Not Your Mama’s Charm Bracelet

The Details

32″ Chain Link Necklace-goldGold Chain Link Bracelet | K Charm Gold | Gold Bangle | Small Gold Lion | Dress | Shoes | Photography by: Madison Katlin | In partnership with Kendra Scott. All opinions are my own!

Raise your hand if you had a charm bracelet growing up!

My mom had one so full that my dad would always joke that one extra charm was going to make it break. I got my first charm bracelet when my parents told me they were pregnant with my sister, Kirsten! They had a long road to that with my mom having a lot of miscarriages, so I still remember that Sunday morning. It was actually Easter and so they put a charm bracelet with a “big sister” charm in my Easter Basket. When I turned 18, my Meme gifted me her charm bracelet she had as a child as well as my mother’s charm bracelet she had as a child. They are so special to me and pieces I keep in a special chest that I will pass down to Maxi {and any other daughters} one day.

Charm bracelets and charm jewelry take that frivolous aspect out of jewelry and add in the sentiment. You add a charm to commemorate a special moment, to make an announcement, to honor a memory.

But today…I’m not talking about your mama’s charm bracelet. I’m talking about the new version. The glam version. The Kendra Scott version.

Kendra Scott just launched her charm collection and it is luxe and accessible all at the same time. They clasp easily, so you can automatically wear your gift and there’s an array of styles from rose gold to vintage gold and every personalized charm you could imagine.

Now the other thing that makes this the updated version of a charm bracelet, is the fact that Kendra considered how not everyone rocks bracelets. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have something special just your own. There are earrings, necklaces, and different bangles. I actually went with a bangle option because I like that I can intermix it with other bangles on a day-to-day basis.

These also make a really fabulous personalized gift option. Say you have a bride and you aren’t sure how the bridesmaids could spoil her at her bachelorette party?! Everyone could pitch in on a bangle {$30} and then each bridesmaid could get her a charm special to them. Add her new initials, the state they are getting married in, and a cherry blossom tree to represent good fortune!

I got 2 charms {hoping Paul adds more in my stocking- hint, hint} my initial and a lion. The small lion represents that you should never tame who you are. I got it as a reminder to embrace myself because Maxi is always watching me. If I talk down to myself or tell myself that I am not doing something well enough, then I know one day Maxi could do the same.

How glam can a sentimental collection be?! Kendra, you’ve done it again! As if I needed a reason to go into the store more than I already do… ha. 😉 Did you have a charm bracelet growing up?!

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  1. A charm bracelet is such a great idea! So elegant too! I wish I’d had one growing up! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 10 Oct 18Reply
  2. Laura Leigh wrote:

    With you girl, had a charm bracelet growing up and it sits in my jewelry chest now. And I have one of these new Kendra Scott ones – love it. So fun and as you said, glam!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

    Published 10 Oct 18Reply
  3. OMGGGGG Maxi is the cutest little thing! Dying over her :Milk drunk” photos towards the end <3

    Published 11 Oct 18Reply
  4. Scarlett wrote:

    I love this updated one soo much. My charm bracelet was James Avery and it’s sits in my jewelry chest with my high school ring. I actually pulled it out last week to look at it and show my daughter. She mentioned she wanted one. I think I am going to start her one for Christmas.

    Published 11 Oct 18Reply