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Nothing embodies the holidays to me quite like the look of a Courtly Check piece of serveware on a kitchen island. Whether it’s the comfort of my parent’s home during the holidays, the gifting of a piece of MacKenzie-Childs Butterfly Garden to my Nana, or the memory I have of making macaroni and cheese in my MC Casserbole for Thanksgiving the exact moment a nurse called to tell me Harry was a boy. I mean did we not all watch Kris Jenner cook holiday meals with her Courtly Check kitchen? Or am I the only one that had that guilty pleasure in college…{please tell me I’m not alone!}

The brand has become so deeply sentimental to me for a million little reasons, and I love knowing that so many of you feel the same. Like a piece of cookware passed down in a family, the brand is something treasured between generations. I thought a little Q&A centered around holiday decor would be fun! With impending shipping delays this season, you’ve probably already started planning your holiday decor as I have! Thank you Barn Sale for the stash of ribbon I have now accumulated. 😉 I asked your top questions on Instagram about a month ago, and have compiled all my favorite links and resources for you. Think of this as your Sparknotes to holiday decor.

Because if there is anything we’ve learned the past two years {and truly, I hate to harp on this anymore than social media already does} it is that the most important things are the little things. The feeling of falling asleep on the sofa after Thanksgiving lunch, the way your mom ties bows on presents, and the specific ornaments you pull out year after year. Decorating isn’t all the frivolity it is cracked out to be. It’s cultivating an environment for your family to find joy and rest in. Here is how I do that….

How do you Style your MacKenzie-Childs pieces for Halloween decor throughout November?

The key here is to remember two spaces: mantle and table. Mantle and table, friends. Mantle and table. Other little vignettes throughout my home {think entry space, side tables, and buffets} can feature Halloween-specific decor with my MacKenzie-Childs witch’s hat or cauldron. The mantle and the table can be styled for Thanksgiving once the clock strikes midnight after Trick-Or-Treating without having to redo the spaces. On your mantle, place your favorite MC pumpkins and do the same on your dining table. I have photos below to share inspiration. This year I added fall floral stems in my vases on the mantle, but you could also mix in magnolia leaves in between your pumpkins on the mantle or table to get the same look. Play in with oranges, greens, and gold to continue the look into November.

What should I register for?

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! If you’d like a more in-depth post, here is my blog post for registering. From that, I’d say you must register for a tea kettle, placemats {some of my favorite MC items!}, a 3-tier sweet stand for serving, cookware, mugs, a set of plates in your favorite print, and something for your first Christmas together.

How do you style MacKenzie-Childs pieces for different holidays?

You can mix and match different patterns to create a seasonally appropriate setting {here is a blog post on that!} but there are a few staples I will always recommend. First, grab a Courtly Check wreath hanger. I use it year-round, but find it makes all my seasonal pieces pop. Royal Check is my favorite way to celebrate the 4th and I love the Courtly Check basket for housing Easter Eggs and even Valentine hearts in February. You can tie a holiday ribbon on top to make it work for each different celebration. But for something to use each holiday, keep a backstock of the MC ribbon. Courtly Check is as perfect for Valentine’s Day with pink as it is for Christmas with red and green.

What are your favorite ways to use Courtly Check outside of the kitchen?

I love this question because I think so often, we assume that Courtly Check works best for the kitchen. But you can use plenty of MC prints in the kitchen and Courtly Check throughout your home for a whimsical nod to a traditional favorite. When adding the classic black and white in your home think: buffets, bathrooms, and patios. Your buffet or sideboard can be filled with anything from seasonal Courtly Check pieces to staples like a cloche and pedestal. Your bathrooms or powder baths can always use a touch of MC, you can see how we redecorated Maxi’s bathroom here. And the patio filled with Courtly Check boxwoods and mats provide a welcoming entrance. The jumbo flower pots are on my wish list!

How do I lighten up my darker kitchen with MacKenzie-Childs? I have wood cabinets and black counters.

We drew up a mock darker kitchen below as an example, but this is the perfect time to bring in Parchment Check and a little blue and white! First, add a kitchen lamp in the corner. It’s one of my favorite tricks to make a kitchen cozy as cozy as a Nancy Meyer’s film. Use a Parchment Check utensil holder with cohesive wooden utensils- an assortment can be a bit distracting with a darker space. Place a tea kettle on the stove with a colorful dish towel on the oven. Don’t forget a cookie jar in the corner by your cookbooks!

How would you style a MacKenzie-Childs coffee bar?

I love to use a tray and canisters for my coffee bar area! I don’t have a buffet table or anything for it, but even just placing your Nespresso on a tray with a few MC pieces add such brightness to your morning ritual. Here is a large tray and here is a smaller one I have. I use large canisters to hold my espresso pods and then the small vases to house my coffee spoons.

What are your favorite pieces for gifting?

Gifting MacKenzie-Childs means gifting holiday memories and whimsical accents to the places they call home. Here are a few of my go-to’s!

  • Need something for your husband’s family or a family friend that has everything? You can never go wrong with a Courtly Check frame. Go ahead and print a black and white photo of them with their family so they don’t have to!
  • Have a baby shower or little one’s birthday party? The bears and dinnerware sets are classic favorites. The plates are my favorite ones for my kids’ meals and Maxi still sleeps with her MC bear she got as a baby! It is well-loved and holds up beautifully. They also have mini ones now, too!
  • Want to express gratitude or sympathy? A beloved MC cookie jar with a gift certificate to their favorite bakery is a gift for now and later.
  • What about the girl that has everything? A flower pot {bonus points for adding a plant!}, a spoon rest, or the Celebrating MacKenzie-Childs book.

What would you as recommend the first 5 pieces to buy from MacKenzie-Childs?

This is always such a fun question to answer, as I am always honored to play the smallest part as someone starts their collection of MacKenzie-Childs! It seems cliché, but you simply must start with a tea kettle. I think in the hustle and bustle of our lives and our in-person relationships transitioning to virtual {for better or worse!} we have got to protect the art of conversation around the kitchen table. A tea kettle placed on your stove is a welcome reminder to friends and family you can and will stop to chat over a cup of tea. This may be Chronicles of Frivolity, but I’m also a mother of 2, and practical always wins. A MacKenzie-Childs paper towel holder softens an everyday item used with chores. If you love organization, grab some canisters next. Here is my post on how I use them to organize our pantry. A frame is an item that can seamlessly blend with any style of decor. Last, but not least, a cake stand! I purchased this one for myself a few years ago and I cherish it for each birthday and celebration. You can even use it by your sink to house your favorite candles.

How to style MacKenzie-Childs with a more modern home design?

When you think of MacKenzie-Childs, you probably think of decorating in a more traditional sense or even farmhouse. But I promise it looks just as divine mixed with modern touches as it does in a glam powder bath. I thought the best way to explain this was to share a visual example! Below is how I would use it and I will link the specific items.

What are the top 5 pieces for Christmas decor?

Holiday is my favorite time to browse the MacKenzie-Childs website as they always launch the most beautiful collections. I’d say I love their wreaths, ribbon, and holiday pillows best- but it truly changes each year depending upon their launches. Here are the top 5 things I have in my cart for the holidays this year:

  1. Nativity
  2. Peppermint Ornaments
  3. Candy Cottage Canister– would be so fun with our hot chocolate bar!
  4. Holiday Topiary
  5. Candy Cottage Pedestal Platter

I hope this serves you with inspiration to reference back to all holiday season long! Happy decorating!

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  1. Jane wrote:

    You introduced me to Mackenzie Childs! My first pieces have mostly been seasonal- casserole spoon and dish, butterflies for my Christmas tree, and the Beware pumpkins and flower market pumpkins from the Barn Sale! I have a preschooler and toddler too, so I’m really enjoying building my collection of holiday decor. A royal check everyday bowl to hold fruit on my kitchen counter is next on my list 🙂

    Published 16 Oct 21Reply
  2. Kimm wrote:

    I’ve loved adding pieces each year to my collection…the holiday tea pot is a MUST.

    Published 16 Oct 21Reply
  3. Courtney wrote:

    Oh my goodness!! I absolutely love this blog post! Thank you so much for posting this! It definitely helps out when you’re just getting into buying McKenzie Childs pieces. So many to choose from. Thanks!

    Published 13 Dec 21Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Aw yay!! I am so so glad! xx, Katey

      Published 13 Dec 21Reply
  4. Courtney wrote:

    Love this blog post!! Definitely helpful!

    Published 17 Mar 22Reply
  5. Christine McBride wrote:

    Hi there. I am currently in the process of redesigning my open concept home. My goal is movement toward some more modern/transitional styling but I also happen to love Mackenzie Childs and most of my kitchen is made up of MC pieces. Can you please offer additional advice on integrating the styles together? My kitchen is ceiling height white cabinets with white/black/gray granite counters. Kitchen/living room/formal dining and breakfast area all together open concept. Please help!!!! Thank you.

    Published 03 Oct 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Christine! I apologize, this comment got hidden! I had some plug-ins that weren’t allowing me to see everything. Have you seen the new Sterling Check collection? I think that is key for integrating it with a more transitional style. You can still have the pattern kissing whatever other patterns you have, but the gray softens it. xx, Katey

      Published 13 Jun 23Reply