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My birthday is on Saturday and per my usual routine, I like to make a list of over-the-top frivolous finds I’ll *wish* for. Nothing here is all too practical except maybe bath salts, hand cream and this lippy in “Holographic Pink”. Okay, who am I kidding? I think it’s all a necessity, the prices however are not.

I do think it’s worth nothing that my real-life wish list would be:

  1. A fabulous nap.
  2. No laundry for a week.
  3. A self-cleaning high chair.
  4. Great weather to take Maxi to the zoo.
  5. A LONG & LEISURELY lunch with girlfriends.

Okay, let’s talk the goods.

{1} Clare V. Clutch

I’ve worn my leopard cowhide Clare V. clutch into the ground, and I love this color scheme for spring!

{2} Dyson Hair Dryer

Has there ever been a more controversial hair dryer? I think not. In fact, when this first came on the market I boldly said on Snapchat that this was nuts. Did your hair dry à la Sleeping Beauty with it? But then I started hearing how holy grail this product was. Over and over again. I also started hearing how much of a waste of money this was. I researched and polled y’all. General consensus {I found} was that if you have coarse, unruly hair {hello Katey!} you love it. It changes your life. You don’t even bat an eye at what you spent. If you have finer, more “calm” hair you think this is a joke. Granted, there were a few crossover experiences I found, but I read 70+ e-mails/DM’s/comments [with my eyes GLUED to every word] and I feel confident wanting this.

{3} Goop Bath Soak

At first I have to chuckle at the idea of an emotional detox bath soak. Then, Julia, said she ordered it and I thought, “SOLD!” I’m an easy sale, no? But I always crave a bath when I’m emotional and sleepy, so why not add some luxurious bath salts to wallow in my exhaustion?

{4} David Yurman Rainbow Necklace

Y’all know my love for DY pieces. I thought this was far too cute to not include. I’ll love it from afar.

{5} White Heart Sunglasses

Remember my black pair hereThese are a similar pair for $9!

{6} Colleen Rothschild Hand Cream

While having the flu, I spent a good hour watching Youtubers rave about this hand cream. I couldn’t even tell you how I got in a black hole about it, but I did.

{7} Travel Wallet

My friend has this wallet for travel and I eyeball it each time I see it in her hand. I have a few work trips coming up so it seems perfect. I love a bold wallet.

{8} Dior Pink Holographic Lip Balm

Laura bought this so now I must buy it as well. Are we sensing a theme here? I’m easily influenced. I feel a bit embarrassed, but I’ll live.

{9} Bibliotheca Fragrance Discovery Set

Okay, I promise this is the last product I want thanks to someone else. But my girlfriend, Amy Beth’s sister is a fragrance feign. Amy Beth is always telling me about her sister’s recent finds and she called me a few weeks ago saying her sister said we had to get this. You can layer them and find your favorite scent. But of course after last week’s blog post y’all have given me at least 37 fragrances to try.

{10} Straw Tote

How cute is this monogrammed tote to carry Maxi girl’s things at the pool?!

{11} Goop Vitamins

Okay, okay, this is a BIT of a joke. But after our winter maybe it shouldn’t be. I mean truly, even our friends are joking about how sick we’ve all been since November.

{12} Fornasetti Plate

I’ve never really collected anything, and I really want to start collecting Fornasetti. I envision our dining room having the plates on the wall!

{13 } Pink Bag

Me in a bag. The end.

I hope y’all enjoyed this fun little roundup! Truthfully, I am just beyond thrilled to eat strawberry cake and have an entire day with Paul and Maxi! My people are my favorite!

And with the Shopbop Sale still going strong until the weekend, here is a bit of a list of things I adore:

  • I actually already purchased this for our friend’s couple’s shower we are hosting next weekend! It fit TTS.
  • These would be so chic paired with light denim in the spring.
  • If you love the Celine Luggage Nano bag, I think this is a sweet option that is going to give you the same structured look.
  • When it comes to travel items, I adore this brand. I’ve purchased about three of their pieces over the years and the jewelry roll is something I have my eye on.
  • On a jewelry note, I use a few of these in my closet to organize my finer jewelry.
  • I have this top and live in it at home with Maxi!
  • A pink blouse with white denim for summer date nights.

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  1. Happy early birthday! I hope all your wishes come true… and you get some of these items on your wishlist! 😉 Have fun tomorrow, Katey! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 02 Mar 18Reply
  2. Loving all of this! <3 

    Published 02 Mar 18Reply
  3. Great list! Happy Early Birthday!!!

    Published 02 Mar 18Reply
  4. Have a wonderful birthday, Katey! <3

    Published 03 Mar 18Reply