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Without a doubt, your most requested post for this year’s NSale has been beauty buys! So today, your wish is my command. I’m breaking down the 10 items from the sale I use ALL the time. I’ll also be sharing some southern hair must-haves below as a few are on sale. 🙂 Because what’s more COF than full hair and a full wrist of bracelets?! ha. Partially joking!

  1. Neulash: I’ve never gotten lash extensions or been tempted thanks to this serum. This stuff changes lives, y’all. I’m going to include a reader DM {she said I could share!} at the bottom of this list to show you all. I’ve tried many lash serums and this is my favorite. I’ve sent it to friends that have had their brows waxed far too thin and they call me in tears and I tell them to use this on them. {There is also Neubrow, but I just recommend Neulash for this since you can use on your lashes, too!} I’ve sent it to my friends as they prep for their weddings and want to go makeup-free on their honeymoon. You will get the longest lashes. Use every night for 6 weeks and you may be skeptical, but you’ll see at the end. Now that I’ve used it for years, I just apply once or twice a week for maintenance. This is also my top beauty recommendation during the NSale. However, do not use this if you are pregnant or nursing!
  2. My Straightening Iron: This is the iron I purchased sale and I LOVE it because it keeps volume at the root of your hair. The edge of it is curved, and so if you pull the iron up away from your roots as you style, you get amazing volume. I don’t love a ton of straightening irons because it feels like they are just making your hair totally flat. I don’t feel that way with this one.
  3. Lip Kit: Did you see my post on Pillow Talk here? You can see what this lipstick looks like on my lips in that post, but this lip liner in the set is the one I’ve repurchased the most in my makeup bag. This set is so flattering on so many skin tones and gives you a fool-proof pink nude look. I follow Vogue beauty editors on Instagram and this is the lip set they all swear by and will just take this on vacation, sunscreen, and nothing else!
  4. Glopro: My review on microneedling is quite lengthy in this post, so I can’t mention the NSale beauty portion and not mention the Glopro. The best part about the Glopro is you can get results without product. If you are pregnant or nursing and very careful with your skin care ingredients, you can still use this by itself and it helps rebuild your collagen and increase cellular turnover. This product helps with everything from fine lines to acne scarring! I bought this for my mom for Christmas two years ago, so this would be a wonderful gift to prepurchase for the holidays.
  5. My Sunscreen: I’m a huge Supergoop! fan and this set of 3 is such a great value. I’m actually running very low on sunscreen right now and this is in my cart to order today. We are a Supergoop! family.
  6. Weekly Self-Tanner: Don’t miss today’s blog post on self-tanner here. My go-to brand is currently on sale in the big bottles so it will last you all year. This is the one I use and get the most compliments on my tan.
  7. Long-Lasting Self-Tanner: Going on a trip? This is the self-tanner I recommend to give you a deep glow all week long. It’s also reviewed in my blog post today!
  8. Big Hair: Want Victoria Secret waves? Look no further than Oribe Dry Texture Spray. This is the product that first got me obsessed with creating big waves. I adore Oribe as a hair brand and if you want to treat yourself, I recommend this set. The dry shampoo and texture spray will give you the most beautiful volume and work to extend the longevity of your style.
  9. Favorite Perfume: I’ve been raving about YSL Black Opium since my newlywed days. It’s always on my perfume tray and this perfume set allows you to keep one for yourself and give two away as gifts. Stock your gift closet this sale, remember?! 😉
  10. Beach Bag Must: My beach or pool bag is never without this setting spray. This is my second year to use this product and I love to apply it all day!  I apply it when I finish my makeup. I apply it at the pool when I’m feeling a bit warmer or the sun feels intense. I apply it after the pool before we head to grab a quick bite. This setting spray is so refreshing, packed with sun protection, and helps control oil & shine which makes it perfect for long days out in the sun.

What about those big hair recommendations?!

  • This Oribe Texture Set keeps your hair perfectly tousled. I love Oribe products because they won’t give you that super “tacky” feeling that many volumizing products give off. If you prefer more California waves to Southern curls, you’ll also love this set as I think this texture spray is best for WAVES.
  • How do I curl my hair? If I want to focus more on volume than curl, I use hot rollers and you can see my post here. If I want long-lasting curls, I use this curling iron.
  • Whether I have curled my hair or just straightened my hair, I use a volume spray after. How is this different than texture spray? They are really similar, I just use them differently. I use texture spray when my hair has beach waves or has air dried or I just want a more tousled look. I use volume spray when I have curled my hair and want that perfectly styled “news anchor” look. I call it that because I think news anchors always have perfect volume! Dry Blast is probably the strongest product I use and this will make your hair BIG! A little goes a long way and I love it. It saved me after postpartum hair loss and I felt my hair was so thin! I love the Kenra spray for when my hair is straight and I just want some soft volume.
  • How about making the ends of your hair full? We all have those moments where the ends of our hair feel less than full. Maybe we are overdue for a trim or we’ve just been fighting fine ends! This volume creme is my secret! Apply a small amount in your hands and then tousle it through the ends. The ends will look like you got a blunt cut and are so thick!
  • What hairspray do you use? I always am testing new hairsprays because I like to see if I can find one better than this. I have used this hairspray for over 7 years because it gives a great, flexible hold. I only wash my hair a few times a week, so if something is TOO strong hair product piles up and my hair feels gross. However, I don’t want a fine mist that doesn’t last. This hairspray is the best of both worlds. If I’m fighting humidity and bad weather, I love this hairspray!
  • I always apply velcro rollers on the crown of my head after I curl before I tease. I curl, put these in where I tease, leave in while I do my makeup, then take out and tease.

I hope this is helpful as you browse the sale for your finds! What beauty products are you grabbing this year?

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