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Do you not just die over Harry in these photos?! He’s always wide awake during our shoots {when he should be napping 😉 } and I secretly love having him on my hip for it all! It’s one of my favorite things. Speaking of favorite things, a month or so ago, I asked you all what your favorite products were that you have found out from my blog or Instagram. I wanted to create a bookmark or listed post, you can reference or look back to when needing recommendations. Your favorites rolled in quite quickly and the top brands/items won by a landslide. As I have been blogging SEVEN years {feels weird to say!}, here are the top items you have loved over the years.

  1. TULA Cleanser: I have to agree, this might just be my favorite product I’ve found over the past decade. It’s a purifying cleanser meaning it will remove makeup, but also help balance oil in your skin. Whether I’m dry or having hormonal breakouts, it balances- which is what “TULA” means. Many skincare gurus say to save on face wash because it comes on and off your face so quickly. BUT, they agree THIS one is worth it. You can get it for 15% off with my code KATEY and read more about my TULA favorites here.
  2. Little Design Co.: One of my favorite home decor tricks is having great pillows. The luxe textures and way you stuff them can elevate any piece of furniture to looking far more expensive than it is. I first purchased her pillows in my apartment after I graduated college. I knew with hand-me-down furniture items and stained pre-loved pieces, I wanted to have some textiles that really “dressed up” the space. They are the icing on your home decor cake, if you will! Little Design Co. takes designer prints and creates well-made pillows. They will last for a decade or more! My leopard ones from her are going on 8 years and look brand new. I’ve had babies spit up, lay their sick heads, and sleep all over them. The trick to stuffing them is buying feather inserts that are a size larger than your case. If you get a 24×24 pillow for your sofa, you get a size larger of insert. For sizing: my bedroom pillows are 26×26, my living room has 24×24 on the end of sofa, and 22×22 on inside of sofa.
  3. Manicures: I wrote the blog post on my DIY gel manicure back in February and a few weeks later salons were shut down. I’m not sure if that is why this has been my most read post or not, but this has been THE most-read blog post on COF.
  4. Folex: Got stains? Get Folex. This product is how I have light sofas, light carpet, and even light bedding with kids. I have yet to meet a stain this doesn’t remove. When my friends’ kids get marker or pen on their sofas they call me frantic and ask me to leave my Folex on the porch so they can come grab it. It is a must-have for a mommy or house cleaning toolbox.
  5. Hollis Makeup Bags: My wipable makeup bags that are a chic gift? Hollis makeup bags. You can wipe the interior and exterior with a baby wipe so these don’t stain, which keeps everything looking nicer over time. I love these for holiday gifts.
  6. Amazon Electric Shaver: A reader told me a few weeks ago that everyone she knew was getting this for Christmas! haha. I don’t blame her! This electric shaver keeps your sweater sand fabrics looking nice longer. I use this one for everything from headboards to sweaters that have pilled. You just glide it over the fabric and it looks BRAND new!
  7. Michele Watches: I have owned my Michele Deco watch for the past decade and have worn it from the beginning of my blog posts. It’s a timeless accessory, which is always nice to have in the midst of trendy bubble necklaces and statement earrings over the years. It’s a piece I’ll be able to pass down to Maxi. They also just designed a new one to mark 20 years of the Deco!
  8. Amazon Yoga Pants: If you are pregnant, you MUST grab these leggings! I share them in this blog post, but they are similar to the Lululemon Align legging, so you can wear them your entire pregnancy and postpartum. I don’t *love* them when I’m not pregnant because they are so soft and stretchy, but for a bump, they are the absolute best. P.S. if you are pregnant, grab this dress, too!
  9. Stasher Bags: Stasher Bags are basically non-toxic, reusable Ziploc bags! You can microwave them, freeze them, throw them in the dishwasher. I use them to take snacks for Maxi, store leftovers and even carry around frozen milk if I’m taking it to my mom’s house.
  10. Neulash: When I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding, I swear by lash serums! I have tried what seems like all of them, and Neulash is consistently my favorite. You use it nightly for about 4-6 weeks {I see results around 4 weeks} and then your lashes are so long you’ll use every few nights for maintenance! You do have to keep using it, but nothing gets my lashes this long!
  11. MacKenzie Childs Tea Kettle: Many of you all said that your favorite home item you found from my blog was the MacKenzie-Childs Tea Kettle. Oh, that made me SO happy! I use mine every single day for tea…and for heating up frozen milk. 😉 No matter the design of your kitchen, I think a tea kettle on the stove is a precious and eclectic touch.
  12. Dove Dry Shampoo: I’m so picky about dry shampoo because it can either be too gritty, too intense, or too WEAK. I adore Dove dry shampoo for a drugstore product and you all are fans as well! I blogged it last year, and have faithfully gone through can after can.
  13. Billie Razor: We get our groceries delivered, so your toiletry products should be the same! I have had a Billie Razor subscription for over a year, and it’s so nice to have the razors come to my house. It’s honestly more affordable than a drugstore razor, and it works so well. I have converted all the ladies in my family to use one- and it’s been one of my top read blog posts!
  14. Ritual Prenatal: If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that I will take 87 newborns- mama doesn’t *love* being pregnant. lol. I get such bad morning sickness. I joke that I vomit from the time I get a positive test until the time I push them out. I’m going to work on a pregnancy “must-have” blog post and things that help me with the nausea. Ritual prenatal have an anti-nausea capsule design and these are the only ones I could take that would help! I still take them as I’m nursing. I have a discount on any Ritual vitamin, it is KMC10 for 10% off.
  15. Eyebrow Gel for Flyaways: I have baby hairs and always have! Hairspray doesn’t work well for them, since they are fine and around my face. I use a clear brow gel to tame them. Just brush the wand through your baby hairs to your hair and it lasts all day. You all said this was your favorite hack you’ve learned!
  16. Mama Necklaces: I wear a necklace daily with my children’s names. I wore a Maxi one until I was in labor with Harry, and then I put on my Maxi & Harry one. I shower in them, sleep in them, etc. They are from Lola James Jewelry and I finally have a discount code for y’all! The code is Katey20 at checkout! I also added this “Mama” one which is so cute.

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I can’t even believe it has been 7 years and I’m SO incredibly grateful you all show up loyally as readers. I adore sharing the “frivolous” finds of life with you all, which has led to a community that supports one another in the REAL things in life like families. Which products or posts have been your favorite?


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  1. Alyssa wrote:

    I found Tula through you and have since bought it for so many people! I’ve loved following along – thank you for sharing your finds (and life!) with us!

    Published 09 Nov 20Reply
  2. I love your outfit! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 09 Nov 20Reply
  3. Annaliese wrote:

    I found out about Hollis makeup bags from you! Funny story: I ordered a set last year for a trip my mom and I were supposed to go on to Spain over Thanksgiving 2019. We had to cancel the trip right before due to my mom needing emergency surgery (she was okay thankfully!)… but now the trip has been cancelled two more times in 2020 for COVID haha!!! Not sure I’ll ever use these for international travel at this point, but I have loved them for weekend trips this year. 🙂

    xoxo A

    Published 09 Nov 20Reply
  4. Megan wrote:

    Reading through these I couldn’t help but laugh! When you asked us this on Instagram stories I didn’t respond because I couldn’t think of anything specific! And then reading through this list there are 8 items that I have bought from being influenced from your blog haha. My top favorites are the mama necklace, the Tula cleanser, my Hollis bag and the Tula cleanser! It’s just all so good!

    Published 11 Nov 20Reply