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Why are styled shelves so charming? It’s the part of a home that tells a story deeper than style and taste. You see what brings the homeowner snippets of joy and peace. Do they gravitate towards groupings of framed photos or candles? What types of books do they purchase? Do they cherish family heirlooms or is minimalism a part of their lifestyle? One quick glance at a bookshelf or two and I feel like I’ve been invited to know part of your story, and that is always an honor!

While I dream of having built-in shelves surrounding a fireplace one day, I have a few spaces in our home where I’m able to style bookshelves. I have an acrylic shelf in our bedroom and shelves in the children’s rooms. I enjoy moving gifts, trinkets, and frames around each shelf so much, Maxi has taken on the habit as well. She saved a few of her favorite birthday cards from last week and kept placing them on her shelves saying, “Mommy, is that a good spot right there?” The apple doesn’t fall far. 😉

Like a good “What’s in My Bag” video, I thought we’d do a “How I Style Shelves” post today! I’m clearly no professional and probably break all the “Pinterest rules” as I am big on styling family frames and gifts- but enjoy a cup of coffee while you scroll and see a bit of our story.

This shelf is an older buy from Ballard Designs. I purchased it in our last home, and you can see it here. It was used in my little “office nook” of our bedroom, but I love it next to our tv here so I can place photos and sentimental pieces. When the rest of my house is chaos from kids, this spot stays clean. Which is maybe why I love it so much! ha.

  • First Shelf: I have a few of my favorite coffee table books and then placed a Vique Botanical Arrangement on top. She is a floral preservation artist and will take flowers from special occasions {think weddings or showers} and preserve it into home decor for you! Such a fantastic gift for a bride or mother-to-be.
  • Second Shelf: I view this as my family shelf. I have photos of both my babies in my favorite Bows & Blue frames. Mark that shop for a shower gift! Then, I placed an acrylic frame from Homegoods on its side to act as a riser. I have two small frames with our favorite wedding photo and my favorite photo of my mother and me. I also have a little guardian angel for my aunt. Then, I have one of my favorite bowls from Aerin. Maxi always places “treasures” in there for me to find. She will place little drawings in there or stick-on earrings.
  • Third Shelf: I have a Sophie Bille Brahe velvet jewelry box on a few coffee table books. I use it to store friendship bracelets I make with the kids.
  • Fourth Shelf: I have two Hermes boxes that I use to store notes from my husband and immediate family.

lamps | dresser is old One King’s Lane

Maxi’s shelf was one of my favorite Restoration Hardware finds– remember this room in our old house? I originally got it for the playroom there, but it fit perfectly in her bedroom here. This gets rearranged most often in the house as she’s always standing on her tippy toes to move her little dolls around. But I have so much joy that she loves her special pieces.

First Shelf: My dad has worked at Lockheed Martin for 37 years. He works in flight testing and when Maxi was born, they gave her a pink F-35 plane. Growing up I was always so proud of my dad because he truly loves what he does, more than airplanes, my dad loves his family. I feel silly because I’m honestly tearing up as I type this, but I truly think my parents are the greatest humans on earth, and this little pink airplane is a precious reminder of that. Next to that pink plane, I have a bow vase I got on a Facebook resale group, and my favorite photo holding Maxi as a baby.

Second Shelf: I have a little ballet grouping on the left. When we went to The Nutcracker this past Christmas, the Sugar Plum Fairy gave Maxi one of her signed shoes. She keeps that next to a trinket box her dance teacher gave her. In the middle, she has her Eloise stack. On the right, she has her tea sets friends have given her.

Third Shelf: She has bunnies from family friends she was given as a baby, her rainbow wooden stacker, and our matching Corazon Playero hats.

Fourth Shelf: On the bottom, we keep books that are on rotation for bedtime. The mushroom basket houses her Maileg Mice, and next to that she has her de Buci Baby Bear.

Harry’s bookshelf was Maxi’s from her nursery and I love seeing how it’s been styled for both babies. Secretly, I have the most fun styling Harry’s shelves. His room has horses, a few Texas touches, and overall feels very kid-friendly Ralph Lauren. 😉 You can see it pre toys here. haha. But something about mixing passed-down pieces with books and blocks has brought so much enjoyment.

First Shelf: On the left, we have my grandfather’s football pads from when he was little, next to Harry’s This Is Texas book. I have a little “Harry” painted mug in the middle that I found on an Instagram antique page! A sweet reader tagged me in it, so I immediately ordered. Behind that, I have this Horse & Hound art from Caitlin Wilson that really ties in all the tones. On a set of books, I have his first cowboy boots.

Second Shelf: One of my favorite finds while making his nursery, was this set of dog bookends from Chairish. I use it to house the books we’ve been gifted from friends. In front of that he has my bunny piggybank from when I was a baby and art from our dear family friend, Elizabeth Sage Art. She does Texas landscapes and my baby boy loves nothing more than running free in a Texas field! haha. This vase next to that is one of my favorite reader stories! When I was sharing how I wanted to style his nursery, a sweet reader e-mailed me. She had found this at an antique store and thought it would work for him. She mailed it to me and I cherish it so much. The colors, the pattern, it’s all perfect. I’ve run into this reader’s daughter recently and it was so nice to hug her neck and extend my thanks.

Third Shelf: Like Maxi’s room, I keep a few easy-to-reach books for bedtime. Then, I’ve got a basket of blocks he can reach. These are the Restoration Hardware baskets I had in Maxi’s nursery as a baby, I just ordered new liners with his monogram.

In case you’d like a similar look, I rounded up pieces that we have in our home as well as shelf decor I love!

Maxi’s Bookshelf: Mushroom Basket | Ballet Bookends | Rainbow Stacker | Scalloped Frame | Tea Set | Eloise Doll | Bow Frame | Little Women Books

Harry’s Bookshelf: Horse | Heart Frame | Boots | Baby Boots | This is Texas | Cowboy Hat | Bookends | West Book | Bookcase | The Little Prince | Horse & Hound Art

Our Bookshelf: Footed Bowl | Similar Bookshelf | Acrylic Picture Frame | Pearl Frame | Aerin Frame | The Finer Things Book | Velvet Jewelry Box | Velvet Jewelry Box | Velvet Jewelry Box {exact} | Scalloped Frame

Decor I Love: Iron Mushroom {I have one in Harry’s room!} | Marble Bowl | Purple Book | Sphere Candles | Lidded Blue & White Jar | Crystal Block Vase | Staffordshire Dogs | Candle 

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  1. Annaliese wrote:

    I love styling shelves!! Yours look so wonderful. I have two white bookshelves in my living room and it’s been so much fun to style them!

    xoxo A

    Published 25 Feb 22Reply