sep 17Reply
  6. Daria wrote:
    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  7. I have so many screenshots, too! But I have such little room on my phone that I’m constantly having to delete them so I keep a Google Sheet with all my screenshot details of products, songs, books, travel recommendations, etc. Being able to see everything like how you do would be so helpful though when it comes to home and beauty!

    One question that is probably really dumb but whatever I’m going to ask anyway haha: is there any way to put pictures just in a folder on your phone without being on the camera roll, or do they have to be in both places?

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi girl!

      Not a dumb question at all! I try to figure that out too! haha. I think they have to be on the camera roll! xo

      Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  8. mary wrote:

    I looooove that you screen shot! I do that, too!! Such a fun way to organize– haha!! I am a teacher, and that monogrammed lunch bag seems right up my alley! Thanks for the ideas! Love your dress in this post, too! So pretty on you.

    Published 05 Sep 17Reply
  9. Katie wrote:

    I love this dress on you, Katey! The colors are gorgeous!


    Published 12 Sep 17Reply
  10. Erin wrote:

    I use the large tote as my diaper bag. I’m on my second baby with it and love it! It’s held up great and if anything spills it wipes right up! I put a clutch in it for my stuff and carry it all the time.

    Published 12 Sep 17Reply