LBD Cause It’s Friday

Dress: Shopbop [TTS] | Shoes: Schutz, Similar | Bag: Clare V., More Affordable Option | Pin: Chanel | Sunglasses: Beehive Boutique, Similar | Lipstick: Perla, Jour Lip Topper

Photography: Angie Garcia

It’s Friday so what better reason to share an LBD?! We don’t have a budgeting post today, BUT I had to sneak in some style looks this month somehow. 😉

I got a haircut last week and I’ve had so much fun styling this small little change. Isn’t it crazy what a change in cut can do?! I feel really refreshed and while I’m still getting the hang of styling it [ignore the frizz] I missed having more blunt ends. I’m going to do a big blog post in March on hair products [I’ve used some new ones to deal with PP hair loss] but I have to say this spray and this texturizer is changing my life right now. You think I’m exaggerating but if you’ve had postpartum hair loss you know I’m UNDER selling these products. ha!

Remember how I said my girlfriends and I do stocking stuffer gifts at Christmas and do one big Christmas dinner? We each bring one stocking stuffer around $10 and then we pass to the right or left and gift a friend. I got these heart sunglasses [originally from this boutique] and I love them. They are a really fun trend right now, but I’m kind of hoping they are like palm print and here to stay for a bit.

When I found this dress online I loved how versatile it would be. I’ve paired it with sneakers for a casual look, heels for work and now these sandals to show a fun date option. I really want to belt it because I do think the waistline of it is screaming, “Belt me!” but I haven’t found the perfect thing. Do you have a high-wasted belt you love?!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Carson wrote:

    What size are you wearing for reference?
    Thank you 🙂

    Published 12 Jan 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Carson! I have on a size small. It’s a little bit larger in the waist, but more fitted in the arms! Not sure if that helps you to compare to your body type! xo

      Published 12 Jan 18Reply
  2. Allison R wrote:

    I was just about to comment “yeah I’m gonna need a full hair product lineup for this look,” and then read that you’ll be doing that soon. LOVE!

    Published 12 Jan 18Reply
  3. Sam wrote:

    Ive been using the invati system (the old line- when I finish these bottles I will definitely get the advanced system!) for a while now and have been LOVING IT!! The shampoo and conditioner alone have been helping me, and I honestly stopped using the spray because it makes my hair greasy when I use it twice a day as directed. Does this happen to you, or do you only spray it on wet hair? Do you have any tips for using it? I feel like it would be even more effective if I could use the spray! Reading COF is one of my favorite parts of my morning, thanks for making it such a fun thing to look forward to every day!

    Published 12 Jan 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Sam! Thanks so much for reading! It does! 🙁 When I do my blog post that’s going to be the one con I mention. I have really coarse hair so I could honestly just wash my hair once a week but this leaves like that film on the roots so I have to wash every other day. Because I’m getting so much new growth it doesn’t bother me, but I see how it *could* be annoying in 6 months+. I have started to just spray once a day if I need my style to last! xo

      Published 12 Jan 18Reply
  4. Hilary L wrote:

    I had a formal dress last year for my law school formal that also had a waist that screamed “belt me!” I got a gold metal belt from ASOS that had a chain clasp in the back. I felt like it made my dress so much more special!

    Published 12 Jan 18Reply
  5. You look gorgeous! A LBD is every girl’s essential! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 13 Jan 18Reply
  6. Allyson Lacoste wrote:

    Hi Katey! First, I love this look! A great LBD is always a staple to have a few of in your closet :). I thought I remembered you saying you would be doing a post on your Kisabeth chairs soon, and I wanted to give you an update on ours! I noticed when I took the pillow cushion off that they were Kisabeth, and I knew thats what you just purchased.My mom bought these two huge, gorgeous gold chairs about 18+ years ago, and they are still in amazing condition. We are giving our living room a facelift, so she recently got them recovered to a gold cheetah print fabric (we had a woman come in and do a custom recovering). The chairs look brand new and are still comfy! I thought you might like to know that even after 18 years, they still look amazing and now even better that we got them recovered. Now I see why my mom wanted to keep them so bad – they are truly great quality. If you would like me to email you some before and after pictures, I’d be happy to!! I look forward to reading all your upcoming posts this year as your blog is always how I start my day!

    Published 13 Jan 18Reply
  7. Mary wrote:

    This dress looks super fab on you! I honestly don’t think you need a belt– I love it! Love the addition of the classic Chanel pin. Love your haircut, too!

    Published 13 Jan 18Reply
  8. Katie wrote:

    This LBD is so cute on you, Katey- I love how classic it is!


    Published 15 Jan 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much, Katie! xo

      Published 18 Jan 18Reply