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Oh, the joy of finding space for that extra toy. The Polly Pockets, the Legos, the blocks…so many little pieces! Finding functional organization keeps mama feeling calm and Maxi feeling happy she can find her prized possessions. 😉

So you know you need storage, but how do you find storage that adds to your home decor aesthetic? The exact storage that works for your child’s toys + your home aesthetic isn’t a unicorn- it does exist, but sometimes comes with a few leisurely Homegoods runs to hunt down what you need. But leave me to the trial and error, friends. Today, I’m talking about five of my favorite toy storage finds that won’t let you sacrifice style or sanity.

Skirted Ottomans

One of my favorite storage finds just might be these skirted ottomans from The Inside. I ordered them back in January, and they are deceptive on how much they store! From the outside, they look like a designer accent to any space. Open the lid, and you can fit dozens upon dozens of Barbies, American Girl Doll accessories, and more. The Inside has over 100 fabric options to customize your furniture, but instead of months of lead time, it’s just weeks.


For baby toys and shared toys, I love baskets. These are from Pottery Barn and let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room- they are a bit pricy. The reason I love them is they are so well made. I’ve had Pottery Barn baskets in my home that are 6 or 7 years old and look brand new, whereas one from Target starts to show wear at that point. I joke this could be run over by an 18-wheeler and it would still be structured and beautiful. So if you know you’re rough on your items, don’t glance over this one. Use your Key Rewards if you have an account, get them on sale, and enjoy them in your home decor. I’ll link a few more that I think make a statement alone just on the floor, so you can toss the toys. If you have a smaller nursery or no playroom, you won’t sacrifice style in the living room using a large basket from this collection to house their Fisher-Price collection.

Ikea Hemnes Table

I have a blog post featuring this table here and here, but sadly Ikea discontinued it. Like a bad breakup, Ikea chose to hit us when we were down {or rather home trying to entertain our kids for a year!} and so you can’t grab it there anymore! But, I see them on Facebook buy/sell/trade or Marketplace groups daily, so you could probably grab one there. If not, the Kallax shelf unit would give you a very similar look. I use these fabric bins from Target in it. If you are really sold on the Hemnes design, this one is similar!

Ballard Designs Nesting Baskets

If you’re looking for nursery storage, look no further than the Ballard Designs Nesting Baskets. The scallop details are sweet, the monogram options are there, and they are quite large without looking overpowering. Over the years, I’ve used them for stuffed animals, blankets, Boppy pillows, and now Maxi uses them to store Polly Pockets, Legos, and Barbie houses. You can usually get them at least 20% off if you sign up for Ballard coupons. While people joke they are all over Instagram, I like to say it is for good reason. They are gorgeous!


If you’ve got closet shelf space, clear containers might be your best bet. Over Christmas, my mom gave me all these Amazon containers with the gifts she gave the kids. It was the BEST gift for myself because I didn’t have the spend the 26th finding a home for all the bit sand pieces. You can see my blog post on how I organize her closet here. I also label mine- if you don’t label it ends up being a bit frustrating if someone else tries to help clean, and ends up moving your organization around. Use clear containers for figurines, baby doll accessories, train pieces, puzzles, and any loose bits and bobs.

A child’s most important job is play, and while I would never pretend that the goal is to keep things tidy from the moment they wake to the moment they sleep, I think creating child-friendly storage solutions set them up for success. They learn to clean early, be a helper, and take responsibility. And for as child-friendly as our homes turn out to be, it doesn’t hurt when the storage is easy on the eyes. 😉 I hope these 5 options help you tackle your next mess!

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  1. Love these ideas! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 19 Mar 21Reply
  2. Brittany Matteucci wrote:

    Love this! Wondering where the play table and chairs are from?

    Published 22 Mar 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Brittany! They are from Restoration Hardware! 🙂

      Published 24 Mar 21Reply
  3. Brooke Miller wrote:

    Does your code for The Inside still work? I’m having trouble using it.

    Published 22 Sep 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Oh gosh, I am unsure! I used it about 2 or 3 months ago myself and it worked, but it may have expired. 🙁 I’m sorry!

      Published 22 Sep 21Reply