2018 in Review

Happy New Year! I have been thoroughly enjoying seeing everyone share the best moments of their year on Insta Stories. It’s such a joyful way to end the year with gratitude. iPhones can bring a lot of stress with constant updates, but it is really nice they allow us to easily document our daily lives!

Today I’m highlighting YOUR favorite posts throughout the year and the pieces you loved trying. Last week, I took a deep dive into analytics to see what you prefer to see each month and your favorite types of posts for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. So far, I can see that you all love Amazon products, cotton dresses, before & after reviews, and regular outfit photos {iphone!}. But feel free to comment anything else you prefer! I had a great time taking those analytics to plan January content, so I’d love to take these comments to plan the rest of the year.

Let’s get to it!


To be totally honest, January is typically my least favorite month. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s cold. Everyone is sick. There’s never too many activities on our agenda. However, looking back at photos, this January was quite fun! We shot the images for my blog redesign, I had a visit from my girlfriends Amy Beth and Daniela. I signed with a blogging agency to really help bring my COF goals for you all to life. Looking back on videos of Maxi from last January feel like a lifetime ago. She was SUCH a baby then! I truly can’t believe the changes from 11 months to almost 2. Your favorite posts for January were about my budget binder and skincare routine! Your favorite buy were sunglasses that looked designer!

Budget Binder | Skincare Routine

Top Buy: Look-for-Less Sunglasses


In February Maxi turned ONE! We also all had the flu from February 1st through roughly February 19th- or so my iPhone photos show. ha! I got it one week, Maxi the next, Paul the next. This is when we canceled her birthday party 3 or 4 times and I gave up. But we did celebrate on her birthday at home with family and Elmo and Mi Cocina for all! Haley came to visit for a fun girls’ night and I watched my girlfriend Madison get married. We also celebrated Austin and Elizabeth getting married with the best couples’ shower at Joe T’s. Your favorite posts from this month were our living room tour and top gifts for a one-year-old girl. Your favorite buy was my pearl denim jeacket!

Living Room Tour | Best Gifts for a One-Year-Old Girl

Top Buy: Pearl Jacket

See it styled here.


March was a month of trips! I celebrated my birthday on March 3rd and hopped on a plane a few hours later to go to NYC with my best friend, Ashley. We had a few work meetings and got to time it so we could celebrate our birthdays together. When I got back I threw a shower for Austin and Elizabeth at our home and it was one of our favorite nights of the year. Maxi’s favorite word from March was “Puppy” because that’s ALL she says in videos from that time. haha. At the end of March, I got to go to Camp MacKenzie-Childs with my mom which was a trip we will never forget! It was wonderful mother-daughter time. My Nana came in from Atlanta to help watch Maxi while we were gone, and then when we got back it was perfect timing to celebrate Easter. Your favorite posts from the month were March favorites and my hair tutorial. Your favorite buy was a fabulous cotton dress!

March Favorites | Hair Tutorial

Top Buy: Leith Ruched Dress

See it styled here.ย 


We started April off by going to Houston to celebrate our best friends, Austin and Elizabeth, getting married. I just texted them I need them to get married again because it was one of the best weekends of our life! Maxi got to see her friend Harper while I met up with my friend Kate. When I got back, I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful auction lunch for St. Jude with my friend Bekah. Towards the end of April, Ashley and I got to teach a class on time management at the Reward Style Conference. It was an incredible honor and a weekend I’ll never forget. Ashley is one of my best friends and I joke she is my work wife. We work and travel so well together and so many of my favorite blog memories are with her. We ended April by going to Oklahoma to see my grandparents and on April 30th Maxi took her first steps. She didn’t get confident until summer, though. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your favorite posts from April were my SK-II Before & After and review on MAC Fix +. Your favorite product was my go-to beauty TSA travel bag.

SK-II Before & After | Are You Using MAC Fix + Wrong?

Top Buy: Sephora TSA Bag


We started off May with a fabulous TULA Mother’s Day brunch and I was blown away by how many of you came with your moms. That is one of my greatest highlights of the year and I was so incredibly grateful to get to speak to you all and learn about you! So many of our days were filled with trips to the bookstore as that’s when Maxi really started to get into books. Mother’s Day was another favorite moment from the year! My request was cinnamon rolls and watching cooking shows all day- y’all know I love Pioneer Woman! So we watched cooking shows and then I got to go to a movie with my mom and sister that night! Ballard Designs opened in Fort Worth which was not a great memory for my debit card, but a fabulous one for my home. I ended May by going to California to celebrate Amy Beth’s 30th birthday! Your favorite posts from May were my Valentino shoe review and Maxi’s nursery! Your favorite product was my go-to white cami I use for layering.

Valentino Shoe Review | Maxi’s Nursery

Top Buy: White Cami

See it styled here.


We started June with a trip to Disneyland and um…BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. When I told my parents it might have been better than my wedding they were floored. ha. Okay, I’m partially kidding. But I absolutely love Disneyland and it was a really sweet age when we took Maxi. She wasn’t off running trying to escape us, but she loved meeting the princesses and seeing everything. I told Paul I want to go back this year and he was like, “Umm…do you realize how expensive it is?!” #ItsFine Your favorite posts from the month were on time management and retinol- my kind of girls! Your favorite product were my espadrilles I wore all over Disneyland. Comfiest shoes, ever!

Time Management Tips | Retinol 101

Top Buy: Sam Edelman Khloe Espadrille


In July Paul turned 30! We celebrated the 4th of July and I have so many videos of Maxi running around before fireworks, it was a wonderful day! We also celebrated my girlfriend, Taylor’s, bachelorette party. I got to plan it with our friend Chelsea, and it was Barbie-themed, which we all had fun getting into. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We celebrated my mom’s birthday at the end of July and had too many pool days to count. Your favorite posts this month were our master bedroom tour and the bachelorette party! Your favorite buy was the Glopro during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Master Bedroom Tour | Bachelorette Party in Dallas

Top Buy: Glopro

See it reviewed here.


We did things a little backwards and started August with a half-birthday party for Maxi! I had all the stuff from her original birthday party and didn’t want to not celebrate her just because we all had the flu. We had family over and did a Hello Kitty theme. In the middle of August, I got to go to a fun Victoria Secret event for work with Taylor and it was a great night- minus the fact we felt SO short. haha. My sister transferred to TCU in the fall and went through formal recruitment in August. She went Tri Delta which was really sweet since that was the sorority I was in. I took a lot of Pilates classes in August and honestly, looking at photos makes me realize I need to get back STAT! At the end of August, we got to take a wonderful trip to Nashville to celebrate Paul’s 30th birthday. Your favorite posts from the month were my favorite foundations and me answering recent DMs. Your favorite buy was my Michael Stars dress which I wore all through pregnancy and now- it has incredible stretch.

Favorite Foundations | Recent Dms

Top Buy: Michael Stars Dress

See it styled here.


In September, Maxi started gym classes and Mother’s Day Out. She absolutely adores both and to watch her grow from those classes had been such a joy in life. She started her little gym classes really timid and just kind of clinging to my leg {so many photos of that in September!} and now she runs in and wants to get on the balance beam immediately. I have just loved watching her confidence soar. We did a heart walk with my Dad early in September and spent most of our weekends tailgating with friends. Maxi LOVES a good tailgate. Anywhere she can have a pickle in one hand, and a carrot stick in another is a great time in her book. The end of September was our 3rd wedding anniversary and also the day I had my 3rd sinus surgery. ha! That one was a little bit more difficult to recover from. I’m not sure if it’s because I had a toddler to care for as well as work, or maybe it was just more sensitive from having surgery there 3 times. But I have to say, I’m finally SO glad I did it! No sinus infections this fall! Praise the Lord. Your favorite posts from September were my Tula Acne Gel review and how I make my Trader Joe’s cheese boards. Your favorite product was the Colleen Rothschild Retinol Oil.

Tula Acne Gel Before & After | How to Make a Trader Joe’s Cheese Board

Top Buy: Colleen Rothschild Retinol Oil

See it reviewed here.


In October, I got to initiate my sister into her sorority, which was a memory I’ll cherish forever. My mom and I enjoyed our annual shopping trip at Christmas in Cowtown and the following weekend we took Maxi to a TCU game. Normally she just makes it through tailgating, but the weather was beautiful so we took her in the game! She loved it! We got really lucky because the people around us were so sweet and talked to her. We ended October taking Maxi to a pumpkin patch with our friends. Your favorite posts from the month were my makeup tutorial and my favorite Collen Rothschild products. You favorite product was my TULA Healthy Fall Favorites Kit!

Makeup Tutorial | My Favorite Colleen Rothschild Products

Top Buy: Healthy Fall Favorites Kit

See it reviewed here.


I thoroughly enjoyed spending November decorating the house for the holidays! We traveled to Taylor’s wedding reception {she eloped} and then I got back to help my friend, Sheridan, shoot her clothing line. I hosted a blogger holiday gift guide brunch in mid-November, celebrated my sister’s birthday, and had Thanksgiving! Maxi had three helpings of ham, so I think she had a fabulous Thanksgiving, as well! Your favorite posts this month were all on organization, with how I organize family photos and my closet. Your favorite buy was my Amazon sweater.

How I Organize Photos | How I Organize My Closet

Top Buy: Amazon Sweater


This month has gone by so quickly, which makes me sad! From the Polar Express to brunch with Santa, it was a magical month through Maxi’s eyes. I am ending this month reflecting on this year, and how faithful God was even through the hardest seasons. When you look back, even in those painful moments it is easy to see the blessings he brought us- whether it was a new friend or a new opportunity. This month you all loved reading about how I prep for the new year and brands to buy on eBay. Your favorite product was my lavender cardigan!

How I Prep for the New Year | Brands to Buy on eBay

Top Buy: Lavender Cardigan

See it styled here.

It’s been QUITE the year and all I can say is, “Thank you!” From our family to yours, we hope you have a blessed 2019 and are so thrilled about what you have in store!


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  1. You and Maxi have had such a fantastic year, Katey! You’ve both grown so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    Published 01 Jan 19Reply
  2. Jennifer wrote:

    I love a good amazon find. I think amazon can be so overwhelming. So when I find something good I share it with everyone I know. And I love when my friends do the same!

    Iโ€™m also a 8-5 office gal. You find me in business casual most of the time. I could always use more work friendly outfits.

    Iโ€™m buying a house next year and Iโ€™m looking forward to using your organizing tips! #hellogiftcloset

    Published 01 Jan 19Reply
  3. Okay I LOVED this post! Such a fun recap! Thanks so much for putting this together! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy 2019!!

    Published 02 Jan 19Reply
  4. Kelly wrote:

    I loved this post. Please do it every year ๐Ÿ™‚

    Published 02 Jan 19Reply
  5. Stephanie wrote:

    Absolutely loved reading this! Thank you for all the hard work and love you put into your blog.

    Published 04 Jan 19Reply
  6. Really loved how you organized this post. It is interesting to see what resonates with people as well as remembering those posts from when I first read them.

    Sounds like you had a really wonderful year, and I hope this next one is even better.

    xo Mary-Katherine

    Published 04 Jan 19Reply