Amazon Finds 2023

As you shop Prime Day, here are a few of my favorite Amazon finds of the year! And for other favorites, refer here and here.

  1. Stain Remover – While different stains require different methods of removal, this remover is a new favorite. In Round Top I was borrowing a crochet jacket a friend told me to bring. Somehow I had hugged someone and lipstick got on the sleeve. I was a nervous wreck over it, until my mom told me to order this. It’s magic for removing makeup stains. Lipstick. Foundation. Self-tanner. You name it!
  2. Self-Tanner – Speaking of self-tanner, I’m convinced this is the best one for photography. I’ve tried them all, and this one leaves no streaks, scent, or tell-tale wrist signs. My sister told me she and all her friends use it, but I was a little hesitant because it says a gradual tan. Usually, if I tan before a shoot I need it to show up that evening. This has incredible color payout in just one application, without feeling as though you just got a sticky/smelly spray tan.
  3. Hair Wax – I use this hair wax stick for my ponytails as well as Maxi’s ballet buns. You just glide it over flyaways and they are gone.
  4. Chain Belt – This may be my personal favorite Amazon buy of the year. I wear this turquoise belt over dresses, skirts, and tunics. It has just enough Western flair to finish on any look in Fort Worth, but it doesn’t feel too heavy over a silk dress.
  5. Foundation Brush – I have used this foundation brush to the point the handle broke and I AM STILL USING IT. I will be replacing today! ha. No matter your foundation formula, it blends it evenly.

  1. Yoga Pants – I love a good look-for-less product, but I’ll rarely say a workout product is that. $20 leggings just never really beat out $80 leggings. The compression. The way they wash. Some things CAN most definitely beat out their expensive counterpart, but when it comes to fitted clothing I’ll beg to differ. However, these yoga pants make me eat my words. I reach for them 100x more than an expensive brand and after washing them a dozen times they are still just as wonderful. On sale for $20 during Prime Day!
  2. Travel Set – I wore this while traveling to Colorado and it looks like a gorgeous Frank and Eileen set. The top is also a fab separate piece to wear over leggings or shorts. I took a Small.
  3. Slip – I have this slip in all neutral colors to wear under dresses! I’ve repurchased it so many times, it’s a wardrobe must-have in my book.
  4. Platform Sandals – These are my black sandals I wear with dresses or cropped jeans. They are comfortable and look even better in person. My sister thought they were designer and when I told her they were from Amazon, she said she was ordering for Prime Day.
  5. Turquoise Belt – This is the chain belt I wear over dresses and skirts.
  6. Coverup – I have purchased this coverup twice because I’ve been so impressed with the quality! It looks like a $100 one I have. I will note, if you want yours more of a mini dress link vs. a top, size up!
  7. Leather Mini Dress – I love this over tights and a turtleneck for a fall date night.


  1. Tineco – If you use this to clean your floors you will be horrified! We’ve used it after sweeping, vacuuming, and traditional mopping and are still stunned. Now we do have a more “rustic” wood floor, and my husband says this doesn’t bother him because the floors do not get wet enough for it to cause worry. We also use this only about 2x a week. After my mom watched the kids when we were out of town one weekend, she said she ordered herself one because it made cleaning up after dinner with a toddler so much easier.
  2. Souper Cubes – If you love to use your crockpot, but don’t always have leftovers you need Souper Cubes. It’s a silicone mold that can store multiple leftover servings in one space. I also use it to freeze some of Harry’s toys. I will tell him Elsa did it and then he uses a play hammer to break them free. 😉
  3. Stepper – Don’t knock it until you try it, ha! I keep this stepper in our room by the tv. It’s too hot in Texas for evening walks, so if I feel like I had a more sedentary day, I’ll do steps for 20 minutes while I watch a show with the kids.
  4. Ice Cream Maker – This summer I’ve been making lots of homemade ice cream with the kids. My meme used to make watermelon ice cream with us each pool day, and that same joy has come from making peanut butter ice cream with Maxi and Harry. This maker is easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much space in the pantry.

  1. Nightgown – These are Maxi’s favorite nightgowns and remind me of the gowns I’d wear to match my American Girl Dolls growing up!
  2. Plates – I’ve tried to minimize extra kid character plates and cups that don’t match because none of them fit properly on top of one another to store. I ordered these plates at the end of last year and they are the perfect size for the kids and keep things uniform.
  3. Cups – We’ve had these cups for the kids for years and they are still their favorites! They don’t morph in the dishwasher since they are glass, but the silicone sleeve allows them to not break if your child drops them.
  4. Toddler Bed Bumpers – These are the bed bumpers we used for giving Harry a big boy bed.
  5. Reusable Water Balloons – Most messes don’t bother me. I love to let my kids craft or paint. But you know what sends me over the edge? Water balloons! Picking up the tiny remnants all over the yard drives me nuts. I got these reusable ones this summer and they have loved them!
  6. Gem Keychain Kit – At 6 Maxi is all about crafting and all about keychains. Grab a few of these keychain kits for birthday gifts.
  7. Shell Bag – I originally got these shell bags for our beach trip, but we also love them for nature walks. They are so light the kids can carry them on their own. We will go to the park and I tell them to find treasures and they will search for an hour.
  8. Lunchbox – This is my favorite lunchbox to wash and thanks to the unicorn, it’s Maxi’s favorite to pack.
  9. Clothes Organizer – I ordered these for both kids to help prep their clothes for when school starts!

  1. Self-Tanner – My favorite self-tanner to use. I get the scent Santal.
  2. Facial Oil – I use this facial oil to remove eye makeup and then seal in my moisturizer in the evening. I find that when I use this I have a much longer-lasting glow when I wake up in the morning.
  3. Hair Wax – For slicked-back ponytails and ballet buns.
  4. Cleansing Towels – For the facial oil, I apply a few pumps on one of these disposable cleaning towels and then gently rub over my eye makeup to remove.
  5. Storage Bins – These storage bins are the perfect size for storing backstock beauty products! I have four contains that I use to store beauty products I grab on sale or in bulk. I found most containers were too large and were made for food in the pantry. These are a bit more slim so they can be stored on a shelf.

  1. Car Trash Can – Maxi loves to chew gum in the car after school, and so I keep this little car trash can in my side door so I have a place to put it when she is finished.
  2. Kleenex – These Kleenex holders fit in a cup holder on my side door.
  3. Air Vent Cleaner – I have always kept a Swiffer Duster in my car, but I realized it wasn’t cleaning air vents as well as it could. This air vent cleaner on Amazon cleans the tight spaces in your car so easily.
  4. Duster – I also keep this regular duster in my car for larger spaces like the console.

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  1. Nikki wrote:

    Hi there! I was going to purchase the kids plates and cups along with the Kleenex’s for the car. However, none of them seem to be a part of Prime Day. Will they be tomorrow? Do you know? Thank you!

    Published 11 Jul 23Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Nikki! Not that I know of, however, they may not be part of the sale, tomrrow! I just like to share some Amazon favorites during Prime Day that I use and then most end up on sale! xx, Katey

      Published 11 Jul 23Reply