Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access is Here

Public Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is finally here! You don’t have to have a Nordstrom card in order to shop until your heart [or wallet] is content. In recent years, this day sells out more quickly than early access just due to the number of people shopping. So I try to get in all my final selections today because this is typically the last restock day. Now, Nordstrom doesn’t tell us exactly what they will restock or if, but generally they restock a lot of items[maybe just not designer!] with public access.

For this roundup, I wanted to share a mix of requests! There are about 3 items I’ve picked up since my last haul on what I kept, returned, exchanged. I included best selling items of the sale so you can see what will be on trend for the season. Lastly, I included some of my tried & true favorites like the pajamas I get SO many questions about on Snapchat! Now to the goods in the sale here.

1. DVF Pink Skirt: I purchased a DVF black lace skirt about 2 years ago and it is 100% a closet staple. If I have a last-minute meeting I always feel confident because I can grab that. I love this pink option and I’d pair it with a chambray top for church or date night. If you need a great pencil skirt for your wardrobe, DVF is your girl. This is a new purchase.

2. Same Edelman Boots: These caramel-colored boots would work great with white jeans in the early beginning of fall and paired leather leggings later on. I don’t have any caramel boots and the fact that these are less than $150 make it tempting. This is a new purchase.

3. Cashmere Sweater: I got this sweater with the sale last year and it was the item I lived in most during pregnancy. Cashmere is QUITE pricey, so if I ever purchased it I get it during this sale. This is a popular item.

4. Black Skinnies: These are some of my favorite black skinny jeans and they are under $120! This is tried & true.

5. Glopro: My girlfriends all use this and swear it makes their products work quickly and more effectively. I would honestly need to do an entire post on this little tool to explain all the benefits. But I have watched at least a dozen Youtube videos on it. I ordered it a few days ago and should get it Monday. I can’t wait to try it! This is a new purchase.

6. Wrap Coat:I’m so torn if I like the ash or the putty shade best. What is your fav?! I realized I seriously needed a new wrap coat after packing this week. I packed away one I’ve had for 10 years and decided it finally looked a little dingy! haha. This is a popular item.

7. Le Specs Sunglasses: I tried these on in store and they are beautiful! I love the gold lenses! I talked myself out of them because I own TOO many aviators, but if you don’t they are perfect. This is a popular item.

8. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Kit: Move over, Kylie. These lip kits are amazing! I’m a huge CT fan, especially when it comes to her lipsticks. They are incredibly pigmented and so moisturizing. One of my favorite lipstick tricks is to dab the center of my lip with a lighter shade. This ombré effect allows your pout to appear fuller and this kit helps you do that. You can get this in pink or nude. After seeing these in store, I think if you have a lighter complexion, I’d go with nude. If you have more olive-toned skin I would go with pink. This is tried & true.

9. Ted Baker Makeup Bag: I love this makeup bag for storing your lip products or to give as a gift. These are the sales where I’m always stocking my gift closet. This is a new purchase.

10. Affordable Camel Cardigan: For $31 this is perfect for chilly football games or Saturday afternoons in October. Speaking of which, can you not wait for fall weekends?! I’m so excited to take Maxi to some TCU football games and stroll her around in REASONABLE weather. Why do I live in Texas again? This is a popular item.

11. Tory Burch Bag: Velvet and suede are huge handbag trends this past year, hello Gucci bags! I got this for my mom’s birthday next week! This is a new purchase.

12. Suede Moto Jacket: This has been one of the most popular items of this year’s sale for good reason. Moto jackets have such a flattering cut and this spice hue pairs well with brown or black for the season. This is a popular item & tried & true. 

13. Free People Plaid: This plaid was made to front tuck into skinny jeans! FP does run a bit large so I would size down in this top for fall. This is a popular item.

14. Faux Leather Skinnies: I never got to wear my faux leather leggings last fall due to pregnancy, so I’m excited to style them this year. I love this pair for $52. This is a new purchase.

15. Check Scarf: A $15 find for the fall! This was an easy choice for my sister’s birthday this fall. All she ever wants is coffee mugs and scarves. This is a new purchase.

16. T3 Dryer: This is my dryer and you can see me use it here for how to style your hair after the gym! I love the T3 dryer because your hair doesn’t feel like crisp cookies after you use it! It still feels very smooth! This is tried & true.

17. Pajamas: My favorite pajamas are on sale! These by Nordstrom beat out a well-known brand that is FAR pricier. I packed them in my hospital bag for Maxi. This is tried & true.

I also wanted to be able to do one more giveaway throughout this sale! I know after this sale sometimes there are a few things we weren’t able to get due to budgeting or back-to-school shopping can hit all at once. I’m giving away a $500 gift card to a reader to help her with whatever Nordstrom items she may need! In order to win, just head to my Facebook here. You can like my FB page [not the post] for an entry and share it to your personal page for an extra entry! I do want to note, whenever I do giveaways sometimes people can get frustrated that they have to use some method of entry. I apologize as I know not every single person has every single form of social media. Unfortunately, to make the giveaway fair I have to have some method of entry and I try to mix it up for each giveaway for every kind of girl! 🙂 I don’t want to only limit my giveaways to twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. So I always try to alternate each method of entry between social platforms. People have asked before why commenting on a post can’t be an entry. Unfortunately, all those entries and comments could cause my site to crash. I tried that once and 14 hours later the site was finally back up. I know it was so frustrating for all parties involved so I would hate for that to happen again for you all.

I will have the winner announced on my Facebook page on Monday so stay tuned! This way she can still shop during the sale before prices go back up. 🙂

On a more personal note, we move today! I know I have talked a lot about it on the blog lately, but just if you have some time today please think of Maxi and I! Paul has to work until 10 p.m. tonight, so we’ll be working hard to get everything settled. Thankfully we hired movers, but it still is a little intimidating. The buyers requested half our furniture, some furniture I’m giving away to friends, some furniture my parents want, some boxes go to storage, some boxes go to my parents, etc. It’s just a lot to juggle with a baby. I’m so nervous I’m going to tell them the wrong boxes to put in storage vs. what to send to my parents’ house. I’m not sure why changes like this intimidate me, my mom moved 18 times before she got married. She was great with it! Yet, I’m sitting her a bundle of nerves thinking I’ll mess it all up. Hopefully I don’t! haha.

Let me know what you got from the sale! I’d love to see!

Photography by: Angie Garcia

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  1. So nice of you to do a giveaway! I’m not a member of Nordstrom so this is a nice opportunity for me to know more about it!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  2. Renee wrote:

    I want the dress you’re wearing in this post. Where is it from???

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Renee!

      It’s from a local boutique and no longer sold. I’m sorry!



      Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  3. Casey wrote:

    I already ordered some of your suggestions during early sale, and I wanted to say I LOVE the format of this post with the “new purchase” and “tried and true” tags. I now have 3 more items in my bag ????????‍♀️

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  4. Love all of your picks and I can’t wait to see what they have restocked today. Congrats on the move! It will run smooth because you are so organized. I know it can get stressful but you will be so happy when it’s all done!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  5. Nicole Bell wrote:

    Done and done – love your blog, so nice of you to have a giveaway especially during all this moving. For a year I commuted like Paul – Fort Worth to Dallas and finally had to stop. Was so sad to leave FW, props to him for keeping it up. Give Maxi kisses for me ????

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  6. Morgan wrote:

    Don’t be too nervous about the move! It will all be fine! And thank goodness you have your very experienced Momma helping out 🙂

    How 2 Wear It []

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  7. Cassidi Stroud wrote:

    So sweet of you to do another giveaway! I’ll be praying for a a smooth transition and that everything goes well today for you and Maxi!????

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  8. Amy Thompson wrote:

    I have been wanting to try those pajamas! But I see on the Nordstrom website it is noted they run large. I am guessing we are close in size/height – is the small huge?! Usually that tends to be the case which has been the only thing stopping me from trying them!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Amy! I think they are TTS for pajamas! I do have the small and I was able to wear them pregnant and postpartum, but I guess I don’t really wear pajamas fitted. But it isn’t so large now that I think it’s weird! It wasn’t until you said the comment that I was like, “Oh! She’s right! I did wear these preggo!” haha! xoxo

      Published 21 Jul 17Reply
      • Amy Thompson wrote:

        Well I am, so they might just work perfect for both throughout and after! 😉

        Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  9. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you feel the need to explain yourself when you are providing a giveaway for us. That is so thoughtful of you, and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with people being rude about it. What is wrong with these people?! Haha, anyway- thanks for the opportunity to enter into another giveaway. Prayers for your big moving day!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  10. Ellie wrote:

    Keeping you, Maxi, and Paul (working until 10pm what?!) in my thoughts and prayers. You’re a ROCKSTAR! You can do it and moving is so stressful but once it all comes together you’ll think “well that was #worthit”!!


    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  11. Emelia wrote:

    It can be so hard to please everyone but I think you’re doing a wonderful job and being so accommodating to your readers. Thank you for the opportunity. I love your picks and am going to add that lip kit to my bag now! Good luck moving- you’ll do great. Enjoy the adventure!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  12. Jenny wrote:

    Love your pics!! Good luck with the move!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  13. Rachel Cossette wrote:

    Done! I hope your move goes smoothly, I know that can always be stressful! And thank you for offering this giveaway! Liked and shared and praying I win!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  14. Chelsey wrote:

    Good luck with the move! I’m sure you’ll handle everything with grace! <3

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  15. Kayleigh wrote:

    Love all your NSale picks!!! Especially #2,4,10! ❤️❤️

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  16. Amanda wrote:

    Prayed for your sweet family this morning!!! May God bless you with peace and even his joy in this journey right now. Praying for his strength especially for you today. ????

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  17. I moved 8 times in the last 10 years! I really hate it! LOL I moved into my boyfriends house in March and I had so many containers to go through that I hadn’t opened in a long time! I’m still trying to organize everything and get ride of a lot of stuff. I feel your pain! Hope you have a great weekend!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  18. Good luck with your move. I moved while heavily pregnant with my oldest son when we sold our house and again six months later when our new house was ready. Both situations were tough. I feel your pain but it’s such an excited time I know you’ll get through it. Great #NSale picks!


    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  19. Alyssa wrote:

    I love that you mix up the platform for giveaways! And best of luck with the move today – I’m sure it will all be fine!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  20. Skye wrote:

    I’ll be thinking of you and your fam as I pack/move today too!! Loading all my stuff into a PoD to ship it from LA to Texas. I know what you mean about stressful! You think it’s all boxed up, it’s just moving, it can be that tough but man o man does it come with a world of anxiety! Congrats again on the new house! I look forward to seeing your design choices ❤️

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  21. Charletta Garrison wrote:

    Praying for you today – so excited for this next chapter!!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  22. Erin Nay wrote:

    Best of luck with your move, you brace mama! Exciting times ahead and wishing you lots of happy times in your new place. Thank you for your fashion inspiration and for the giveaway opportunity! This busy mom of four needs all the help she can get!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  23. Hannah wrote:

    Good luck on your move! Hope everything goes as easy as possible!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  24. Amber wrote:

    Thank you for always doing the most generous giveaways! I’m a new reader and have quickly become obsessed with your style and blog. Your hard work is appreciated!

    Published 21 Jul 17Reply
  25. Stephanie Bevan wrote:

    Love the format of this post with the “tried and true,” “new purchase,” etc. It’s helpful to know!

    And good luck on your move, hope it all went well! I can sympathize- I’m moving this week too! Our movers came yesterday, and my husband and I are moving from Texas to Colorado. Best of luck, and hope things go smoothly over the next few months in your interim and as you move into your new home!

    Published 26 Jul 17Reply