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Hi friends! Apologies on this post going up later in the day! My car had to go into the shop and so we spent all afternoon playing magical cars getting a rental and swapping car seats out left and right. The silver lining is I got to drive like 3 different cars {Paul had to get a rental for his car getting serviced and I had to get a rental for my car getting fixed and then we had to swap a rental because it didn’t fit our car seat and stroller} so it was like a fun day of random test driving?! haha.

A capsule wardrobe is quite the blogging buzzword. How nice is it to cultivate your personal style with a simplistic wardrobe?! As I’ve thought how to share one on COF, I decided I’d share a COF wardrobe post first. I went through my like to know it page along with all my blog post images the past year and pulled the most common things you’ll find me wearing! If you prefer a more classic wardrobe, try adding in just one of these pieces for a trendier look. I think by bringing in one staple someone else wears, it allows you to broaden your usual uniform and find what makes your own look unique.

Printed Robes

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I live in a printed robe while getting ready and it is one of my hacks for feeling more together as a mama. I may be cleaning the floors with 6-day greasy hair, but I have on a robe that I absolutely love! Flora Nikrooz makes my go-to silk robes and I have been attached to that brand since I wore one on my wedding day. The prints she uses honestly look like a wallpaper I’d want in a room, and I’m allllll for wallpaper. ha!

Great Sneakers

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I always keep a pair of sneakers in my car and will switch into them after heels or any other unrealistic shoe. If you have a pair of great sneakers, you can truly wear them with anything from a dress to athleisure. I remember a few seasons ago Ken Downing saying that sneakers were going to be the shoe to invest in in the next couple years. I nodded and thought, “I mean yeah if you dress sporty!” But now I’m far more tempted by a sneaker than a heel. One of my favorite things about fashion week is seeing girls in fabulous dresses and white sneakers. The juxtaposition {and reality of it} is amazing to me! I love these by M.Gemi and I am so into Golden Goose right now. I got my Golden Goose off eBay and love them!

Bow Shorts

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I feel like I have only worn bow shorts this summer. I love the high waist. I love the detail. I love that you automatically look a little fancier than you are! These are my favorite from Shopbop, but how cute are these? I’ll pull some more below!

Cropped Denim

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The cropped jean is the new skinny jean in my book. I’m 5’3″ so I already am thrilled I don’t have to tailor these. But most importantly, I love that these showcase your shoes! I wear cropped denim with heels, espadrilles, mules, and slides. My favorite pair is sold out, but I’ll link similar.

Pink Blazer

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I’m a proud outfit repeater and this blazer is a testament to that. This is really the only blazer in my closet and in my book, the only one I need. 😉 You can see it over a dress here, but my favorite way to wear it is with a simple tee and denim. If you’re trying to add a few girly touches to your wardrobe, I say go with a pink blazer. The structure will still keep it classic, but the color is a fun pop.


When I’m at home, I’m in Wildfox or Barefoot Dreams. My “Hollywouldn’t” “Chips & Salsa Diet” and “Diet Coke” sweatshirt are all Wildfox and that’s what is on Insta Stories 24/7. 😉 They are pricier for sweatshirts, but they last for years {I wear some that are 5+ years old} even if you wash them 3x a week {what I do!}. They hold up so well, they are cozy, and I always feel bad because they are the #1 clothing item I get direct messages about. However, once they sell out that specific style is typically never restocked as they just make seasonal collections.

Gorjana Hoops

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If I’m not wearing statement earrings {my bread and butter in life- live for them!} I’m in my Gorjana G Ring Hoops. These are essentially my simple day-to-day earrings and I love that their quality is amazing. I’ve had these since before I was pregnant, wear them at least 4x a week and they look brand new. I’ve slept in them, showered in them, swam in them, etc. You can’t tell that they are even a month old, much less, years old. They have a different design than a traditional hoop and so I always get lots of compliments on them.

Pink Sandals

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These bow sandals by Isa Tapia are quite the conversation starter! I wear these when I am dressing up and from your feedback on Instagram, you all love these! Sadly, I got the last pair from Shopbop and they’ve been sold out ever since. However, you can find them on The Real Real in leather and I also see these on Amazon. I think the stunning factor of these is the pink velvet and I’ll link some of my other favorites below.

A Delicate Gold Necklace

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I firmly believe in a second-skin necklace that you wear daily! I typically wear my “Maxi” necklace by Lola James Jewelry, but I also love this star one and this “M” necklace. My other daily necklace you see me wear is this disc one from Made by Mary. Along with my wedding ring, these are some of my most sentimental pieces of jewelry I own.

Free People Bralettes

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Living in a climate where it feels like summer 70% of the year, I live in bralettes! They are perfect for off-the-shoulder tops and tanks with weird backs, etc. The Free People Adella Bralette is my favorite and I feel it is the most supportive out of other bralettes I have tried. I have it in a few colors and wear it more often than my traditional bras.

I challenge you to think of 10 things you think really make up your personal style wardrobe. Then, think of someone else’s style and mix in one of their staples. You’ll be surprised at what you feel confident in and what inspires you!

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  1. Thank you for your recommendations, Katey! ❤️ I love your sporty outfit in the denim jacket, leggings and sneakers. So simple, yet so chic! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 15 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much girl! xo, Katey

      Published 16 Aug 18Reply
  2. Yes! I LOVE printed robes!! <3


    Published 16 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oh yes, girl! They are my fave!! xx, Katey

      Published 16 Aug 18Reply
  3. Annaliese wrote:

    The Free People bralette has been on my wishlist for such a long time. This is such a fun post Katey!! 🙂 I’m all about bow shorts and YES to cute bathrobes! I live in robes at home.

    xoxo A

    Published 16 Aug 18Reply
  4. Stephanie wrote:

    Love this post!! I’ve had those Gorjana hoops in my Nordstrom cart for over a month. I think I’m going to pull the trigger!

    Published 16 Aug 18Reply
  5. Megan Wilkinson wrote:

    I have been looking for a green top/dress to wear to a tailgate and I was catching up on your blog posts and I’m so glad you re posted the outfit where you are wearing the green top!

    Can’t wait till your emails come back. I love reading them in the morning before work!

    Published 17 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw yay! So glad! Me too. 🙁 Hopefully will get an update this week on it!! xx, Katey

      Published 20 Aug 18Reply
  6. Christi wrote:

    I love how positive you were about the car thing…stuff like that makes me crazy! I love your picks!

    Published 18 Aug 18Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much! Oh girl, it was driving me nuts! But just had to get excited over the test drives! haha. xo, Katey

      Published 20 Aug 18Reply