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It feels bittersweet to be writing the last blog post of 2019, but I am thrilled for a sweet holiday break with family and a new year to look forward to. Looking back on 2019 I’m filled with gratitude and hope you are, too. I remember thinking there was no way we’d find a house closer to family that we loved just as much as our last one. And now as I type this post in our master bedroom, I can’t help but think this feels like a forever home. I mean, our past moving track record teaches me I shouldn’t ever say FOREVER home. But this FEELS like forever, you know?! I look at my mom who went through more hand surgeries in 2018 and 2019 that I can count, and her RA is doing so much better. Her knees are the next thing her doctor will need to look at, but I can’t believe how easily she can pick up Maxi, buckle her in her car seat, and wrap her Christmas gifts. It is such a huge blessing and difference from where she was the beginning of 2018. And last night I felt baby move for the first time, at around 15 weeks. What a year, y’all! It was definitely filled with some trials, but to be honest, a WAY better year than 2018. My goodness, a WAY better year. I’ll start the next year talking more about this pregnancy and answering all your questions, but I felt like I couldn’t leave 2019 without doing a recap. For every reader event, e-mail, interaction, and act of support, I can’t thank you all enough.

Top Posts

  1. Pink Marble Tech Accessories– This was the number 1 read blog post on COF for the year. I mean, we all need a phone case, right? After breaking my phone screen over and over again, I was thrilled to find a phone case with a built-in screen protector that keeps my phone toddler-proof.
  2. My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2018– I saw a post on FB that said, “Christmas wouldn’t happen without Amazon Prime.” and I laughed way too hard. Y’all loved this post and still ask me about the products on DM daily. From a sweater shaver that extends the life of your clothing to the reusable bags I use for snacks, don’t miss my top Amazon products from 2018.
  3. Stocking Stuffers– Stockings are my favorite gifts and I truly enjoyed making this gift guide. With gifts for guys, girls, and toddlers, this post can be used throughout the year for birthday gifts, as well.
  4. Amazon Prime Day Favorites– Can’t get enough Amazon? My Amazon Prime Day Favorites feature more favorite products I found on Amazon in 2019.
  5. How We are Decorating This House– Decor posts are still my personal favorites to write and to read, and I hope to share more in 2020. I’ll have our dining room post, an office tour, a guest bedroom tour, a nursery tour, and hopefully a home tour! This post shares the thought process behind decorating our current home. In terms of long-term home projects, we hope to redo our master bathroom at some point. It’s definitely not an immediate need, of course. And to be honest, I can’t decide when the best time to do it would be, given we will have a newborn next year. However, a newborn would probably be easier than a toddler with a renovation. Essentially, the layout is not the best in terms of function. We have a HUGE shower, but the tiniest water closet that the doors don’t even close and then you literally walk into the shower to walk out of it. We have two sink areas, and Paul’s closet is in it. But it is larger than he needs. Each time we show a friend the house they always comment on how it seems like an awkward layout, and it is. I’d LOVE to have a bathtub, now that would be my dream. But anyway, this seems like a huge project to take over, so who knows if it will be for 2020 or 2022, just wanted to share some long-term thoughts with you all as I share our home.

Top Products

  1. Glow & Get It Eye Balm– No surprise here! This is my favorite TULA product of 2019, as it does what most eye creams can’t. Eye cream can’t get rid of dark circles, no matter what promises they make. Dark circles are based on circulation and hereditary. Unfortunately, even an $80 eye cream can’t beat what your mama gave you. However, the TULA eye balm has caffeine to get the blood flow going, and a brightening effect to give lessen the appearance of dark circles. I give this for birthday gifts and to all my friends that give birth. See the original review here and my TULA code is KATEY.
  2. Amazon Shift Dress– This dress took the internet by storm. Size up as it is snug in the chest, I’m wearing a small and it is pictured below! I just wear a cami under and I will be LIVING in this post-baby this summer and I’ll probably get a few other colors. It’s light enough for 100-degree days but looks so chic and the material is great.
  3. TULA Face Filter– The. Best. Primer. I got to launch this early for COF readers this year and you can read the post here. It smooths redness, and gives your face the most gorgeous glow so you can wear it under foundation or alone. A skincare-infused face primer? Yes, please.
  4. Billie Razer– You couldn’t get on Insta Stories this year without seeing the Billie razer. I tried it and found I’m able to go a little bit longer in between shaving. Who doesn’t love that? I also don’t get knicks or any irritated skin with it. I had to use another popular razor two weeks ago at my mom’s house and my legs felt like fire. Read the review here.
  5. Tweed Amazon Dress– The dress for work that feels so Chanel. I’m wearing it below in an XS. It’s wonderful for the office in spring and summer.

2020 Prep

Let’s talk prepping for 2020. This post covers how I prep for a new year with lots of tips for accomplishing those tedious end-of-year tasks like organizing photos. But what about your vision for 2020. Now, I’ll be the first to confess I love the start of a new month far more than the start of a new year. Resolutions feel like a dirty word. I view them like Whole 30 where if you mess up just ONCE you failed and must start over. Monthly goals feel attainable. And does going to the gym January 1 really help you get to the gym on October 22? I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but there are still ways I prep for a new year while combatting that stigma. First, I like to make a big vision map of what I want for family, home, career, etc. in the following year. These don’t have to be strict goals, in fact, I think the looser the idea the better. Your habits will help implement that vision and I’ll share more on that below. I created two printables, one with your big goal vision map that you can scribble all over and one for IG stories. For example, your financial goals may be all over the place. Just a small example for us, we are wanting to go into 2020 saving like our kids will go to a private college and that’s typically different than a public university in terms of cost. Personally, we want to do that so we aren’t thrown off with the “extras” like room and board, etc. {Yes, Maxi is 2, but this is just a goal for us to start SMALL with! It just helps adjust our mindset and disciplined spending, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a habit, more on that below.} But that’s college savings and different than our goals for retirement, emergency funds, and savings for long-term updates like home updates. Then, of course you’ve got smaller financial goals. Maybe you only want to shop for clothing 2 days out of the month, instead of whenever on a whim! You can include all of those on your vision map since it is yours to doodle on. Keep it in your budget binder or on a bulletin board, where your family always sees it. Make this a fun date night with yourself or your spouse depending on who your goals are with. Make yourself a cheese board {here is how I make mine!}, pour a glass of your favorite wine, and think big. Sometimes it helps to make a list of things you did really well this year. Maybe you wasted less plastic water bottles by using a reusable water bottle. Maybe you found a new workout you really love. Did you figure out a better bedtime routine? Make a list praising the things you did well, assess the things you didn’t, and enjoy the process.

Download 2020 Goal Sheet Here

Once you’ve got your big goals and vision for 2020 down, share it with your friends! I always find sharing keeps you accountable. Plus, by sharing goals with your family and friends, you can help encourage one another. Now, the big goal sheet is personal and you don’t need to share all of those nitty-gritty visions. I created a smaller one to share that can just give a summary of goals. I know when I see my friends share their goals to IG stories I’m reminded of things I want to do better in the next year. Be sure to tag me so I can see it and we can spread goals to the COF community!

Download 2020 IG Story Goal Template– BE SURE to tag me on Instagram @kateymcfarlan

Download Habit Tracker Here

So how will you implement these goals? By measuring goals and tracking them. Don’t miss this blog post that breaks down the process of using a habit tracker. I print one of these off a month and select my top 3 goals for the month. I tally them off and that helps me assess what I need to do going into the next month. And for my mamas, I know this can seem daunting when little ones take all your time. Trust me, I remember when Maxi was a newborn and someone asked me INNOCENTLY what book I was reading. I broke down crying and thought, “What book am I reading?! I’m nursing around the clock and can’t even read my text messages.” haha. And with a toddler, I still feel that way many days. But these don’t have to be ridiculous goals, honestly, I think the smaller the better. I will track my water intake, getting a walk in, even taking 10 minutes a day to read.

And last but not least, what were your favorite things from COF in 2019? They could be a product or post, but it will help me with my vision for the blog in 2020! As always, a huge thank you for truly making COF what it is. You all mean the world to me and more!

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  1. Kimm wrote:

    Happy holidays Katey!

    Published 20 Dec 19Reply
  2. Kimm wrote:

    Happy holidays Katey!

    Published 20 Dec 19Reply
  3. Lynnlee wrote:

    As a financial advisor, it makes me so happy that y’all are planning Maxi’s college savings from this young age! It’s so much easier to start saving smaller amounts now & increase them, than to start saving at a later date!

    Love the printables, can’t wait to do my 2020 planning!

    Published 20 Dec 19Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Thank you so much, Lynnlee! Absolutely! It is scary to think of how much it will cost by the time our kids go. Thank you so much for reading. 🙂 Have a fabulous 2020! xx, Katey

      Published 20 Dec 19Reply
  4. You look beautiful, Katey – as always! Thanks for sharing the printables, they’re really cute! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 20 Dec 19Reply
  5. Amy Foosaner wrote:

    Such a great post thank you so much for sharing and all your efforts!! Have a wonderful holiday – lookin forward you all your content in 2020 and of course to all the cute pics of your adorable family.

    Published 21 Dec 19Reply
  6. SS wrote:

    Great post! I have been reading your blog for some time now and love your selections. 🙂 My best wishes for your pregnancy and wishing you and your family lots of love and cheer for 2020! I remember you posted a while back about the three beautiful wall furnishings in the first few pictures. Could you please reshare the link? x0-SS

    Published 26 Dec 19Reply
  7. madison wrote:

    I love this post and the organization posts! so realistic and easy to use, ALSO the cleaning post helps break it up into manageable action

    Published 30 Dec 19Reply
  8. Cynthia wrote:

    Needing a push and refocus- so filling these out now to tack up on my bulletin board!

    Published 09 Mar 20Reply
  9. Whitney Watson wrote:

    Will you update the Goal sheet with a 2021? Thank you!

    Published 04 Jan 22Reply
    • Katey wrote:

      Hi Whitney! So glad to hear you like the 2020 one! Let me check with the graphic designer on my team and see if she can work on that- not sure what she has slated this week! Thank you so much for reading. xx, Katey

      Published 04 Jan 22Reply