Summer Oils

Coconut Oil for hair masks. Jojoba Oil for stubborn eye makeup. Vitamin E oil for scars. Castor Oil mixed in shampoo. Rosehip oil for redness. If there is a beauty ailment, chances are I have an oil to recommend for it. I always find an array of oils on my bathroom counter, leaving behind tell-tale signs of oil rings that I have to clean constantly.

Even in the heat of summer, I reach for oils because I find that they just make everything {from hair to scars} look healthier. I focus a lot on hair oils with content, but what about body oils for summer? There are different oils for different applications- you’d use something different on ankles and wrists for self-tanning than you would going to dinner. First, let’s talk about your summer glow oil. iNNBEAUTY launched Bronze Body Oil, which may not be what you think at first glance.

You look at it and think, “Is this a Vita Liberata dupe? Or a cousin to self-tanning?” In the words of Elle Woods, “This is so much better than that!”

It’s described as “a lightweight, transfer-resistant body oil that delivers a gorgeous bronze glow with benefits.” Basically, it’s a body oil that gives you luminosity with a hint of shimmer and scent that actually firms and tones skin while you wear it. Skincare, but make it shimmer. It’s free of synthetic fragrance but offers a soft beachy scent.

Here are the three ways I like to wear it:

  1. Everything Shower: You know the everything shower? When you exfoliate, deep condition, maybe do a clay face mask before?! When I step out of the shower, I like to apply this all over. Now usually, you would moisturize, then lock that in with an oil. But per their directions, you skip moisturizing where you apply this. This product {for me} takes about 20 minutes to dry down, so I put my robe over and then slip into pajamas. I still wake up with a soft shimmer and glow and my skin looks more even.
  2. Legs & Collarbone: Are you familiar with the date night dash? I always feel like I have a 5-minute dash between the babysitter getting to the house, Paul getting home from work, and us heading out the door for a date night. Basically, I have 5 minutes to change and feel pulled together. I add this oil to my legs and collarbone and it helps me feel a touch more glam, even if 5 minutes ago I was making Annie’s Mac and Cheese over the stove.
  3. Mix It: If you aren’t doing your “everything” shower and you don’t have time for an oil to dry down, 2 parts lotion to 1 part oil out of the shower. I’ll add two pumps or a handful of a simple body cream, like this Beekman goat milk cream, and one pump of oil to it. I blend it in and I’m still left with the shimmer and luminosity, but it isn’t AS glowy and more approachable for day.

With the Green Coffee to firm skin and Guarana to tone, there are numerous reasons to add it into your body care routine- and you’ll want to with the scent and glow!

And if you’re already on their lip oil train {Lip Glaze- see my video here} they launched a new one with this bronze collection! If you love nude lipsticks, this will be speaking your love language. And if you love a mauve-pink, it’s got cool undertones to blend effortlessly and create a BRONZE-Y pinky, nude lip. I have photos above just using MAC Plum Liner, Dervish in the middle, and Piña Colada Lip Glaze on top.

So whether you are new to body oils or lip oils, let me know which one sparks your interest!

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  1. Liz Beauchamp wrote:

    does the body oil affect your spray tan?

    Published 28 Jul 23Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Liz! It doesn’t break my self tanner down! To me shaving in the shower is what does, I never notice a breakdown with this. I hope that helps!

      Published 30 Jul 23Reply