Happy Birthday Harry

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This time last year I was headed to the hospital to be induced with our little miracle baby. I think back on the beginning of 2021 and “The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds.” comes to mind. I talked about my birth story a little bit here, but as more time goes on, and I talk to other mamas that experienced a scary pregnancy, I am reminded of just how hard that season can be. It was a year in which my own little world felt like it was falling apart with a scary pregnancy and a year where it felt like THE world was falling apart. But Harry was our physical form of “Fear not” from the Lord.

In church, I often hear, “None of this surprises the Lord.” Up until my pregnancy with Harry, I’d shrug and think, “Well, yes, but you see, it surprises me!” But this past year, I learned what that truly means, thanks to Harry. This podcast with Jacki Hill and Jennie Allen talks about holiness and how we respond when we are surprised and find bad things happening. In these moments where God is not surprised, but we are, and our hearts ache for comfort she reminded me of such truths.

a few notes I took:

“If God is good, why would he allow bad things to happen? Our circumstances can never be the final say in what we think about God. He has promised he will restore this world. He has promised our trials are doing something good. Because he hears and is close to our struggles. In Exodus, he sent Moses. He saw our sin, sent his Son, and he lived and suffered, too. He empathizes.”

“As image-bearers, God has given us the opportunity to understand. But in this Tik Tok culture, we don’t have the patience to sit and understand the Bible.”

“The message of holy is so often, “stop doing” when it should be “behold.” Look up. Look at God. And by beholding we become.”

As I sit next to a slew of Fisher-Price toys I’ve got to put together before our birthday boy wakes up, I can’t help but think these were the truths the Lord wanted to impress upon my heart the past two years. It was only when I was looking up at the Lord in all these circumstances that I found peace. And in turn, he gave us the greatest gift of all, my Harry.

Harry if you ever read this one day {and I apologize for probably being the embarrassing mom fashion blogger 😉 } I hope you are reminded of these truths I learned throughout your birth. The world can be quite disappointing. We will cling to comfort, control, and current events in an effort to dictate how we feel about ourselves, our future, and others. But what a messy, messy way to live. I hope that in those moments of fear, you look up, you behold, and you see what a holy God we serve. I hope you see the testimony of your life. I hope you look at the ultrasounds where my bleed was the size of you you, and you still stopped it. You, an unborn child, used your tiny little foot to save you and your mama. What a detailed God we serve! I hope you know that this life is a blip in the scheme of things, and there is an answer for peace on it.

Because each and every time I have had the privilege of rocking you this past year, I have been reminded of those truths. You have been the sweetest, purest prayer answered in physical form. You have grown my heart, my happiness, and my hope in Christ to immeasurable amounts. We will always share such a special bond because of it. Today you are one and oh, let the fun begin! The walking, the running, the giggling, the messes, the trouble. ha!  If I could birth you with a mask on, with a placenta that was black, and a world that was on lockdown- this should be the sweetest piece of cake, right?! 😉

I love you forever, my baby boy. I pray you live boldy in your truth and “Fear not” each and every day.

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  1. Wendy wrote:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!! God has blessed you with the honor of being Harry’s mom. Enjoy this special day!! ?

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  2. Ana Finck wrote:

    I’m crying! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Happy birthday sweet boy!

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  3. Karina wrote:

    Crying as I read this Katey…you have such a beautiful way of putting things into words. Happy birthday to sweet Harry.

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  4. Rosamary Rodriguez-Tellaheche wrote:

    Sweet Katey, you and Harry are true testaments of the Lord’s blessings. Thank you for sharing your faith, it truly does remind me to keep and growing my faith. Happy Birthday Harry!!! Congratulations to you and your family!

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  5. Sooo cute! Happy birthday Harry! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  6. Kimm wrote:

    Happy birthday Harry ?

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  7. Demi Cook wrote:

    I needed this so much.
    The world can be quite disappointing but behold
    What a powerful wonderful God we serve

    This is healing to hear.
    Thank you and happy birthday Harry!!

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  8. Deanne Williams wrote:

    Happy Birthday Harry! What a beautiful story and family!❤️??

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  9. Kristin E Gonzales wrote:

    Happy Birthday to the sweetest babe, Harry. At just one, you are already such a gift to this world. ???

    Published 09 Jun 21Reply
  10. Haleigh Collins wrote:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing your faithfulness and I pray your blessings continue!! ?

    Published 12 Jun 21Reply
  11. Anna wrote:

    This is such a beautiful and sentimental testament to your little boy!!!
    I am currently 32 weeks measuring 34 about to have my first baby, a boy! A bit nervous about birth and the fact he is measuring so big. Your post reminds me this is just a season and there will be more moments to look forward to. Thank you for sharing. I love your blog btw and all of your home decor and inspiration! Sending love from Frisco, TX 🙂

    Published 29 Jul 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Congratulations, Anna! Oh my goodness, what a blessing. Boys are so sweet and goodness, they love their mama’s. Praying for a smooth and healthy delivery for you!

      Published 29 Jul 21Reply
  12. Taylor wrote:

    crying as I read your words. your heart for Him is refreshing. your bold and genuine need to share His impact on your life is what keeps me coming back to your website for inspiration. thank you for that. I made a goal when I was pregnant to read through the Bible…I’ve started and reading these words was the encouragement I needed tonight. “As image-bearers, God has given us the opportunity to understand. But in this Tik Tok culture, we don’t have the patience to sit and understand the Bible.”

    Published 16 Feb 22Reply